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  1. The textures come from REX Texture Direct. REX EF does the shading,and if you want,changes the weather very smooth if you use a weather engine. It is not working well with my freeware FSrealWXlite. Scott
  2. No,I am using FSrealWXlite.
  3. REX Texture direct and REX Environment Force
  4. Hi Jim! It's only REX Environment Force. DocScott
  5. Thank you,Captains!!! Much appreciated. Scott
  6. Hi Joe! I love REX Environment Force. There are so many possibilities to find the right settings. But,for someone like me,it also offers an Auto Mode. Once set,it is always there and gives you amazing results. As Dolf said,I don't want to miss it. Cheers, DocScott
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