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  1. I've had a horrible thought: Maybe they've bought Flightsim World off Dovetail, and are releasing it under the M$ banner . . .
  2. If they've solved the problem of autogen grinding the sim to a halt (TrueEarth London anyone?), it might at least prompt L-M to up their game a bit . . . The promo looks pretty slick & smooth, but the cynic in me says it's been carefully crafted to only show the good bits.
  3. Interesting. Question is, did they learn a lesson from Flight, or will this be another locked down lame duck with nowhere to go . . .
  4. Ghost train was always my favourite!
  5. Penny Dreadful. Victorian-era serialised trash fiction.
  6. Food full of Russians? Sounds horrid!
  7. The lady's not for turning. (in)famous speech by MT.
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