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  1. There comes a point when sales for a particular version drop to a level that means it isn't economically viable to keep developing for it. That happened to me when downloads of the XP version of Plan-G dropped below 1% of Win7/10 downloads. For me it's less about money, but when you're depending on sales ROI for income, sometimes you have to make the hard decisions, and it looks like that's happened with CS. Hopefully their 64-bit products will go from strength to strength.
  2. Stuck at home while Cosford is on Still, keep your pecker up!
  3. Ford (recalled cos the engines catch fire)
  4. Tim_A

    Witch sim to buy

    Developer licence is $9.95 p.m. Academic licence is $59.95 flat fee (but doesn't include major upgrades).
  5. When I was in New Zealand, there was a place did a very nice Lime Chilli chocolate - zesty with a kick at the end. Truly remarkable.
  6. Bonbon (forbidden fruit for us diabetics).
  7. http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/?page_id=283