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  1. Blimey, the Americans have given us so much on the aviation front, I've only got 2 screenshots available at the moment, I'll pop another one on soon. Do I need to tell you what they are, or, can you guess? If not..... 1) Boeing 737-700 2) Lockheed C-5A Cheerz. Transport Steve.
  2. Congratulations Alan, an unbeatable dramatic shot right from the start and nobody could match it. A worthy winner, well done that man. Cheerz. Transport Steve. :001_th_smiles89:
  3. I'll pop 3 on then for this month. 1) Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia. 2) Ditto. 3) Arches National Park near Moab in Utah, USA. Edit: Done a quick swap before the deadline. Cheerz. Transport Steve.
  4. :icon_bowdown: Many happy returns to our Joe, well done Sir, you're only a few days behind me at 52, you old man..... Hope you have a grand day, don't forget, no flying after drinky poos.... Cheerz. Transport Steve. :001_th_smiles89:
  5. Sorry guys, I missed this thread completely, I've been so busy recently, many thanks to Mike for the OP. Cheerz. Transport Steve. :001_th_smiles89:
  6. Just another quickie question please, Joe. Can I use screenshots that I've posted on other forum's screenshot threads, not for competitions, but, just ordinary weekly posts. Thanks. Transport Steve.
  7. :001_th_smiles89: Well done to a fellow East Midlander.... :icon_bowdown: Cheerz. Transport Steve.
  8. Is this any good then, it's one of those American thingys...... And I know the other one is an A380...... Haven't done a 3rd one yet, I'll pop it on next week. Cheerz. Transport Steve.
  9. Very good Sir, thank you, I'll have to put my thinking cap on then. Thanks to Seatac also. Cheerz. Steve.
  10. Silly question, but, one I need to ask, what Military planes are classed as wide bodied, as none of them have seats ?? Something like a C130, what about a Nimrod ?? Thanks. Transport Steve.
  11. Excellent screenie, well done that man, a worthy winner. Cheerz. Transport Steve.
  12. I'll have a go this month, then..... 1) Coming in to land at Laayoune (GMML), Western Sahara, Morocco. 2) Overflying Seattle, Washington. 3) Flaps down for dawn arrival at Los Angeles (KLAX). Cheerz. Transport Steve.
  13. Nice shot, a worthy winner, well done. Cheerz. Transport Steve.
  14. My first entry in your little monthly competition, it took me a while to find something I could fly in FSX, anyway, here's a BOAC Comet 2 flying over London towards Heathrow. Cheerz. Transport Steve.
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