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  1. These two links below provide some excellent guidance on how to optimise the settings in MSFS for performance without compromising the experience. The second link specifically provides interesting information and detailed analysis of each of the graphics setting. This link was previously posted in another thread and is reposted here due to the similarity of the content. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-flight-simulator-optimised-settings-for-next-gen-experience https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-graphics-settings-and-performance-guide-8-18-2020/132407
  2. Jaydor, I merely seek the truth by challenging what is presented, where necessary, so that a better balanced and more accurate assessment of something is presented. I note that Q8Pilot, (real name Osamah Alabdullah) is a noted content creator and has quite a profile in the flight sim community, and particularly with X-Plane. His stated aim for his Carenado Cessna182T Skylane review was "...to provide you with sufficient insight and information to decide if this Carenado CT182T is worth the investment or not...". On the simple basis of the points I raise, he has even failed to achiev
  3. Further Testing. Never one to just accept something as a given or to make unsubstantiated claims, I have conducted further testing of the Carenado Cessna 182T Skylane which unfortunately exposes an additional lack of detail in this YouTube review. Let's first look at the reviewer's failures in start procedures: Differ significantly from those of the default Cessna 172 G1000 (a similar aircraft), Fuel Tanks not switched on, Standby Battery not switched to arm, and Fuel Pump not switched on. Whilst identifying the "cold and dark" start issue, and then raising q
  4. Is this guy serious!!! The issues with his review: claims to review it thoroughly yet misses the obvious fault with the camera view settings...a minor camera.cfg error, by the way; fails to acknowledge the "cold and dark" engine start is also a problem with some default aircraft, therefore, not necessarily Carenado's or the model's fault; ignores the simple fact that flight simmers may want a Cessna 182T Skylane, so stating it has nothing over the default Cessnas is nonsensical and totally subjective; the control sensitivity is also evident in other default aircra
  5. Sooner or later, you just have to fly the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. After my Airbus A320neo experience, yesterday, the 747-8 was today's challenge. Having just downloaded the patch update, I was keen to see how the 747-8 handled. My flight plan was designed to complete the achievement flying from Bordeaux-Merignac Airport (LFBD) to Seattle (KSEA). I've always found Boeing aircraft easy to handle on takeoff and during the climb and the 747-8 is no different. Likewise, the descent, approach, and landing were a delight. Now for that big long bit in the middle, the cruise, it was a total
  6. Much has been commented on the A320neo in different forums, and in some instances, not without good reason. How bad is it really.....I thought it was time to go and find out. Now, I am an A320 family numpty. Whilst I have some of the 3rd party detailed add-on aircraft for legacy flight sims, it is the one major commercial airliner I have neither spent a lot of time in, nor mastered. So, which ever way this was going to go, it was going to be interesting. I had just flown the Cessna CitationJet CJ4 from Queenstown (NZQN) to Adelaide (YPAD). Quickly setting up a flight plan for an onwa
  7. The Australian city of Melbourne now holds the world record for the tallest free standing building. Rising into the heavens in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, the building stands at approximately 2,500 feet above ground level. Pilots from around the world have been flocking to Melbourne to view this wondrous spectacle from the air.
  8. Interestingly, MSFS models the very first variant of the Kantana, the DV20-A1, as opposed to the later DA20-C1 variants. It wasn't until the development of the DA20-C1 variant that the original 80 hp Rotax 912 engine was replaced with the more powerful 125 hp Continental IO-240-B engine. Either way, a beautiful little aircraft which is a joy to fly.
  9. With just under 58 hrs in my logbook currently, I have now completed the three Bush Trips as well as numerous flights in all of the small GA aircraft. The Diamond Aircraft range are my preferred "go to" general touring aircraft and I found all of them to fly reasonably well. The DA62 provides the extra twin engine performance and comfort for longer flights, the two DA40 variants provide the option for analogue or glass cockpits in the mid-range with the glass cockpit DA40NG providing the extra benefit of an AP with the avionics fitout, and the DV20 is just great for low and slow VFR flyin
  10. Not happy with the quality of the base imagery you are seeing in MSFS! What you are seeing could be influencing your perspective and how you are looking at MSFS.....and it is all in the "Options" settings. I recently completed the Breckenridge to Mariposa Yosemite Bush Trip. Part of the route travels up the Owens Valley, an arid valley in eastern California. So, visually, from a flying perspective, the Owens Valley is fairly nondescript with not much to see. I found myself questioning the quality of the scenery even though I have my various graphics settings on "HIGH" or "ULTRA". I h
  11. Here is another link with interesting information and analysis of each of the graphics setting. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-graphics-settings-and-performance-guide-8-18-2020/132407
  12. I have also taxied to parking and stopped and it has successfully registered each leg as complete.
  13. As I discovered in recent activities on MSFS (see the Bush Trips and Fuel thread), there are a range of keyboard mappings which are not assigned as part of the default keyboard mapping. Some of these are very useful, depending on what you are doing or how you fly in MSFS. Having a good look at these unassigned keyboard mappings is a worthwhile exercise and this can be done by going to "Options", "Control", "Keyboard", and selecting "ALL" in the "Filter" on the bottom left hand side. Cheers Andrew
  14. As a way of continuing to explore the depth and quality of MSFS, I have been flying the "Bush Trips" under the "Activities" section. These flights are VFR with a specified navigation log to follow and are a great way to explore areas you may never think of going to. Due to the nature of these flights, they have a pre-established set-up and some features of the custom toolbar have been deliberately disabled, such as calling for a fuel truck. However, at some point you will need to refuel and the "Request Fuel" keyboard shortcut, SHIFT+F does not work in these instances, nor does simpl
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