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  1. THX. Big break due to a lot to do. New challenge / project gonna start.
  2. After five years, HELLO to everyone Cheers Max
  3. Hi at all, if i understand that card from Leo B. correctly, it should be possible to connect Buttons and switches and also 5V LEDs. Therefore the question: is it possible to light up the LEDs by the switches (e.g. Gear up & down) with SIOC/Offset or fsuipc ?. Thanks for any Informations. Cheers
  4. Thanks !. Indeed, that´s all real Aircraft Instruments... thanks for looking ! Cheers
  5. Very great shots !. Top !. Cheers
  6. Cool Cockpit ! Nice work !!. Well done !! Regards, Max
  7. Thank You. So, furthermore a lot things to do. Currently i'm building a Cockpit Heating-System with a orig. Cockpit-Temp.-Panel, because sometimes it is very cold out there... Thanks, Cheers
  8. Very nice trip and shots, great like to see more, thanks
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