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    Brilliant capture!
  2. Amazing entries! Hard to pick definitely, but.... ! You win sir! Great one haha! Brett, post #445 was awesome too Cheers for all your entries, well done!
  3. Thanks all! Just had to show her what aviation is possible of doing! Glad the lunch didn't come out the wrong way Thanks mate, I had fun doing the shortest leg of ATWC IV, and that's good to me! Hehe cheers bud, all up to Kieran now. First timer mate! Hopefully she enjoyed her 'ride' and that's happy news for the pilot!
  4. Cheers guys! Joe, the lunch was delicious, thank you! Look at the pic below to see what Sharon and I ate! Mikael, was this really the shortest leg? Had to make it even smaller for more fun! Kieran, I think that time... is a bit too long.... even with this plane which I used for the second part to Cork! ************************************************************ After dropping Sharon's sister off at her convention and grabbing some lunch, we were back at the airport. However... it appeared that our Diamond Star had been... STOLEN! How they managed to do that I do not know! Anyways, the stolen aircraft was not the issue right now. The real problem was, "What were we going to fly to deliver this baton to Kieran?". Luckily enough... my great friend Brendan O'Brien, the one and only pilot of O'Brien's Flying Circus was nearby, and best of all, he had his Piper Cub at a nearby strip! I quickly called him up and he delivered his Cub to Kerry airport for me to borrow for this leg. We were saved (after one lucky phone call and an hour of waiting)! Quickly, we strapped in, and prepared for the final part of Leg 38. Here is a recount of how it went! O'Brien's beautiful Cub has been delivered to us personally! Strapped in and happy! Thanks to Joe for that lovely lunch, cheers man! Baton securely in Sharon's grip, we were ready to go. Taxiing to the active! Liftoff! My primitive map says heading of 124 or so, let's go that way! Uh oh.... the clouds, let's rush to Cork quickly! Max throttle please! Well... seeing as this IS an AIRSHOW AIRCRAFT.. why don't we show Sharon some of the things it can do. Let's try a backflip! Dangit..... we stalled! Thank gosh we pulled out of it quick enough. Sharon is really nervous now, and quite scared of my flying skills! Clouds are getting darker! Quick! Let's try that backflip again, okay Sharon? Let's push down a bit for more speed! Nearly there......! YES! WE DID IT! C'mon... pull up.... pull up! Is that so Sharon? She looks happy not to doing aerobatics anymore! Perhaps she sees the destination too? Oh yes she does! Let's start to get onto approach. And touch! Ouch that was a hard landing! Look at those wheels! Heading to the GA section parking, we see some Cub friends! Down and parked! Finally able to deliver that baton to Kieran after 90 minutes of delay, sorry! Sharon seems certainly happy to be on the ground! The Cub was left at Cork for Brendan O'Brien to pick up the next day and to our surprise, it wasn't stolen! Over to you Kieran, good luck mate!
  5. WARNING: Lots of pics! My part of ATWC, Leg 38, began at Shannon and ended at Cork, carrying Sharon and the baton! We decided that we would split this leg into two, passing at Kerry along the way for some lunch and to drop Sharon's sister off for a convention. We, consisting of Sharon, her sister, and I, got ready dead early at sunrise, eager to get off the ground ! Just as the sun touched the horizon, we shuffled into our Diamond DA-40 Diamond Star, with our flight plan direct to our first stop Kerry. Quick snapshot of our flight plan just in case we lost our hard copy! Here is an account of how it went! Engine start! VROOM! As indicated by our MFD, the route was all planned out by our GPS, and Kerry was just 39 NM away at 220 degrees. Sharon's sister has the baton all secure! Turning onto Runway 24-6..... ...Lining up with centreline.... ....And takeoff! Beautiful morning water as we climb to our desired altitude One of the best ways to see the sun rise I say! Autopilot on as it directs us to Kerry! If you look closely you can still see some stars, even at this time of morning! Lovely weather for flying Just as things we're finally getting relaxing..... Airport in sight! Turning base... ....Finals... ... Flare!... .. And touchdown! Part one of my leg is over! Taxiing off the runway, and one person is really glad to be finally on the ground Parked, and ready to go get some lunch! Stay tuned for the next part of my leg! Thanks for viewing!
  6. Love it! Very nice, shows what X-Plane 10 can do and FSX can't!
  7. Lovely work mate! Gonna carry the baton after you!
  8. Brilliant review mate. I agree, spectacular for freeware!
  9. Thanks for viewing!
  10. Awesome shots bud! Did you create that ranch yourself using ORBX libs? Thanks for your feedback. If you are running low on performance, remember that there is a gauge optimizer located at Microsoft Flight Simulator X\IRIS\Pro Training Series\Pilatus PC-21\Optimizers This will help your FPS.
  11. Wow, terrific entries so far! I'll post this one in 2 days, hard to decide!
  12. Clem Wu

    Roll Out

    Thanks for your compliments guys!
  13. Sorry Glen, can't help you with the rewards! However, I always use these two as a guideline when reinstalling FSX: 1) http://support.precisionmanuals.com/KB/a87/how-to-uninstall-and-reinstall-fsx.aspx 2) http://www.simforums.com/forums/setting-up-fsx-and-how-to-tune-it_topic29041.html
  14. Clem Wu

    Roll Out

    Thanks for viewing!
  15. Don't know if that is good news or bad news bud. Safety first!
  16. Congratulations on your win, brilliant shot!
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