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  1. Clem Wu

    King Air

    Excellent shots!
  2. Clem Wu


    Thanks for all the sentiments guys! I'll definitely have to give it a good clean first, happy customers is a must LOL.
  3. Clem Wu


    Thanks for viewing!
  4. Stunning work, I would if I could!
  5. Clem Wu

    Te Manaia

    Thank you very much gents, appreciate the compliments.
  6. Clem Wu

    Te Manaia

    Thanks guys! Brett, you can find it over at OZx (http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/2322-carenado-t210-zk-mri/)
  7. Clem Wu


    Awesome cheers guys. In Release Candidate testing stage now
  8. 'Man! Turn that prop off! People will be coming from miles away to steal our burgers!'
  9. Hmmm chuck voice activation in there ie FS2Crew and maybe it will be great! Seems like a good program, but FS heavily depends on the keyboard so that will be an issue for us.
  10. Great find bud! This might be useful to me in the future too, cheers bud.
  11. Clem Wu

    SLUF !

    Hear the roars already! Nice work mate.
  12. Haha yeah saw it this morning on Channel 7! 8G is heaps though.
  13. Thanks Joe and Mikael! Quite amazed at this software. Sorry, just had some more fun with this, and more screenshots! A very special one at the end guys. I a literally lost for words on this one. The amount of detail on that stone, and the water rushing down it is simply amazing.
  14. [sCREENSHOT HEAVY] Just wanted to share some screenshots of this new benchmarking program that I just installed. Quite impressive really! As you can see, the benchmarking didn't rate my GPU that well... Cheers
  15. Clem Wu


    Haha love the comments! Cheers
  16. Brilliant! I was actually going to do a tour of NZNI, but now I've got your help, cheers.
  17. Clem Wu


    Thanks heaps for your compliments guys!
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