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  1. Clem Wu

    moody pics

    Great looking detail!
  2. Sure looks interesting! Been all over the news in Australia
  3. Lovely! Very cool plane in the third shot!
  4. Brilliant! Make the most of the free fuel!
  5. Wow! The airport and the aircraft actually look quite appealing.
  6. Perfect! Great shot using the background scenery colours.
  7. Thanks Rosario, thanks Kieran! I'll post some more soon!
  8. Great review Andrew! I agree with you, its a spectacular aircraft to fly!
  9. Thanks gents! Not yet released, still beta, I'll let you know when its released if you want! As for the scenery, just got it as an extremely birthday present, super happy!
  10. Clem Wu


    Cheers mate, that is the IRIS C-27J Spartan!
  11. 'They said I wouldn't get wet this way while on the ground. They were DEAD WRONG.'
  12. Lovely! Looks like some loading issues but otherwise terrific!
  13. Clem Wu


    Had it for a while, don't always use it! Has some lag in it but that may just be my system! But great fun to try out, plus, its free!
  14. Superb! Love the second one, quite the mood!
  15. Clem Wu


    Cheers all! Much appreciated.
  16. Clem Wu


    Cheers guys! Yes, that's correct. The pilots observing the wing, the surrounding cones, as well as the tags are all part of the PC-21.
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