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  1. Veerrrry nice! Can't beat the REX water and environment.
  2. Clem Wu


    Thanks guys! This is the Silence Twister Brett, already released, no hour limit! I sure like the aerobatic, more maneuverable planes!
  3. Cheers and thanks all! Alan, if you're talking about the landing in the first post, you're right, I landed WAY off centreline haha! Otherwise, yes the zooms in FSX are quite distorted, and to make things slightly different I changed quite a few of the view angles as well.
  4. Hehe emergency decent, very interesting commentary!
  5. Thanks Brett Took her up again for fun, and here's some more!
  6. No worries Joe! Glad to help, and also to see it fixed!
  7. Nice review Rob, still considering whether to get this or not. Joe, the 'Our Latest Product Review' on the forum page still shows as 'Orbx OG39 Longview Ranch'
  8. Hi just here to share some shots of the latest beta version of the IRIS PC-21! Having so much fun with this bird, delight to fly! Enjoy
  9. Stunning shot, very moody.
  10. Thank you very much! Yeah there's a miniature airport in Germany too, very neat. No idea how they make it look so realistic and lifesize for sure!
  11. Clem Wu


    Very artistic!
  12. Looks good! Keep seeing updates to this plane all over the flight sim news!
  13. Thank you for the compliments! Much appreciated Haha Arnie thank you for the link, for these screenshots I used Photoshop for the editing.
  14. Hi all! I would like to start my 2013 set of screenshots with this set It's a technique called tilt-shift, which makes things 'miniature' with some blurring. First time using this effect, enjoy! Feedback appreciated! Cheers
  15. I definitely use it to upgrade the already terrific REX water.
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