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  1. I'll answer 'no!' to your image address LOL! Looks a lot like the 777 tail.
  2. Cool set of pictures Jim! The Cub IS meant to get dirty hehe!
  3. Thanks for all your compliments! I really like the sounds of engines more than music for these videos, as you can see here. Cheers Brett! Yeah I went for a higher approach to avoid those cows HAHA you wouldn't imagine how many times I've been on final and that darn cow is there again! And with the wide turn; I wanted to save time and effort cutting the grass the next day, so I got some help with my aircraft. Just kidding! I was a bit too touchy on the throttle while approaching the taxiway (if its even called one!).
  4. Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated! Testing out a new intro
  5. Looks awesome! How did you do that?
  6. Clem Wu


    Cheers guys! Really appreciate the comments
  7. Looks very nice! Cheers Joe Can't wait till the official launch of the XMAS theme
  8. The OZx Gen II Team has released their Torres Strait Islands package! http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/15309-ozx-scenery-ozx-torres-strait-islands/ Just as a HU
  9. Excellent! Great aircraft to do this route.
  10. Hi John, Sign up for an account here and include your order number from the place of purchase in your signature. Then post in the Verification topic within General Discussion, and the REX team will verify you when they approve that the order number is correct. Then you will be able to download the updates. Your order number can be found at the website that you purchased it. Cheers
  11. It depends what version you are upgrading from. Some versions are from REX 2.0, and some versions are from REX Essentials, and some may or may not include Overdrive. There are many versions!
  12. They are suspended at the moment, and the servers delivered 42 TB in 24 hours, WOW! Its just done 60GB and going under maintenance. Good luck!
  13. Eek I got it down at 2.5mb/sec, but I got in early for the download. I wish you the best of luck with Essentials Plus Overdrive. Mine works fine, and even with some initial issues, Tim personally solved it with me via Skype, staying past midnight on the evening of release, and that is what I call great support!
  14. Saw it on the REX forums, so I think its released. Be sure to be verified first. Just as a HU! http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/ THANKS to the whole REX team for creating this awesome free upgrade!
  15. Clem Wu


    Thanks for looking
  16. No worries and thanks Joe. Looks exciting, and it says in the manual that they'll be placing AI in other regions as well!
  17. Orbx is pleased to announce the release of the first stage of our GA AI traffic package for North America. This package will provide GA traffic from small Cessnas and Pipers up to the larger Gulfstreams and Bombardiers. Airports covered with this package include all the modified airports within the Orbx PNW region plus all the Orbx payware and freeware airports released to date. A little under 600 AI aircraft/liveries flying some 5,300 legs are included so you should have company wherever you fly within the region. Each aircraft in the FTX NA GA AI Traffic pack is a recreation of an actual aircraft with some 400 plus being done exclusively for this package. This is the first stage of an AI Traffic package which will eventually cover all the Orbx NA regions. Some of the features of the package are as follows: Some 600 AI aircraft/liveries flying 5,300 legs. Optimised textures in DDS format with MIPS to maximise appearance and improve performance. Custom textures with Country specific registration numbers. Control panel options to select full call signs or abbreviated ones. Flight plans structured to provide regular activity at most airports. Designed to run with Orbx payware and freeware airports. Touch 'n goes at selected airports. Dual installer for FSX and P3D. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the generous modellers and painters who have contributed work to this package. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/50265-ftx-north-american-ga-ai-traffic-100-released/
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