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  1. That's great Matt, glad you enjoyed yourself and just more proof that Flight Sim can give you an advantage.
  2. Things certainly change when your life is on the line and all those little things that real life throws at you that can't be simulated accurately. The crazy winds didn't help either.
  3. I'm starting to wonder who is more free, us or the corporations. Well at least we know lobbying works.
  4. Things will soon get harder for the workers because of this one crazy.
  5. Sad news indeed, thoughts and prayers to all involved and their families. They must have been close to the ground because one would think with a high speed and vertical descent there would be nothing left.
  6. So true and not to mention it can take a hit like a B-17 and still fly because of it's armor and redundant systems.
  7. It sounds like it has to do with TacPack or any other Carrier addon. Try re-loading them if you do.