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  1. The printing Press (probably one of the most important inventions in the world)
  2. Not as uncomfortable as getting caught by your wife having sex on it with another women. Predicament
  3. So true and I believe if they would have been upfront from the beginning about what they were doing it would not have turned into such a chit show. I do worry that if they couldn't get FSW right what will this next try be like. Maybe they will be working on a P3D entertainment version because I can't see them using a new rendering engine with all the work and money it would entail and make it better than what we have now. I guess we will see....
  4. No doubt everyone has some great points and even things I would like to see but I think I'll take the wait add see attitude for stress free living. One thing I do know is if they don't deliver this time no one will believe them again.
  5. Thanks John, never saw this one before and I am always amazed at all the things we all tried during the war to give us the edge.
  6. Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers, ban sober drivers from driving, after all isn't that how gun control works.
  7. A pet dog thinks: "They feed me, they play with me, they give me a warm comfortable place to sleep, they must be Gods!" A pet cat thinks: "They feed me, they play with me, they give me a warm comfortable place to sleep, I must be a God!"
  8. brett

    "Semper Fi"

    That's a Devil Dog of a paint job.
  9. Thanks for the look Alan, great shots. I do like that Stinson Voyager and Aeronca Champ and of course that nice looking Harvard.
  10. Sorry, I put into Bold the wrong word. Next word; Royal Dictatorship (Not the UK of course)
  11. The TSA refers to them as cattle fences
  12. No joke, one time I got admonished for bypassing five empty lanes by the person at the counter. She would not help me unless I did so I walked out of the place. Government workers are weird.
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