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  1. I'm digging that Red Baron bike but is it impressing all the ladies he hopes.
  2. I did look it up on Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_P6M_SeaMaster and it didn't make much sense although they thought so at the time. Still it was sharp looking and the takeoff water spray must have been a sight to see.
  3. What a cool spot for an airport, great landing Wilson.
  4. Didn't look like much of an update, eh? I do need to travel to other areas but I have been enjoying flying around my home state because it was never really covered well in my last sim. I am also still trying to get used to the flight dynamics such as the increased float during landing and the same lack of friction along with a few other things, this also might be on my part since being away from flight simming for a piece.
  5. I thought mfs was getting rid of all those bounding boxes, maybe it was a ghost?
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