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  1. Sorry for the slow reply. Steve and the others are working hard to make Flight more open. I have not really had time to look at it carefully. However it does seem that a lot of FSX stuff can be imported into Flight. I suspect though that it will never be FS11 or whatever. It will be interesting to see what Dovetail do with their licensing agreement with MS.
  2. I guess there aren't many folks left with Flight and as we know MS is pulling the plug completely. It is possible, however that Dovetail may do some thing with it. In the meantime it is now possible to get much of FSX into Flight thanks to the work of one of the team who originally developed it. If you have any lingering interest in Flight then we set up a new forum around the development Tool Kit here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forums/microsoft-flight.145/
  3. A Happy New Year to everyone. I guess many of you will already be aware of ADE 1.60 This is the current production version that was released last month. It contains a number of updates, fixes and new features including support for Prepar3D V2. It also has a new function to create custom ground polys using provided textures or textures you create for yourself. This new function is courtesy of Don Grovestine who did all the hard work! ADE 1.60 has a full installer and will install alongside any existing version, 1.60 can be downloaded from the main ADE website www.airportdesigneditor
  4. Thanks Andrew The code for SAS is actually part of ADE. The plan is to provide a display related to the current airport project showing where the airport exists in the sim scenery folders. During development we decided to add a stand alone GUI and hence SAS was born
  5. Mods - I hope this is OK to place here. If not then please move or remove it. Simple Airport Scanner is a stand alone tool that allows you to scan your scenery files and get a list of Addon airports. It will also help you to understand where you have multiple files containing an airport. SAS does not read stock airports. SAS works with FS9/FSX and P3D. It can be downloaded from http://www.airportdesigneditor.co.uk
  6. This is not intended to be anything other than a comment or reminder. Recent posts and interviews over at AVSIM with, for example, the P3D team and PMDG have highlighted the importance of understanding the EULAs for P3D and any addons. Some PMDG offerings are not licensed for use on P3D and the same may be true for other addons. Now it does seem to me that a number of folks may have moved on to P3D from FSX for personal use and not in connection with learning or training. I would guess that no one from LM or addon developers are going to come knocking on their door. However it might be w
  7. He probably went to sort out Flight What have I said - my innards have just risen up and tried to throttle me I TAKE IT ALL BACK!!!
  8. For FSX ADE provides terrain tools. To create a new background or change an old one look at the Terrain Poly Tool (Button with Green Poly on it). Check out section 15 of the English Manual.
  9. I think it is important to separate the folks who developed Flight from those who had responsibility for the strategy, marketing and financial management. I know some of the developers personally and they may now be looking for a new job through no fault of their own. If your company asks you to build a three legged camel to cross the Atlantic then you may well think they have lost it - on the other hand you may consider that your responsibility to your family, mortage and so on means that you will do your best to make it work within the parameters set you. Personally I don't think Flight
  10. Sorry - having a jet lag moment...................
  11. There is a new title update for Flight that will download automatically. The main improvement seems to be support for TrackIR and toe brakes as well as a number of changes to support the arrival of Alaska, a couple of new weather themes and sundry bug fixes.
  12. The folks over at the Unofficial MS Flight Forum - http://msflightforum.myfastforum.org/about288.html -have set up a section for folks to share Saved Flights. I don't know how useful it will be but on the other hand folks sharing seems better than buying!
  13. This is not Microsoft approved of course. They just warn that you use it at your own risk. It arrived in an original form some time back. As already mentioned it much of it can be obtained for free on the internet. I for one would not spend money on it. Some folks have even gone so far as calling it a scam or rip-off. I subscribe to Caveat Emptor. GMap for Flight on the other hand is an addon and is free.
  14. I have update the list today April 29, 2012 and included 2D panels Dai
  15. The list was updated today April 22, 2012
  16. PS - For John A - I have not yet addressed the issue you found with moving the aircraft in FSX
  17. We have just uploaded a new beta for ADE. This is primarily bug fixes but it also contains the direct support for Prepar3D. It can be downloaded from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?wzpyp6n5a8ydp3l This is an installer and will install the beta in a separate folder location which is being reserved for public betas now and in the future. As always please be aware that this is a beta and may have problems. We expect to update this beta regularly over the next few weeks. From the Change Log: Version 1.51.4493 New ADE now supports Prepar3D as a separate Sim version. This is reported as ADEP
  18. I am posting this as an interesting aside to the level of dissatisfaction argument. I provide these figures without comment. They do include posters on this site. This analysis covers the three main Flight Sim Sites - AVSIM, Flightsim and Simviation - and some others including Mutleys. I checked back through the posters in the relevant Flight Forums and also made a note of who was significantly negative or significantly positive about Flight in their posts. In some cases this is an impression as there are both positive and negative comments by some folks. I went back more or less to the rel
  19. ADE is available for P3D on the same terms that it is for FS9/FSX. That is - if you do not make any money for what you create then ADE is free. If you do make money then you need a commercial license - which at the time of typing is $49 per seat (there is site license also).
  20. The list was updated over the weekend
  21. I have just found a bug in this version. It is possible to get a CTD when trying to drag and apron or poly. This reports something about not being able to find a key code. I have it fixed and will make a new build avialable shortly
  22. I would be surprised if any addon or other tool would need to have FSX installed in order to work with P3D. After all P3D is FSX. It is a full installation and does not require FSX to be installed to work/ what is more likely to be the case over time are things that work in P3D but will not work in FSX. Since FSX is effectively frozen and P3D is being developed then it is a new branch and will likely provide things that will fail in terms of backward compatability.
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