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  1. Thanks PanzerFodder - I understand the texture replacing and stuff but what I really want is to use the real world weather and then have rex put the correct weather into the game etc. I understand that if I choose fair weather in FSX and have a really nice day theme in rex it would work, but at the moment I have nice day in rex but real world in fsx - this doesnt look right in game as if I have rain it still looks bright Maybe its not possible - I will take a look at REX again and maybe see if it can work with the static real weather option? Cheers anyways bud, appreciate your reply Jim
  2. That looks amazing! Especially liking the pricey glass cockpit set!
  3. Cool - I liked the look of it too and thought I woudl give it a shot but the startup tutorial lasts like 30mins trying to find a million switches - but this guide helps and I also found a youtube quick guide too. The thing is its not as real as in the real world - simply gets you off the ground. I am going to have a try again tonight because I think if I can get this plane off the ground it would be pretty damn good to fly. The attention to detail in the cockpit and also the external details when parked is brilliant.
  4. Hi Guys, I have asked many questions in this forum so I think it is my turn to give something back. Recently had a blast in this plane and couldn't even start it - SWITCHES EVERYWHERE!!! I tried the tutorial but was getting different lights being shown to the screenshot etc and really got confusing. I thought I would do a quick search and found this in their support forums... http://forum.avsim.net/topic/261431-js41-startup-guide/ I have not tried this yet but planning on to tonight; hope this helps some people out there. Cheers, Jim
  5. OK I looked at the reviews etc and videos last night for both and chose the F1 Mustang - had a quick 5mins last night to fly it before I went to bed (work in morning so earlier night) I just wanted to see how it flew so I chose active runway and did not start cold and dark - pushed the throttle bit of rudder trim and away I went. Have to say I climbed to 14,000 feet in no time and the views were amazing. I will have another go tonight cold and dark maybe put the red carpet out for my first true flight. The signature made me think I should take this plane and maybe go around the world. It would take me a long time as I don't get to fly much in the week due to work and having a son to look after etc, but still it would be good. I tried using G-Plan but the map was killing my system so I think I will plan it on a flight by flight basis - I will probably fly high over the sea and keep it to around 3,000 feet in land.
  6. Hi Guys, Sorry for the million and one questions lately - I have another one for you though In REX I create a theme - this in turn changes my cloud, water and sky textures etc... Thing is when I go into FSX on the free flight screen I have to choose either a theme from the dropdown or set custom weather. If I choose to have the weather updated every 15mins is this going to work? So would REX know this and update it to be more cloudy if it is raining etc? I have REX 2.0 installed BTW. REX 2.0 comes with a WASYS app that shows the weather in the location you're in - is this a part of the updating realtime weather stuff? I am just a bit confused as to how to get real world weather into the game using the REX addon; any guidance would be good. Cheers people! Jim
  7. Oh OK cool - I enjoy this hobby and all the addons that come with it Agreed with the money pit comment - althought its worth it to us my wife calls me a geek and says its boring hehe
  8. Yeah its only textures too so no reason not to! Shame I cudnt get the photo real stuff tho! Rex was my best purchase tho that just makes the game 100x better!
  9. Got this setup today and wow much better than default terrain! Was gna go for the earth simulations one but little bit pricey for me! Took the cub out and it was overcast today -
  10. Thanks guys I will take a look around at recommended ones and maybe get one! Bit of short msg cuz im on the mobile
  11. Hi 'hurricanemk1c' can you please tell me the model plane that is in your signature please? Or anyone else for that matter - I am looking for a mini jet to travel some miles in and thats looks great. I have the dual prop duke but fancy the jet Any other suggestions would be good too - looking for private jet style Cheers, Jim
  12. Yeah cheers mutley I used to run a forum so I know bud! I thort I'd keep them as links to save room :-)
  13. about 3 at the moment - find it hard taxiing because it backfires and stuff if you go too slow. I have attempted a looped the loop but crashed after a long spin lol. Thanks for the help Mutley
  14. I have just completed my first official flight from East Midlands airport to Brussels National - had a spot of rain along the way and patch of turbulance but all is well. The taxiway was miles away from the runway felt like I was taxiing forever. I was using the IFR setting and was in my duke naturally aspurated. Please take a look at the screenshots http://screenshot.xf...119123124-4.jpg - crossed the sea http://screenshot.xf...119123139-4.jpg - internal http://screenshot.xf...119123152-4.jpg - sunset http://screenshot.xf...119123176-4.jpg - parked and shut down - WE MADE IT! Next I will be going further east haven't chosen the airport just yet.
  15. OK so just for future reference - I installed SP1 and 2 (don't know why I did not do this earlier) - what do you know the screens work fine now. I actually read the manual on the spitfire and cub - this time was able to fire up the engines and take off and land (kind of) the Accusim I would recommend to everyone because it makes such a difference to the handling. The reason why the spitfire was not firing up previously was due to me having auto-mixture checked in the settings and also not having the throttle slightly one (say 10-20%) Cheers guys
  16. UKJim

    Hi, I am UKJim :)

    Yeah I mapped buttons to rudder and it works fine for now but pedals wud be ace! I've gone for the ifly so give that a whirl
  17. UKJim

    Hi, I am UKJim :)

    Yeah Brett sounds good to me, I just found the semicolon key as being the save button Damn Noobs hehe! I would save paused because that is a gud idea; also I agree to the 'cold and dark' situation its how I would want my plane to start off with from the start anyway. In fact most of the time when I start a game I shut eveything down and start again from scratch before taking off - like you said it adds to the realism. I think I am getting the RealAir Duke Turbine tonight, I love the single prop and dual prop engines more than the jets. Just feels more 'raw' to me. While surfing the interwebs though I keep seeing the same jet addon again again and again - its the iFly 737NG - Is this a gud addon because I am thinking of purchasing that and maybe doing a few long trips. Good times guys, I am really enjoying this game. I recently bought Battlefield 3 for my xbox but I got this sim as well - hard to come off it.
  18. I have this and found this topic to be really useful - I will definitely try some of these out later. I do have one question regarding REX though which is similar to the guiy above... If I set the clouds and the sky colour to be nice and sunny etc etc in REX, then when I launch FSX and go to the plane selection page etc. What happens if I choose thunderstorms for the weather in FSX? At the moment I have been setting up themes in REX and then setting the FSX weather theme to be something similar so if I want it sunny with clouds, I set this up in REX and have cold front approaching in FSX.
  19. UKJim

    Hi, I am UKJim :)

    wow that looks crazy - adding business to the game. Once I get used to taking off and landing using the 'realistic' method I may consider this in the future but for now I want to learn realistic approach rather than the default microsoft easy settings. I think I will have to map two buttons on my joystick to be the rudder - I am still at work at the moment but does anyone know which rudder function I would need for this? From the top of my head there is two sets yaw and something else? I have found aswell some of my addons don't let you steer the taxiing using the stick, so its either diff braking (which i dont want to do) or steer using the front wheel that is attached to rudder? This is complicated stuff but I think once I get the basics and learn the keys I will be away
  20. UKJim

    Hi, I am UKJim :)

    Thanks people! I will take a look at the airfield addons but for now I think I will concentrate on the flying for a bit - I will try a bit of rudder trim to solve the drag. I do not think my joystick has a twist grip for rudder control, I will have to take a look later when I get home from work. Once again, pleased to be here and already have had plenty of help so thanks for the support. Jim
  21. Cool - I have read their support docs and they do say they designed it based on SP2 so I think that may be the resolution. I will grab the SP's and install. If it resolves I will post on here to confirm. Cheers
  22. Hi Guys, I have purchased this plane and although I managed the controls in the cockpit I was unable to display the controls via the shift+x options... So for example if I press 'Shift+3' I should be getting the 'Controls' panel displayed. Instead I see a black box where it should be, then that disappears. I think I do not have FSX service pack 2 installed so this could be the issue but I was wondering if anyone has had this before? Thanks, Jim
  23. Sorry t continue this thread but I think it is relevant and don't want to start a new one... I use REX 2.0 for the clouds and water (10/10 for the graphics on ultra high) but I am actually really disappointed in the level of detail on the ground - what is the most used ground texture application do people use these days? Obviously I need something that will work along side REX 2 Thanks, Jim
  24. I have a few planes by Carenado and I have to say they are great. I think I am going to get the RealAir Duke Turbine later and try that out. If you want a more 'real' experience, go buy the cub from A2A Simulations and bundle it with the Accusim package too ..,. http://www.a2asimulations.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=36 This is more realistic than normal FSX models and it is a great starter plane - for the price you cannot complain either.
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