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  1. Unfortunately I am at work and the firewall here stops me from looking at most stuff so unable to view the link. I have looked into this before and when I got my new cooler (Cooler Master Hyper 212+) I used the cross method to apply TIM - put a small cross in the center of the CPU and place the heatsink evenly on top tighten with the screws - simples! It worked for me and was able to OC my system from 2.13GHz to 3.0GHz - Idle temperatures around 22/23C and on full load for 10+ hours it only reached 43C I think it is also worth mentioning that every time you apply TIM and attach a heatsink it is different, even if you use the same method. I also found that at first the temps were not so good - but after 2/3 days of use I found they actually decreased. I am not sure why maybe it was the spread due to the heat from the CPU making it better? who knows but it worked.
  2. I eventually went with airfield construction group's Duxford and Marham - Marham because of the little hanger style covers to keep my planes warm in the cold, Duxford because ... wel it's Duxford - legendary!! I took the A2A RAF Cub out over the sky's at Duxford; unfortunately it was raining but still got some good views.
  3. Thanks Tim - it sounds about right, I was having another go yesterday and as you say moving a bit of trim slowly and bit by bit managed to stable the plane after a few second of reaction time. I think I am going to stick with the duke piston because I know how to startup/shutdown and flying it is a dream.
  4. haha thanks Mutley (what is your name I feel rude) - I first would like to say I believe the REX issue is solved - in FSX I had to keep the weather setting to user defined then it picked up the REX settings nicely. As for the cloud coverage and sky not changing etc - I started a flight in the UK and it was rainy and overcast (as usual) - then I wanted to compare the same theme but in a better climate. So I hopped over the sea to America thinking it would be bright; how wrong was I it had snow!!! Either way I am happy with the way it looks so all is dandy. I know my sig is a bit americanised with the topgun logo but I have to admit it is one of my favourite films of all time. Then of course I had to include my favourite plane - the duke piston (not turbine) As this topic is now resolved I would like to thank everyone for their contributions - cheers guys!!!
  5. I still prefer the props though rather than jets so as on dragons den - I'm Out
  6. I have the FSX version of this and it is spectacular little place the A2A Spitfire fits right in.
  7. I think I get more clouds when its raining but the sky above it (or any breaks in the clouds) remains the same bright blue.
  8. yeah I am used to the cold startup, always do it from cold and dark every time. Just got hold of Duxford and Marham and the little spitfire sits right at home there
  9. UKJim

    Hi, I am UKJim :)

    Cheers guys, I am enjoying it all so far, plenty of people to ask for help
  10. Ah ok, yeah bit of a fan boy because they just hit the nail on the head with the models and the physics of the engine etc - I have not come across another model that is so tempermental as the A2A models. I think that is where i went wrong with the rpm - I have always kept the rom stick full on when taxiing (nooby) - I will try your tip of 1000 rpm Just a quick update thought, I managed to take off from Derby air strip (grass) and not blow the engine - I also performed a nice loop the loop and a corkscrew - after reading the manaul I have figured out some stuff and it has helped a lot. I did read the manual before but must have not taken it all in at once - a recap is the answer!! I am going to grab hold of an old looking RAF base with a short taxiway and runway with some nice hangers - this will be my home for the spitfire - take it out tonight I think beautiful little plane. Tonight is the second landing attempt I think.
  11. Yeah cheers mate, I get all that but I was wondering about the sky because I set it to be bright blue but when it rains it remains bright blue so was wondering if I was missing something. I think I might choose a sky etc that would fit most scenarios of weather and then use the real weather feature to see if it looks better. Thanks for your post anyway mate
  12. Hi people, I know there are some really experienced people here and would like to ask a nooby question ... I have a couple VLJ's in the hanger and I can take off perfectly fine, the issue is when I am in the air. With prop engines I can reduce RPM and throttle to keep the plane level. But with the VLJ's I have tried a lot of different things and the nose keeps rising... Lowering the throttle didnt help, I was looking at the spoiler switches and played with them too but still didn't help too much. If I use the vertical trim to compensate it obviously works but then it goes down - I am finding it hard to stabelise the aircraft level. So as I am new to jets; has anyone got any tips on flying these things? Cheers, Jim
  13. OMG I want one!!!!! Need to go find out now - Damn you Mutley
  14. Ah OK maybe thats where I was going wrong Thanks mate I think you have just answered the question - cheers dude!!!
  15. yeah the guy with the goaty is looking and they move their heads too. I have had to uninstall it though because for since installing it my FSX crashes and it says 'out of memory...' or something. I have run the tool that is pinned that tweaks your fsx.cfg but still no joy. I really need to look on the web for other tips because I am sure I have read somewhere some tips that would help. never had any issues before installing that damn plane
  16. OK So I finally got round to attempting this and it work fine. Although when you get to the end of runway to take off change the lever in the control panel (far right) to flight - I did not and engines went on fire... Tried again after and all went well as you can see from the screens
  17. I know the realair spitfire comes with west malling scenery but I do not want to get the realair spitfire as I already have the best spitfire in the game So can anyone provide paid or freeware links to a decent old fashioned are force base in the UK? If one already exists please feel free to let me know where, I just want a nice hanger to put it in and a short taxi to the runway - that spitfire likes to overheat fast Thanks guys and gals! Jim
  18. Exactly needles (sorry don't know your real name buddy) - I don't go out drinking and I don't go spending money I don't have so simming is my hobby at the minute and it keeps me quiet. I think my wife is more concerned about spending time with her than the money thing
  19. Yeah I will have to take a look at the capabilities of REX - I mean for me it doesn't have to be bang on exact but would be a nice thing to have if I could have real world weather. I just don't get how if I install 'nice weather' themes from rex and in fsx I have the flight start out nice but then it goes into a storm - the storm would be in nice weather mode with rain because it rex wouldnt have installed that into fsx. I will have another look and see - I have posted a comment similar to this one elsewhere in the forums, sorry for the duplication people they have kind of merged into one - ah damn! Going to try and get the J41 off the ground today - wish me luck hehe
  20. Thanks PanzerFodder - I understand the texture replacing and stuff but what I really want is to use the real world weather and then have rex put the correct weather into the game etc. I understand that if I choose fair weather in FSX and have a really nice day theme in rex it would work, but at the moment I have nice day in rex but real world in fsx - this doesnt look right in game as if I have rain it still looks bright Maybe its not possible - I will take a look at REX again and maybe see if it can work with the static real weather option? Cheers anyways bud, appreciate your reply Jim
  21. That looks amazing! Especially liking the pricey glass cockpit set!
  22. Cool - I liked the look of it too and thought I woudl give it a shot but the startup tutorial lasts like 30mins trying to find a million switches - but this guide helps and I also found a youtube quick guide too. The thing is its not as real as in the real world - simply gets you off the ground. I am going to have a try again tonight because I think if I can get this plane off the ground it would be pretty damn good to fly. The attention to detail in the cockpit and also the external details when parked is brilliant.
  23. Hi Guys, I have asked many questions in this forum so I think it is my turn to give something back. Recently had a blast in this plane and couldn't even start it - SWITCHES EVERYWHERE!!! I tried the tutorial but was getting different lights being shown to the screenshot etc and really got confusing. I thought I would do a quick search and found this in their support forums... http://forum.avsim.net/topic/261431-js41-startup-guide/ I have not tried this yet but planning on to tonight; hope this helps some people out there. Cheers, Jim
  24. OK I looked at the reviews etc and videos last night for both and chose the F1 Mustang - had a quick 5mins last night to fly it before I went to bed (work in morning so earlier night) I just wanted to see how it flew so I chose active runway and did not start cold and dark - pushed the throttle bit of rudder trim and away I went. Have to say I climbed to 14,000 feet in no time and the views were amazing. I will have another go tonight cold and dark maybe put the red carpet out for my first true flight. The signature made me think I should take this plane and maybe go around the world. It would take me a long time as I don't get to fly much in the week due to work and having a son to look after etc, but still it would be good. I tried using G-Plan but the map was killing my system so I think I will plan it on a flight by flight basis - I will probably fly high over the sea and keep it to around 3,000 feet in land.
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