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  1. You went for it then mate It is a great plane, I was thinking of getting it for XP11 too, but not sure at the moment. Great screens too bud. I cannot wait for XP to fix those darn trails though, really annoying having a 152 with wing trail vertices all the time - good things come to those who wait. Thanks for sharing, see you on my stream mate.
  2. I used to love EZDok back in the day - but then when Chaseplane came out, I got that and didn't look back. It will be interesting to see how this stacks up to Chaseplane, I am sure it will be on par at least given the reputation of EZDok. Thanks for sharing Joe
  3. UKJim

    Connie Cruise

    Oh man that's a good spot - at least you can keep them going now. Just a word of warning these engines don't like to start in really cold weather. If you anticipate cold weather, read about oil dilution in the manual Hope to see some shots in here soon mate
  4. Click for full size... Thanks for viewing
  5. UKJim

    Connie Sunset

    Nice to get feedback mate - I might mix it up a bit
  6. Every year I plan to go and then something comes up - I hope I can make it this year!!
  7. UKJim

    Connie Sunset

    Descending for the approach at Jacksons International Papau New Guinea (AYPY)... Click for full size image...
  8. Not with the reflections as that uses the dynamic reflections within P3D
  9. http://x-vision.pro
  10. Really great pics mate. I don't think I ever do water landings - good to see something different
  11. Nice flight there looks like you had fun.
  12. UKJim

    Connie Cruise

    Omg that is criminal! You should join me on my stream one night and I'll fly it. It's really not that hard to be honest once you done it couple of times. I found this a while back and it's the best item in my inventory for the Connie. It's a checklist that shows you everything you need to do as the pilot and engineer. Check it out... Connie checklist If you every need help give me a shout
  13. UKJim

    A bit South

    Them colours are great! Nice shots and journey mate
  14. UKJim

    Connie Cruise

    Click for full size image
  15. I'm too busy for walkarounds Well I like to risk it sometimes in the sim as it's neat when it fails and you experience the unexpected. I like seeing what A2A have developed too. Obviously in the real world you would always do a walk around but in the sim your life is safe. Thanks
  16. I had to put flaps back up to stop the plane pulling to the left, then land without flaps. Luckily I was at EGNX with a good long runway and plenty of time to land too. Then the aileron failure - unfortunately could not show this in flight, but I had full left yoke and no movement at all - so hard to land when all you got is rudder
  17. I am still favouring P3D, but XP11 is so close too to be honest. It's good how you can tweak and use addons easily I guess. So much free stuff out there, you don't have to spend anything if you don't want to. Let us know how you get on and also post some screens
  18. reminds me of XP11 weather
  19. Hi, So all Active Sky is going to do at the moment is inject real live weather, or custom weather you create into the sim. Likewise, letting XP11 get the weather will do pretty much the same - although Active Sky has a few more bells and whistles in terms of settings and improvements. You then have things like Ultra Weather XP and xVision that gives you fancy graphics using the injected weather. So this helps the sim draw the weather in a beter way etc. I would alway stick with what is given for free before purchasing, but if you're not happy with the results then go purchase. It will be better once HiFi Active Sky does the smooth weather transitions and maybe the cloud drawing too. But I think we are a way off from that just yet. There are other freeware weather injectors like NOAA that improve the features of XP11 default weather engine. Go check this out as it may be the ideal 'in between' option. Good luck mate
  20. Nice mate thanks for sharing
  21. Looking good and nice you are back on board flying again. Don't worry about cat hair - it just shows you have got a life Too clean, means you have not lived
  22. You should, I created a few now one being the twin otter - I don't really know what I'm doing but it works lol.
  23. Never tried it mate, I think the reflection maker application is stand alone and as far as I'm aware it does not depend on tomato shader.
  24. No problem mate another time
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