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  1. UKJim

    just a few...

    Very nice mate
  2. Great paints there
  3. Looking good mate
  4. Looks scary Nice shot
  5. Classy paint job
  6. Nice shots - not much to look at out there, but nice weather to cruise around in.
  7. Cool that looks nice man
  8. UKJim


    That looks great mate nice shots too
  9. I use a simple tool called 'Greenshot', it's freeware and you can take a look in the settings to see how you want it setup. Really easy to change things, but I like the capture region function with an auto save to a folder. This saves the need to crop and save in paint etc. In terms of uploading and sharing - I store all my images/screens on a GitHub respository. Once again it's free and supposed to be used as code storage/versioning for developers, but I find it good for image uploading Here is an example (click for full size)... Cheers,
  10. I am waiting for some reviews as I currently use Active Sky and REX TD4 with soft clouds - I would like to know the main differences and also if it is worth the cost to change over. Also, how does it work with Active Sky as the weather engine, but textures from REX? Can someone please explain what Sky Force 3d is used for and Environment Force is used for? Is one a weather engine and the other a texture replacement like TD4? Cheers
  11. This one is on my wanted list Looks like a great plane. Nice shots James
  12. UKJim

    Just three

    Great shots there, nice atmosphere
  13. Those look great - can I ask though, is sky force a weather engine too or just a texture replacement tool like TD4?
  14. UKJim


    Superb shots - me and my son watched a spit fly over our house last week, such a wonderful sight and sound. Thanks for sharing
  15. Very nice there mate - liking the two GTN 750 units
  16. UKJim


    Nice plane I got it for P3D but never got it for XP, may be a future purchase. Nice shots and shame about the crash
  17. UKJim


    Nice shots mate
  18. Oh wow, just came across this post and what an incredible site. I fly mainly VFR, so I hate it when I rock up at a random airfield to start a flight and it's miserable. So now I can check this and see a nicer part of the world to fly out of This is worthy of a share on my Twitter and stream - I will be sure to give you a mention mate. Thanks
  19. You went for it then mate It is a great plane, I was thinking of getting it for XP11 too, but not sure at the moment. Great screens too bud. I cannot wait for XP to fix those darn trails though, really annoying having a 152 with wing trail vertices all the time - good things come to those who wait. Thanks for sharing, see you on my stream mate.
  20. I used to love EZDok back in the day - but then when Chaseplane came out, I got that and didn't look back. It will be interesting to see how this stacks up to Chaseplane, I am sure it will be on par at least given the reputation of EZDok. Thanks for sharing Joe
  21. UKJim

    Connie Cruise

    Oh man that's a good spot - at least you can keep them going now. Just a word of warning these engines don't like to start in really cold weather. If you anticipate cold weather, read about oil dilution in the manual Hope to see some shots in here soon mate
  22. Click for full size... Thanks for viewing
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