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    Very nice mate
  2. Click to see full size Thanks for viewing
  3. I don't think I said it was a weather engine mate? If I did then I must have been half asleep But yeah it's just a shader tweak tool like PTA. I did email regarding my issues and got a response, but it was just a 'wait for next version' kind of response. So I will wait and see what that brings. Hopefully all will be sorted, as it is a great tool
  4. Yes you can get xPlane to use real live weather - you go into the weather customisation on the flight configuration page - then at the very bottom (under all the 'layers' of clouds) there is a dropdown that lets you select live weather and then select the update intervals. I would recommend Active Sky XP for live weather and at least then you have the option to setup some scary weather too I loaded up xEnviro again last night and went straight back to Active Sky, just didn't like it. It is a lot of money for what it is, and you can get better for cheaper with Active Sky imo.
  5. Great shots - I never fly the helicopters in XP - maybe give it a try one day The contrails are a nice addition but yeah, only when they work when you want them to.
  6. You can get lots of weather injectors for XP - I have tried xEnviro and Active Sky XP - both of these have real world 'live' weather. Active Sky however lets you create your own custom weather too, so that is handy. xEnviro does not allow for this, only real live weather all the time. NOAA is a good freeware weather injector, this is a little fidly to setup but should be up and running within 10minutes or so. UWXP and xVision are both programmes that render the weather (not inject the weather) - so these things are the plugins that makes things look shiny You may also be interested in Reshade too - this has different effects that can make the sim look good too - once again, really simple to setup. The issue I am having at the moment with UWXP is that it does not seem to 'start' when loading a flight, and I have to click the 'UWXP Main Set' button every time. So I am keen to see whether the 2.5 version fixes this for me. I uninstalled xEnviro for Active Sky a while back - but xEnviro apparently is the only weather programme that draws clouds ot the horizon, else you get that horrible overcast ring around the plane. So I would be looking forward to future Active Sky updates and the new version of xEnviro to see which one is better. The deal breaker for me with xEnviro was the fact it only took real live weather - I like to do VFR and on rubbish low visibility days, I like to change the weather to something better. Hopefully this will be something they add in the future too.
  7. True, they do have alternate textures too in ASXP, quite good ones too. I am just trying to get a good mix of UWXP, XVision and Reshade at the moment - can spend hours just tweaking and making it look just right lol. Back to the days of FSX Still, it is all good and looks fantastic when all set up nicely.
  8. Looking good - I purchased this as well and used it in conjunction with Ultra Weather XP - but I might just try it on it's own and see what I think. Also, I am looking at reshade to go along side this too. May I ask, what weather plugin/addon are you using? (if any) The one issue I have with XP11 at the moment it the fact clouds do not draw to the horizon. I have xEnviro and that does, but it does not have the functionality for custom weather. Pictures look fab though mate!!
  9. I ocmpletely understand where you're coming from - I have not been on P3D for a while now. The only issue that gets to me sometimes is the weather and cloud drawing - I have addons that helps with this, but even so, it is still nowhere near as good as P3D in that terms. However, the performance and graphics are enough to tempt me away even with it's faults I believe a new update is in beta at the moment, so it will be interesting to see what that brings. Also, nearer to the end of this year, HiFi will hopefully either update or sell a product that will do the cloud drawing better etc. Look forward to seeing some shots/videos mate.
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    Some Brasil

    I was meant to say ORBX do some superb scenery for both of those
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    Thanks looks good mate
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    Looks great - nice to see inside though too
  13. I did not know about that - I may need to take a look into this as I wanted Shoreham and Goodwood for XP but did not want to pay full price - I have both for P3D so something I have learnt today Thanks I think with the movies - if you upload to YouTube and then copy the link, you should just be able to paste in the link into the forum post and it will automatically embed the video. It's been a while though, so don't hold me to it
  14. UKJim

    Some Brasil

    Great shots there Dolf - you should check out Tapini and AYPY for some good low and slow flying.
  15. I wil more than likely get north too, as you know me, I like flying around the UK. They have done a splendid job, and the scenery really works for both low and slow, and the big birds too. In the past I have used photoscenery in FSX that went blurry in the jets, good for low and slow. So to have scenery that fits both worlds is a bonus. All I need now is a nice A2A plane with Accusim and I am good
  16. I was in a similar position as you, being tempted to go into XP11 but it was always lacking a lot for me that P3D had - so for me good scenery and a weather programme that you can select your own weather. This has been resolved for me using Active Sky XP and also the new ORBX True Earth scenery. I would recommend the following addons for XP if you don't already have them - it adds so much more immersion and as you say, I get better performance in XP with better visuals than P3D imo... Orbx True Earth Active Sky XP XPRealistic Pro Ultra Weather XP /xVision Also, if you like flying the jetliners - hit the FREE Zibo mod for the default 737 - this is a fantastic mod that is free. I also have the Just Flight 152 for low and slow and the Carenado Grand Caravan for something a bit faster. Glad you're enjoying XP, I look forward to seeing your videos mate.
  17. Good times with that sun. Looks fantastic bud.
  18. It is indeed Joe - for the weather it's using Active Sky XP and Ultimate Weather XP. Cheers
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    Great shots mate
  20. Simcoders do a great job, but still not to the A2A level of detail - they are however a lot cheaper so nothing to be sniffed at. It would be good for A2A to develop for XP
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    Thanks mate - I might give them a try
  22. good good - bring me my presents
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    clouds etc....

    UWXP mate
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