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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of flight sim True though you can easily get sucked in to multi-buying products. All I will say is good luck choosing your sim
  2. The whole 'apples vs apples' is your opinion; it is not fact. Edited by Mutley to help keep the peace
  3. You're not getting my point - if I was purchasing the Just Flight 152 for multiple platforms it may be worth it. But in my case I only would want it for P3D, so the price is not worth it in my opinion. I could get an A2A plane for a fiver more for that same platform. Obviously if people want it for multiple platforms then yes not a true comparison. But in my case it is a true comparison as I only need it for P3D. I understand that it's multi platform so it costs more - but I don't care about the other platforms so why should I have to pay more for that luxury? Anyway, this is my opinion that I am entitled to. If you think differently then great, but it does not mean anyone is right or wrong in an opinion.
  4. They are great shots mate. Nice little airfield for XP
  5. Agreed, but when you only use one platform my statement holds true. I purchased the Comanche and the T6 twice - one for FSX and again for P3D, so I understand where you're coming from.
  6. OK so with the Welsh Tour complete - I have now moved back on to some Vatsim flying and trying to get used to that again. I would like to get more and more familiar with Vatsim and then possibly move into IFR too. So, as long as we have good coverage, I will be streaming the VFR Vatsim session tonight at 18:00 - 20:00 zulu. A quick update too - I now stream on both Twitch AND YouTube - so please follow the links below to come join for a chat... twitch.tv/UKJim youtube.com/UKjim01 Thanks, Jim
  7. I liked reading your review - it was great with all the relevant details. As for the JF 152 - I was tempted to get this for a little run around while I get more familiar with Vatsim, as it's nice and slow with all the relevant radios and dials at your fingertips. I hesitate though, as the price is a little steep - if you compare this to an A2A aircraft the A2A aircraft blows it out the water IMO, and for an A2A aircraft you only talk an extra fiver. I think if it goes on sale in the future, this one will be in my hangar, as I really do like Just Flight. Thanks for your detailed review mate. Jim
  8. UKJim

    Xenviro 1.08 /1.09

    So it is a bit hit and miss with the performance thing - maybe I will update and see. But keep my old 1.08 install just in case. I find that with xEnviro - clouds are hit and miss - hopefully feedback will make them better ;)
  9. UKJim

    Xenviro 1.08 /1.09

    I'm still on 1.08 as I heard there are performance issues with 1.09 - have you had a performance decrease with the update?
  10. Looking good there it's great
  11. Looks great but I'm not sure if I'm going to take the plunge at this time. If you get this Phil show some pics
  12. I started from RAF Valley and went to the loop then back. If that helps at all :)
  13. I always forget to post here sorry. But tonight I'll be flying more A2A Comanche flights tonight. Continuing the FlyUK Welsh Tour. Starting around 7pm UK time. Twitch.tv/UKJim Come join the fun I'd love to chat to you. Thanks Jim
  14. UKJim

    Eu trip

    Real nice mate looks great
  15. UKJim


    Super shots - last one could be a painting
  16. The 152 low and slow just great bud!
  17. UKJim

    Simworks Phantom

    Very nice mate
  18. UKJim


    Makes me want one in real life lol. It looks cool. Nice shots
  19. It's a great plane form Just Flight - Go do the mach loop and enjoy it
  20. UKJim

    the Huns

    On a mission! Great shots
  21. UKJim

    Project Wingman

    Thanks (I think)
  22. Not sure if this is going to work as I'm posting on my phone but check out Project Wingman - still in development but it is fun already. This is me trying it out... Full 1080p video here so please up that quality - also gif from above is from 7:35 onwards... Cheers Jim
  23. Stream starting at 19:30 UK time. First a flight in the 738 Zibo mod. Then onto something else depending on time. Come have a chat Http://Twitch.tv/UKJim Thanks Jim
  24. Yeah I am a lover of the PMDG too - in FSX I had the 737 and the 777, but when I moved over to P3Dv4, I had to re-purchase them. I didn't want to part with my cash again, so I chose the 737 as I flew that more. Understood though, if you have addons that cost money for P3D then it makes sense to get your money worth before moving to a new sim. I have a lot of scenery in P3D so I probably won't ever completely leave P3D. If you don't have an A2A plane - you REALLY need to get one!! I cannot stress this enough, any of their GA line with Accusim, or even the Constellation if you want something bigger. It will blow you away how in depth they have modelled those tiny aircraft. Obviously the Comanche is my favourite with 220+ hours on that plane.
  25. Don't get me wrong, I love XP11 scenery and night lighting and everything, but for me the GA planes from A2A are the best. I am in the same predicament because the performance for me in XP11 kicks P3D's ass. But XP11 does not have the A2A GA planes. I am actually using XP11 entirely for the big jets 737 - because of the performance increase. I have PMDG 737 which is amazing, but even with that, I still turn to XP11. Best bet is to just use the two sims as and when you want - I am currently splitting my time, depending on what I plan to fly. If I fancy a 172 or 737, I jump on XP11. If I fancy the comanche or the Texan - I jump on P3D. The hard part if buying new scenery for me, which one to buy for
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