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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love XP11 scenery and night lighting and everything, but for me the GA planes from A2A are the best. I am in the same predicament because the performance for me in XP11 kicks P3D's ass. But XP11 does not have the A2A GA planes. I am actually using XP11 entirely for the big jets 737 - because of the performance increase. I have PMDG 737 which is amazing, but even with that, I still turn to XP11. Best bet is to just use the two sims as and when you want - I am currently splitting my time, depending on what I plan to fly. If I fancy a 172 or 737, I jump on XP11. If I fancy the comanche or the Texan - I jump on P3D. The hard part if buying new scenery for me, which one to buy for
  2. Lucy - as you know you watch my stream, I use both XP11 and P3D - in terms of immersion, I like PMDG for the Boeings and do not currently own an Airbus But I noticed you mention you might use XP11 for GA flying - if this is the case, go and google 'XP11 172 REP' - it's a great pack for the default 172 that adds so much immersion. If you GA in P3D, go grab any A2A GA Accusim plane (Comanche) and you will not be disappointed. I love the lighting, graphics and performance of XP11, but the thing that lacks for me is just some generic scenery addons like FTX Global is for P3D. I do not want to use photo scenery as it takes a lot of room on the HDD, but there is no other option. That is why I still enjoy P3D as a GA platform, FTX Global, Vectors, OpenLC all + Regions and Airfields - all add up to a great experience for GA. If you fly the 737 in XP11 - check out the Zibo Mod + related soundpacks + RG Mod textures - I have all these on my stream, so go check out my YouTube channel to see what it is all about. This adds so much immersion to the default 737 FOR FREE!! I fly the PMDG 737 and it has a very close likeness to that. This is the other thing about XP11 I enjoy too, so much top quality freeware Go search for files made by 'MisterX' great stuff. Hope you found the right Airbus for you too.
  3. Looking great there - nice shots mate
  4. UKJim


    I quite like the look of that plane Great livery too mate - nice shots!
  5. Stream starting in 1hr sorry for the late notice. Tonight I'm going to take the A2A Comanche out and have a blast to Just Flight's Connington. If I've got time I will probably go on Vatsim for a bit too. Come keep me company Http://twitch.tv/UKJim Jim
  6. On the way in clear skies Lovely mountain tops through the couds More mountains external view On approach, good job I tuned my radios - SNOW!! Down safely in the snow Taxi to gate All set down for another flight Thanks for viewing - it's been a long time since I posted screens as I stream, but here have a few
  7. It went well, all catch-up videos are now on YouTube 1080p uncut. I did drink an entire bottle of red during the stream so excuse any random sayings like 'smooth like butter' lol. Thanks for viewing drop a like in the videos See you Monday evening at 7pm UK time.
  8. Flying again tonight - looking at X Plane 737 Zibo mod to start then either a 172 circuit on Vatsim or a flight in the Comanche. Hope to see you there 19:30 UK time. Twitch.tv/UKJim
  9. Good captures stalking the stalker
  10. UKJim


    Now that shot is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Really nice tour there - it's good when the flight has a purpose and shows off some of the scenery too. Great shots mate
  12. Ah OK, you should have shouted up I see you are in flyuk also, not a bad VA to be in - I fly the 737 a lot with them. I will try and remember the name, but will sleep tonight and forget hehe - please remind me next time your're on. I believe the next time I will be streaming is on Saturday evening around the same time. Cheers, Jim
  13. Is your twitch name different to your forum name? I have a vague memory that it is, but cannot remember your twitch name? I am glad you enjoyed it and it was smooth - next time say you are bumblebee to remind me and soon enough I will remember your name Thanks for joining in I appreciate it Cheers, Jim
  14. UKJim


    Definitely - I do the following a lot... Darrington Muni (1S2) to Concrete Muni (3W5) East Midlands (EGNX) to Compton Abbass (EGHA) East Midlands (EGNX) to Welshpool (EGCW)
  15. UKJim


    Looks like a lovely place to fly - the last shot is my favourite all ready to settle down. Thanks for sharing Dolf
  16. Looks great - I am not an airbus fan tbh, but if I was, this would be one I would get Your shot has done it justice for sure.
  17. Great shots - liking the 3rd shot.
  18. My bitrate is around 3500, so in theory, as long as you have a 3.5MB/s download speed or better, it should be fine. I did raise it but some other viewers could not download quick enough, so I settled with the middle ground. I am streaming again tonight around 19:30 UK time, if you wish to try again Tonight is going to be more GA flying either in P3Dv4/Comanche, or in XPlane 172/Turbo Arrow III
  19. Really? What's your download speed? Thanks anyway and hope you enjoy it on YouTube instead
  20. UKJim

    Lynx Avro

    Great little plane nice shots mate
  21. UKJim

    more freight...

    Nice screens right there good work mate
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