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  1. I have both products and think both are great. I've recently had to reload my FSX and want to re-install Air Hauler. My question is, both programs suggest/recommend starting FSX inside their respective programs so how does one accomplish this? Currently I'm starting FSX from the "fly now" option inside REX essentials + OD menu. If I re-install AH how do I start up FSX? Are you supposed to start FSX from inside AH? Thank you and happy flying, Gus
  2. I only have REX so I can't say for sure as I don't have a way to compare all the different programs. I will say I've read that REX takes a while to load the weather. I have REX Overdrive for FS9 and REX 2.0 Overdrive for FSX. I haven't downloaded the REX Essentials + for FSX yet b/c it sounds like they are still working out the bugs and the one I use for FSX works like a charm, so I'm going w/ the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it mentality right now". Back to the weather loading times on REX, most of the time on both FS9 & FSX my weather will load as soon as I turn the REX WX engine on and lick "load weather". At other times it will say loading weather and sits at 1% for what seems like 5-10 mins. I just shut the program down and restart it and then it loads again fast like normal. Then it seems to work normal throughout the rest of my flight doing automated updates. I'm not sure why sometimes it sticks like this but it's very seldom that it does so I don't have a real problem with the load times as a few seconds doesn't seem that long to me.
  3. Do you have the Just Flight 146 or the Quality Wings version? Thanks.
  4. If you fly in the US there is a nice little add-on pack made by Flight Sim Voices. I think it was around $6 US. Here is the link, you can add them to other things like the PMDG NGX, Level D, Xpax, FS Passengers etc...it's nice, I like the random voices it adds to Radar Contact. http://www.flightsimvoices.com/ EDIT: Here is a list of some of the pilot voices you can hear: http://www.flightsimvoices.com/usfcv1-demo.html
  5. I recently switched to DX10 with the new shader it actually works like a champ. The only downside to DX10 is not 100% of the planes/textures work as they are greyed out since they aren't full FSX or DX10 compatible. Other than that I think it looks better than when I was using FSX with the ENB. To install the new DX10 shader and a great "how to" I'd suggest this link: http://forum.avsim.n...the-how-to-doc/ I've used several different ENB most came from the REX forums. I think you have to be a member there, it's free to register like here, but once you register you can view the forums. There are several different ones described in their forums. I tried a couple, bluesphere, natural plus, and a few others. I found the "natural plus" to be the best looking in my opinion. Once you register on their forums here is the link to the post that has the ENB files: http://www.realenvir...nload-included/ I did have CTD when I had the ENB in FSX, the strange thing is it wasn't 100% of the time, it wasn't even 75% of the time, so it was hard to pinpoint what was actually causing it. However, once I removed the ENB the CTD didn't occur anymore at start-up. My buddy actually added the ENB this weekend and starting having CTD issues. He has since removed it and now the CTD have gone away. I really enjoy the way the ENB makes FSX look, but have been equally impressed with the DX10 as listed above. I don't have the CTD like I did w/ ENB. The only downfall to the DX10 is a lot of my payware planes do not work, I guess they would "work" but their textures are all greyed out. I've found basically it's any plane I have that was made for FS9/FSX, if the plane isn't made for FULL FSX then it doesn't play nice with DX10. In the same DX10 threads at avsim they also talk about realistic looking water. I have REX 2.0 Overdrive and I recently added strikeking software's DX10 compatible wave animation and I think it looks absolutely amazing. Here is the link to strikeking, again it's freeware: http://www.strikings...downloads.shtml Here are some examples of my DX10 water using Strikeking Software textures, the rest are REX 2.0 overdrive. Other than that rambling post I made, sorry I can't be more help w/ the ENB. I have tried it and like you did have issues with CTD. Maybe if you ask over in the REX forums where some of those flight simmers work on creating different sets for the ENB they might have some suggestions on how to keep the CTD from happening. One thing I have been messing with is adjusting my graphics card outside of FS9/FSX. I read online that adjusting the anti-aliasing, and other effects and telling it to override other programs might help. I did this in FS9 to try it out, I made all the changes in my nivdia control panel then unchecked all the changes inside FS9 and locked my frames on 30, I get a constant 29.9, the views are smooth as butter with TrackIR4 and the plane and textures looks very smooth and clean. I'll post some screen shots next time I get a chance. I actually enjoy flying FS9 better than FSX as I don't have the CTD in FS9. I honestly think, even if you have a nasa super computer FSX will sometimes CTD. I think it was incomplete, with MS shutting down the development team it lacked the final patches or fixes for some of the issues. It's a great sim, but FS9 nevers gives me fits like FSX does on occasion. Good luck sir and happy flying, Gus Edit: here are 2 FS9 screenshots of my water...they aren't as zoomed in as the FSX shots, I'm not the best camera guy out there, but to me the FS9 look almost as good as the FSX ones, the pictures don't do the water textures on FS9 justice.
  6. Maybe it had something to do w/ memory, I had been opening and close FS over and over while trying out different panels. Today when I start my FS machine after having it shut off all night, un-docking the top-down view and dragging it to my 2nd monitor in FS9 at KSEA didn't cause any problems at all. So far so good, having a 2nd monitor is AWESOME!
  7. Very nice! I enjoy flying the C152 so I'll mess w/ adding some bitmaps to the 2D panel. Thank you sir.
  8. Ok, thank you I'll keep checking on it to see what might be the problem. Yes I'm in window mode so I'm not sure what else to look at. Thanks again, Gus
  9. Not sure if this helps or not, I know this is an older topic but maybe it might help someone out. http://http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php?accion=update If you look about 1/2 down the page they have one for "Several FS2004 Aircraft-Bouncing Issues" javascript:fDescargax('BOUNCINGPATCH.zip')
  10. I agree, after flying around for a while with it, it sure is nice to have it all in one spot. The strange thing is, I got my monitor cable in the mail today (thanks to a buddy who had an extra :-).....when I fly in FS9 using the default C172, I open up the kneeboard and this is a first for me, I click on the "A" and it opens up a drop-down menu that gives me all sorts information and places to go, I have no idea where I picked up, well maybe from one of my VAs, not sure though, but it allows me inside FS9 to go to airnav, flightaware, weather, etc.. so I have all I need. I haven't tried it in another plane yet, or in FSX. I've been busy messing w/ using 2 monitors at once. So I think I'm going to hold off on the $55 for the EFB, for now. This brings me to my question. I have FS9 running like a champ, I learned how to edit the nvidia settings and not mess w/ the FS9 settings and I'm getting insane frame rates, super smooth flying and with places like Flightzone KPDX it looks every bit as good as FSX and never NEVER gives me a fatal error like FSX will sometimes throw at me. My question is when I un-dock windows things get kinda crazy...hopefully someone can help me out on this. I can un-dock my GPS window and drag it over to the other monitor, all is well, I can un-dock my kneeboard all is well, when I create a new view i.e. top down and un-dock it, drag it over to the other monitor that is when things get haywire. Sometimes it will make the scenery look like someone is crumpling up paper, or if I look outside/spot view of my plane it jumps around and does this same strange effect to my plane. Is it just my graphics card not being able to handle so many windows open at the same time? Why is it only when I open the top-down view? Once I close the top-down view everything goes back to normal. Thanks for any tips/suggetions/advice, Gus
  11. Ok, thank you sir, I read through the link you posted. So if I'm reading it properly you can't add gauges where previous gauges are not? I'm hoping there is a way. ie. the Just Flight C152, I can change the radio stack, the transponder and the ADF but I can't click on and change the audio panel. I'd really REALLY like to update that panel. Is there no way to highlight the area somehow, black it out, then add a gauge? Is there a way to create an entirely new panel with the "main panel" of an aircraft as a template?
  12. I'm not 100% but I'm assuming it should load what you normally have without Orbx. If I switch mine back to "default" and fly in/around my Fly Tampa scenery (i.e. St Maarten) my Fly Tampa scenery shows up like normal. I assume the only way to make FSX go back to the real default is to go into your scenery library and un-check the add-on sceneries you no longer want to load.
  13. Ok, thank you gents for the replies. I will set to Default with not in Orbx areas, i.e. Texas, Florida, etc...I assume though, if I'm departing a non-Orbx scenery but arriving in an area covered (i.e. flying into Portland) from say Denver then I should have it on, correct? Thanks again. Gus
  14. Ok, this sounds like my next "quest"....currently I have 2 PCs, this PC and the FSX machine. Both are hooked up to HDMI TVs via HMDI Cables. My graphics cards on both monitors have HDMI hook-ups, they also both have VGA plugs. The newer PC also has an LCD output on the graphics card but I don't think I'd be going that route. My question is, if I currently have, on my FSX PC the HDMI TV hooked up via HDMI cable, will it cause issues if I connect this (separate) monitor to the FSX PC via VGA? I'm assuming all I'll need to do is on this monitor change the "input source" from HDMI to VGA. I don't know if it's needed or if it will help but I do have a registered copy of FSUIPC, can that assist the process in any way? I wouldn't mind being able to "drag" the GPS pop-up window over to the 2nd monitor along with a outside spot view window. When Iook on ebay I find a 5' 15 pin 1080P VGA male to male cable for $2.98 free shipping. This should be all I need, correct?
  15. Thank you sir, I only have the one monitor, I guess I have 2 if you include this one but it's not hooked up the FSX machine and I'm not 100% sure how to go about doing that. If there is a readme/how to on that I could try that too. Right now the GPS530 works great if I press my "GPS key" it pops up and I can do my thing, I just thought it would be cool to add it to the right-side of the panel, basically where I would expect the glove box to be. The area that I'm wanting to edit is found in the texture "172_2_C". I know how to repaint planes so working w/ this texture file I'm pretty sure isn't where I'm need to be. I figure editing the panel.cfg either manually or through FS Panel Studio is where I'd start. I was happy with being able to edit/change/swap out gauges to make it look all fancy they sure do look crisp. I switched out the default gauges for the F1 C172R analog gauges. For the Nav1/OBS, Nav2/OBS2 I used the simflyers GPX-SX gauges. For the radio stack and all digital gauges I used the Friendly Panels Nav PK. Here are some screen shots: If I could get the GPS to be permanent on the right-side I'd be all set. It seems like in other planes when you have the GPS as part of a permanent window it's in the spot where the radio stack is. John, if you wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction on how to hook-up and utilize the second monitor that would be sweet! Is it possible for this monitor, the one on this PC to be used by both machines?
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