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  1. JPS

    Home Build PC

    Thanks for the link Joe, I didn't even think to wonder if I could get the motherboard and CPU combo! Looks good to me I like the look of the GTX 460 and the price seems reasonable. I am thinking of getting a motherboard to run crossfire/SLi as I'm to the trouble of making it so might aswell make it a flexible PC. In which case is there a motherboard you can suggest for SLi/Crossfire capabilities? Please excuse me as I'm still trying to get my head around this but are you saying I could get an i5 to run just as good as an i7 for FSX and save myself some money. If so how do I go about doing this? Thank you very much for your help so far guys, it's been very useful EDIT: I also forget to mention that the PC would only be used for FSX.
  2. Well my username can trace it's way back to the Justflight forums where my username is "JustPlaneSimple". However when I came over to Mutley's Hangar I chose to abbreviate it to "JPS". Simple really :001_th_smiles89: please excuse the pun there :th_smiles73:
  3. JPS

    Home Build PC

    Thanks for the reply Joe! See the issue is building a computer for me is a first. I've spent the afternoon reading up guides online to see if I can understand what to do. It all seems pretty straight forward but to be honest I'm lost when it comes to making sure the components are compatitable with each other and the right ones? In that case I will go with Windows 7 64 Bit as I want atleast 6GB of ram to be safe. When it comes to a CPU I am very tempted by the Intel i7 950; is it a wise choice? However I don't know when it comes to choosing a motherboard what one I require to run this chip. Furthermore Graphics card wise I haven't a clue what model to go for, I would like an Nvidea 1GB card but all these models and different numbers confuse me The last point about components falls for RAM. I've read that DDR3 is that way to go but with all the different speeds I haven't a clue plus will the RAM be compatiable and run well with the rest of the computer? Ohh the headache. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. JPS

    Home Build PC

    Hey everyone long time no speak, hope all is well. I hope that you can help me in going about getting a new PC to run flight simulator. I have a somewhat ambitious plan in that I now have a full time job and would like to splash my money on a really good set-up. I was tempted to base my plans on FS2004 but as I own a copy of FSX and the developments have grown I think it would be best to upgrade to this platform. This said I want a computer that will run FSX very well with a wealth on add on's such as Mega Airport Scenery and complex aircraft such as the PMDG 747 & MD-11 to name a few. I plan to purchase Saitek yokes and modules aswell as a CDU to and really go into detail; At this point in time I need to plan a rig to run it all from. I would say my budget for the rig is anywhere from £600 to £800. To save a whole block of writing I will summarise what I'm after. * Is it cheaper and better to build a PC from scratch instead of purchasing a pre-made PC gaming computer? I have the idea that building from scratch offers unlimited options in customisation so to speak especially when it comes to FS. *Is my budget a bit to ambitious in getting something to run FSX well with complex add-ons and scenery. *What is the best set-up I could create with my budget in terms of processor/graphics cards etc etc? *Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  5. JPS

    Happy Birthday JPS

    Thanks for the birthday wishes much appreciated, sorry I have not been on in a while. I spent my 18th in New York and I had an amazing time guys
  6. Wow, fantastic shots the scenic views are to die for . Grass strip flying looks like a very nice challenge, hopefully I can give that a go sometime in the future.
  7. Happy Birthday for yesterday, hope it was a good one
  8. Thank you for your kind comments chaps much appreciated and Im glad they get Gareths recognition :great:
  9. Recently me and Gareth our resident LGW videographer have been discussing the capabilties of LGW to handle A340-600's and they recently received one of a charter not so long ago. Being me I tongue in cheek nag on how LHR gets numerous A340-600s daily and as I know Gareth really wishes LGW got as many A346s as my local (only kidding buddy) :biggrin: I thought I would send them a visit with a Virgin Atlantic aircraft from Heathrow as Im really enjoying flying the aircraft in FS9 and its a real treat. So without further delay I present to you the shots and I hope you enjoy. Here she is lined up with fellow VS A343 & A346: Last view of them as we push back from the VC: Pushback completed: Checking the flight controls during taxi: Preparing as we taxi: A company VS A346 getting ready for a voyage across the planet: Remote stand, pretty similar liveries dont you think?: Seen here holding short as a BA airbus taxis into positon: Finnaly its our turn: Looking down 27L: Out into the mist as we retract the gear: View of the perimter road below the aircraft, you often find me driving round there in real life: Getting on course, proberly my favourite shot of the set: Traffic, not far now: A little close to comfort?: Preparing for landing: Gatwick in sight: Great profile on this craft as we get ever closer: From below: Gareth obviously took this one during a filming session :dance: : Over the fence: 20..Retard..typical Airbus call out: Slowing down: Taxing in: Check out the butt on her: Top down on the narrowish taxiway: From the VC looking across at the terminal: Pier 6 in view: Fits under comfortably: Parked up at the terminal: Final shot of the set you can also see the birthday of this aircraft on the nose "2005": Thats all folks, the trip was a walk in the park for the A346 as she was built for the loooong haul. Hope I didnt bore with the amount of shots
  10. JPS

    Summer Hols

    Got to love the A330 shes one of my favourite aircraft, have a great holiday :dance:
  11. Ohh my I have seen some screenshots in my time and I've commented on them saying they are the best I've seen, but you've certainly blown them out of the water. The detail on that birds livery is outstanding, just goes to show how far flight simulation has come in recent times Thanks for sharing these I look forward to more in the near future. Also is the TWA traffic payware? them 757 and 727 looks rather like Captain sims creation did you use FSRecorder to achieve this effect? looks lovely :dance: @ Keiron: I don't mean to be rude so forgive me however surely these shots deserve more credit then "great screenshot"?
  12. Not bad thoough simi considering its the first game I managed to score 19 points. Once the games come rolling in Im sure the points will soon mount up
  13. Thanks for putting these up Edward, I enjoyed the flight very much and the shots are brilliant. I look forward to some more online air time :smile: and by the way folks that isnt a problem with FS my 152 was really pink :biggrin:
  14. Sounds like a plan, well in that case I think that Mutley field would be an ideal starting position and I also know that there is a demo scenery for the airport so it should be rather good if all goes to order :smile:
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