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Found 48 results

  1. Just got Aerosoft "Nice X Côte d‘Azur" the other day and had a little play around with it over the weekend. Looks very "Nice" me thinks . Blasting off from Nice airport in the Do-27, (it's best plane I have for viewing new scenery ) About 10 miles inland from the airport, That's the French/Italian Alps in the distance. Playing around with AES and the E-175. Playing around some more, just added the AirFrance "Nice" airport textures to AES Some AI Traffic that I spotted high over the Alps, Cheer's...Graham...
  2. Easter sales action starts on Monday! Friday, 30.03.2012 The Easter bunny hopped a bit depressed through our offices today. He’s not in a good mood because of the bad weather forecast in Germany for next week. As we are nice people, we want to help him out to hide his Easter eggs from Monday, 2. April 2012 till 10. April 2012. We will hide daily one Easter egg on our FS-, Train- and Simulation4u web page. With a click on the Easter egg you’ll discover every day another special offer with great discounts! So don’t be sad if the sun doesn’t shine next week, use the time to search for Easter eggs! http://aerosoft.com
  3. I've recently installed Aerosoft's Huey-X and have been having some fun. In particular with landing on one skid: Yep, you're right - the turbine is OFF and we're balancing on the one skid. In the above, the PIC is hoping to retrieve the situation when his co-pilot makes his exit... Cheers - Dai. P.S. And, No, this doesn't happen with the Dodo-Sim 206B.
  4. From Aerosoft.. This weekend we are offering special products for special prices! All VFR sceneries will be reduced by 20%. So jump in your plane for a sightseeing tour to enjoy the beautiful scenery now that spring is just around the corner. Our offer includes the German Airfields series, the VFR Germany series as well as a selection of aircraft from our box- and download shop. The offer will continue through to Monday, 5th March 2012. Link
  5. Anyone following Tim Arnot's fantastic Antarctic adventures here in our forums will be familiar with this scenery. Just published is Tim's overall appraisal of this product, see if it lives up to his expectations here
  6. http://www.aerosoft....hop.cgi?show440 just have a look, valid through Feb.20.2012
  7. Serious winter weather got a cold grip on North Western Europe, the home base of most of our customers. While some people love the snow and ice, our average customer rather sits in front of his gaming rig and likes his winter digital. So we decided to discount some of the coldest scenery products such as Antarctica X, Iceland, Oslo Gardamoen and Aspen X with -20% because the lowest temperature at our airport Paderborn was -20 degrees. The offer is valid from today till Monday, 13.02.2012. We’ll do warm locations next weekend, so stay tuned!
  8. Prepar3D might be a new name to many flightsimmers. It’s a special version of FSX developed by Lockheed Martin and intended for professional customers but is available for everybody. This special version is updated regular, has some more functions, is a bit faster, has a far better interface is almost totally compatible with FSX. To buy a full license will cost you $495 but a monthly license is just $9.95. We like it and we are making many of our products compatible. If you own the FSX version of these products you can get the Prepar3D version for free (and vice versa). We just added Egelsbach to this selection. German Airports 3 - Paderborn/Lippstadt X(FSX+FS2004+Prepar3D) Visit the home base airport of Aerosoft and location of the German Flight Simulation Conference in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004. The airport Paderborn/Lippstadt has been developed using the latest FSX technologies and therefore comes in an extreme... Frankfurt-Egelsbach X(FSX+Prepar3D) The airport of Frankfurt-Egelsbach is located in the economic region of the Rhine-Main area right in the center of the triangle of the cities Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt and Offenbach and in the direct neighborhood of the international airport of Frankfurt... Corfu X (FSX+Prepar3D) Located in the Ionian Sea and not far from Italy, the island of Corfu has been a favorite holiday destination ever since air travel got cheap enough for the masses. Of course, as the rest of Greece, it has a long, often bloody and very rich history that is... Bronco X (FSX+Prepar3D) Almost all aircraft designed for a COIN (counter-insurgency) are great fun to fly. They have to be sturdy and have loads of power to get out of trouble and they also got to agile and easy to fly low to the ground. So they all are the opposite of airliners... More here
  9. Our latest review is Aerosoft's Corfu X for FSX. Having spent several weeks travelling around the island I have reported my thoughts here I hope you enjoy reading it.
  10. From Mathijs at Aerosoft: Aerosoft has been pleasantly surprised about the demand from customers for an X-Plane 10 that includes some of the work we are doing internally. So we have decided to create an intermediate limited edition and to deliver that to customers before Christmas. It will not be a full production run and we’ll only have limited supply so if you like this version make sure you order as soon as possible. Part of the production will be shipped to our retail partners so you might see it in the shops as well. With several versions of X-Plane 10 it might sound a bit complex but it really is not. Let us explain: * Released early December: X-Plane 10 directly by Laminar Research * Release before Christmas: X-Plane 10: US Community Edition by Aerosoft. This will be the complete X-Plane 10, fully updated, enhanced with three high detailed European airports (Nice,Paderborn and Faro), three medium density airports and some more low density airports. This version will be in English and German and will come in a deluxe metal box. The price for this version will be € 69.95 (inc VAT) and can be ordered from our online store. If you wonder, we call this the US Community because the demand came mostly from that side. * Release early next year: X-Plane 10: Global Edition. This will be the complete release by Laminar research and Aerosoft that includes all what is in the US Community Edition plus all the other stuff we can add before that time. * After this release all will be merged into one version and the content we add will be included into the version shipped by Laminar Research. From that moment on there will only be one version of X-Plane 10. At that moment all registered users will have free access to all the content we will add using the standard update functionality of X-Plane
  11. A light-hearted movie starring Microsoft FSX, Aerosoft Corfu X and iFly 737NG. Environment by REX HD. Voices by Radar Contact. Code share flight, Thomas Cook using Thomsonfly ;-) Shot with FRAPS and Sony Vegas Enjoy!
  12. It seems like we've been waiting an eternity for this one, but Antarctica X is almost here http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/50034-antartica-final-preview/
  13. The "Official" preview thread for Aerosoft's version on X-Plane is here There's quite a few interesting comments from Mathijs throughout the topic and well worth a read.
  14. Aerosoft will be the official X-Plane distributors for X-Plane in Europe and here is their introduction. X-Plane 10 is the latest version of a nearly 20 year series of high realistic simulators. At its core is a virtual wind tunnel that creates the most realistic flight modeling available on a desktop. As all versions before it is an incredible flexible and extendable simulator. With thousands of compatible add-on`s there is no kind of flying craft that is not simulated and a whole world to explore. X-Plane 10 features a totally new scenery engine for all three platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) that include a uniform lighting system that lights a ‘plausible world’. This plausible world is a new style of virtual landscape that revolutionizes simulation. Created from many real world databases you will see almost all roads and build up areas exactly as they are around you. The version sold by Aerosoft is a special European version that includes some additional scenery. We included high detail scenery for Nice (LFMN), Paderborn-Lippstadt (EDLP) and Faro (LPFR) and have added many buildings to London-Heathrow (EGLL), Paris Orly (LFPO), Frankfurt (EDDF) and Zurich (LSZH). The default Autogen scenery is also slightly adapted to give a better impression of European landscapes. Additionally many of the Mega Airport products will be available at a reduced for owners of the FS2004 or FSX versions. Of course the version bought from us will be the latest version that includes all updates that will be available at the moment of shipping and will include a printed manual, 8 double layer DVD’s and a luxury metal box. We will also be shipping a version on hard disk in 2012 but the current shortage of affordable hard disks has put that project on hold for the moment. X-Plane will be available early next year from Aerosoft.com.
  15. Until Monday 21st November grab 40% off Wilco products from the Airbus to the Harrier, sorry credit card, more work this weekend!
  16. We have just released a brand new version of Madeira X! (V1.2) The scenery has been completely overhauled and now offers new technical highlights and an optimized display of details and performance. The approach lights including the lead-in lighting system is now brighter, more realistic and implemented as 3D object. AES-Lite includes animated vehicle traffic on and around the airport for more realism. As always, customers can download the full version for FSX from their customer account. The separate update is available from our support data base If you do not already own Madeira X then it can pe purchased here
  17. In the next few days bloodthirsty vampires, hungry werewolfs and evil witches lurk in front of your door cause on 31st October it’s Halloween! Who tremble with fear right now should rather sit down in front of the PC, relax, admire the view out of the plane in Flight Simulator and take advantage of our spooookey weekend-offer. From today on till Tuesday, 1st November we reduce hardware from Saitek, GoFlight, CH Products, Natural Point and Thrustmaster by 20%! This should be reason enough to spend the next days completely without ghosts! More here
  18. From Mathijs Kok: Aerosoft has revealed the Airbus A320NEO, to be part of the upcoming Airbus X version 2 for FSX. When akes about availability and discounts for present V1 users he replied More here
  19. A few shots whilst testing the control inputs into FSX which went haywire yesterday. I am pleased to annouce normal service has been resumed! Review in progess. Thanks for looking
  20. From Aerosoft: We just uploaded a full new build and an 1.00 to 1.10 update of Corfu X. This new build solves the performance issue seen on some systems and solves a few tiny bugs. So far nothing special but we also added an installer that will install Corfu X into Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D version of our trusty old simulator. If you buy (or own) Corfu X you get this version without additional cost. This Prepar3D add-on is made to see if customers like it and if we run into unexpected problems. We do not support this simulator the way we normally do. Installing it works exactly the same as the FSX version. Please report in the forum about any issues you find!
  21. In 1991 some fool started a company called Aerosoft. He had the strange idea that selling add-ons for Flight Simulator would be a good idea. Twenty years later Aerosoft has grown to a much larger company. In total we have 40 people and numerous partners involved creating the simulations and add-ons you like! For our staff and friends we got a big party planned, but as customers made Aerosoft what it is now we also want to think of them. We’ll do so by offering 20% discount on all products* (*read "more") for one week (September 30th - October 7th). On behalf of everybody at Aerosoft, thanks! Note: The offer doesn't contain: books, calendars, FlyTampa products, Carenado, VStep, Feelthere, Aerostudios, Aerofly, Saitek, Elite, VRinsight, Jöllenbeck GmbH, Ikarus Modellsport, Elementbuch.de, NBG Multimedia EDV, P.I. Engineering, ProTrain, ProTrain 2
  22. Today, Aerosoft release the download version of CorfuX Located in the Ionian Sea and not far from Italy, the island of Corfu has been a favorite holiday destination ever since air travel got cheap enough for the masses. Of course, as the rest of Greece, it has a long, often bloody and very rich history that is clearly visible all over the island. Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport is a typical holiday airport. Off season it’s quiet with just a few flights every day while in the holiday season (and certainly on Monday and Friday) the airport is running at full capacity. The runway is built in a small bay and the approach from the south is spectacular as some of the best known landmarks are only a few hundred meters away. Though weather conditions are seldom a problem, wind can be an issue as it flows around and over the mountains that are close to the airport. In high summer turbulence can be severe close to the ground. As the runway has no ILS, all approaches are visual and certain the VOR DME NDB approach to runway 35 is not easy. LiVEinFSX modeled this airport using the latest insights in scenery design. But what makes this a special project is not the technology but the keen eye for detail and obvious love for the Greek islands that is clearly visible. If you never bought an add-on for FSX this is a great one to start with! Photo real texture (0.5-1.0m resolution) for whole Corfu Island Custom terrain mesh for the whole island Photo-realistic Scenery covering the main and the old town and both ends of the approach path. Fully custom 3D airport with all structures Custom HD ground textures with full FSX material properties (specular shine/water reflection) at airport Realistic approach lighting system Detailed rendition of Corfu’s famous landmarks on approach routes Advanced animations at the airport (flag/vehicle animations etc.) Detailed representation of old town and harbour 3D re-construction of the main ship port and rocky shores of the old town Very high framerates Extensive manual (available before purchase) Simple tool to configure the scenery More here
  23. Monday, 05.09.2011 FS2Crew will assist you with a complete air crew helping you handle complex aircraft while creating an ultra realistic environment. Reach out for a whole new level of reality in Flight Simulator and profit from our discount offer. ALL FS2Crew products have been reduced in price by 30% until the 30th Sept 2011. The best deal would surely be the FS2Crew Heavy Hitters Professional pack as it holds the 6 most popular FS2Crew versions with a total value of more than 160€, now available for an unbeatable price! More here
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