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  1. Yes, your favourite eggbeater, whirlybird or autogiro, in any situation, the more exciting the better! 3 entries per user, please choose your entries carefully as they cannot be changed once a vote has been cast against them. Please check out the rules here To all viewers whether you post an entry or not please help us by voting for a shots you like by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the entry. Have fun.
  2. Welcome to our new contest! Please read the new rules here, you can still enter three times but they must be in separate posts to enable our new scoring system to work. Also, you are no longer allowed to change your entries so be sure you are posting your favourite. This month's theme is touch and goes, any aircraft touching the hard/soft runway (So no splash downs!) The competition will run until the end of May, good luck all, if you have and questions about the new system please post in the Q&A topic here not in this contest post
  3. Ok Dodgy Alan, pull your pants up! For November we would like to see any shot from flight sim that shows the moon. Usual rules apply, competition closes Nov 30th 2013 @ 23:59 UTC Good luck!
  4. Now the Autumn has reached the northern hemisphere, it would be nice to see images with golden trees and or sunsets just so long as it feels Autumnal! Usual rules apply, contest closes 23:59 GMT 31st October 2013 good luck!
  5. Thanks to Jan Kees who suggested this topic quite a while ago. For this months competition we would like to see more than one aircraft flying in the picture. This can be achieved by using the freeware FS2004 and FSX app FS Recorder to record a flight then replay and fly in formation. Quite a task so the winner will be well deserving this month! Competition closes 23:59 UTC Sept 30 2013
  6. For sizzling August I would like to see some sizzling shots of low flying through valleys. No aircraft limitations, just some great action shots please! Competition ends 23:59 BST 31/08/2013 For anyone unfamiliar with the rules they can be found here Good luck.
  7. Time to dust off your Soviet collection! Any Soviet designed civil aircraft in any situation. The more dramatic the shot the higher it will be judged Good luck everyone the usual rules apply and the contest finishes 23:59 UTC 31st July 2013
  8. Due to vacations in the office we will be running this competition over 2 months, the end date will be 30/06/2013. The good news is that we will have 3 prizes to give away! So for this competition we take our caption competition into comedy award mode, we would like to see your shots taken in flight sim, they can be edited to add the punch line or caption, if you do not have a photo editor such as paint.net or Paint Shop Pro then just post the shot with a caption underneath. Normal rules apply, 3 maximum of 3 shots per member, good luck!
  9. No not the song from Fiddler On The Roof, but our latest screenshot competition. This month we would like to see those dreamy dawn and/or dust shots, any aircraft. Please familiarise yourself with the rules here if you are not a regular Good luck, the competition closed 23:59 BST April 30th.
  10. This month I would like to see shots from inside the cockpit. Composition and interesting angles may help, but remember, no editing! Please familiarise yourself with the rules here if you are not a regular Good luck, the competition closed 23:59 BST March 31st 2013.
  11. This month is a pretty open theme. I would like to see pictures of your most favourite simulated RW aircraft in any situation that it is designed for. (So no looping 747's ) The more interesting the shot, the more likely it is to win! Competition closes 23:59 UTC 28th Feb 2013. Good luck!
  12. This month's theme is flying through canyons and valleys, how low can you go! Please check out the rules here the competition ends 23:59 31st Jan 2013. Good luck!
  13. :wub: We've had the ugliest aircraft before, now it's the most beautiful (In your eyes). So what floats your boat, a classic oldie? A super slick fighter or dreamliner. Share your fantasies here!! Usual rules, 3 shots per member to be posted by 23:59 UTC 31st Dec 2012 Good luck all
  14. For November, get those dirty overalls on, pocket the oily rag and let's do some bush! So shots of bush type aircraft. Flying low, maybe over trees to land in a field somewhere? Please check out the rules, this contest closes 23:59 GMT Nov 30 2012. Good luck, Joe
  15. October's theme is Cold War being the years 1953–1962 as described by Wikipedia. I would like to see shots of what aircraft would be typical of those years, any type of aircraft. The competition ends 31st Oct 2012 23:59 UTC Good luck and please read the rules! http://forum.mutleys...-contest-rules/ PS, this site may help? http://www.militaryf...ar-aircraft.asp
  16. Thanks to Mr Dodgy-Alan for this idea. We would like shots of any aircraft that has three engines, jet or prop, military or civil. The competition closes 23:59 BST Sunday 30th Sept 2012, please check the rules before entering. Good luck!
  17. Yes it's summer(?) here in the northern hemisphere, holiday season and time to head for the beach. For this month, I would like to see coastal action, that could be flying along the coast in any aircraft, Air Sea Rescue, float- planes. Good luck, please make sure you are familiar with the rules this contest ends 23:59 UTC Friday 31st August 2012.
  18. Ok this month it's an open theme, we just want to see your favourite shots Usual rules apply, three goes, no major editing. Good luck everyone, I may even post a couple this month, shame I can't win! Closing date 23:59 UTC 31 July 2012
  19. In the UK, this weekend marks the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II What I would like to see here are pictures preferably of any aircraft that has been in the Queen's (Or King's flight) We will be generous and extend it to any Royal family in the world Good luck, please checkout the rules if you are no already familiar with them. The competition closes 12:00 UTC 30th June 2012.
  20. This month we're back to normal with no image-altering edits please! We would line to see pictures of aircraft in or breaking through cloud. Big, small, tube or prop even those things with rotors! Good luck, competition closes 23:59 UTC+1 Thurs 31st May 2012
  21. This month we would like to see shots that could have come from movies, they don't have to be aviation movies, Casablanca comes to mind amongst others. It could take the form of a movie poster, or just a standard screenshot format but please include what film the picture represents! The editing restriction has been lifted for this months competition with the exception that we don't want any real-world scenes or people edited in. Good luck, competition ends 23:59 BST Mon 30th April. Here's my example.
  22. For March we will be featuring anything connected in someway to France. Civil / Military aircraft allowed, it may just be the airline that is French, or maybe a bush pilot out in French Polynesia but please add a caption so we know what the French connection is! Good luck everyone, please check out the rules here, the competiton closes Sat March 31st 23:59 UTC
  23. Thanks to Marcel for the idea (Keep 'em coming everyone!) In this month's competition we would like to see aircraft with bad attitude! (And I don't mean plunging into the sea ) It could be a fighter, a meanly painted civilian aircraft, a cold-war Russian behemoth, anything with "an attitude". Good luck, competition ends 23:59 Feb 29 2012. Please take note of the rules here
  24. This month we would like shots of the DC-3 and / or variants C-47, C-53, R4D. Any situation but the more unusual the better, please take note of the rules the competition ends 23:59 31st Jan 2012. Good luck
  25. Tis the season to be jolly!........ This month the prize will be awarded to the best Christmas Card as decided by public vote. Send your seasons greetings to all our members! Special rules for this one contest only: * Only one entry per member * Edits allowed * Must be aviation orientated in some way * Your entry can be changed at any time up until the end of the contest. Have fun everyone and get those creative juices flowing! Here's mine to you all! Competition ends 23:59 GMT Sat 31st Dec 2011
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