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  1. It's that time of year again in the Northern Hemisphere when the winds blow, rains fall and snow is on the way. (Sounds like the summer we just had!) Any how! this month I would like to see shots of rough weather that really you shouldn't be out in! Good luck with your entries, please familiarise yourself with the rules posted here and a reminder that this competition ends 23:59 Wed 30th November 2011
  2. For October I am looking for your best shot from the de havilland stable. For clarity, any dh aircraft listed on the following page http://en.wikipedia....land_aircraft��so unfortunately rules out de Havilland Canada aircraft (We will run that contest another day!) So hopefully you have something that fits the bill? Good luck, please make yourself aware of the rules here Closing date is Monday 31st October 23:59 GMT
  3. Hopefully this month's theme should be easy?! Please post shots(s) if your favourite aircraft, the aircraft can be different throughout your allowed 3 entries if you find it difficult just to choose one aircraft. Good luck and please take note of the rules which are pinned in another post here The contest ends at 23:59 BST Fri 30th September 2011.
  4. This month we are using another one our members suggestions, thanks Csoul The idea is to use any aircraft that fits into the following three categories: Night Fighters, Stealth, and Special Ops. However, the choice of aircraft can be quite broad, as long as its can operate at night, and is part of the shadowy special ops/surveillance/night fighter world. So, for example, you could have the MH-53 Pave Low, the SR-71, Predator UAV, the F-23 Black Widow, the Mosquito and Beaufighter Night Fighter variants, etc. This competition runs until 23:59 BST 31st August 2011. Cgood luck and please che
  5. A pretty open theme, being that July 4 is upon us, let's celebrate Uncle Sam's contribution to aviation. Let your imagination fly! This contest finishes 23:59 31st July BST 2011 Good luck all, don't forget 3 shots per member and this time around no edits. Cheers, Joe
  6. Hi, wow, we are in June already, phew! This month, we would like to see dramatic shots, we will allow some editing (so long as it is not over the top) so you can get the impact you desire, it can be a near miss, a gob-smacking sunset, stunning scenery or an impossible manoeuvre. This is only limited by your imagination. The base shot must be from flight sim, we are really looking for a stunning image based on flight sim. Good luck all, the closing date is 30th June 23:59 BST. Cheers Mut
  7. ..And I don't mean like mine! Any aircraft, military or civil, jet or prop, Passenger or cargo, I don't mind so long as she is a big one! Please take note of the rules Here The competition closes 23:59 BST, Tuesday May 31st 2011 Good luck to all! Joe
  8. Getting into the theme of our Easter Bunny Rally, this month we would like to see any single or twin prop GA aircraft in any situation. Please take note of the rules, closing time / date = 23:59 BST April 30th 2011. Good luck, March Winner up soon!
  9. How low and slow can you go! This month we would like to see low and slow fly-pasts with a high nose-up attitude. You've seen the thing at airshows, an F18 flying at an impossibly low speed with nose at 45%. Low and slow Airbus or Boeing or maybe a bi-plane upside down? No matter what so long as it is close to the ground and near stall speed. Good luck, the contest finishes at 23:59 BST March 31st 2011 Please check out the rules before posting.
  10. February Theme: Best of British, any aircraft so long as its born in the UK Thanks to Dodgy Alan for this idea
  11. What we would like to see is your interpretation of an iconic aircraft. It could be for example, the Wright Brothers Flyer, or the B52 Buff or perhaps Boeing's Jumbo Jet! If you want to make a poster type image then we will allow editing to allow your creative juices to run wild! So fairly open then, we're looking forward to your shots, the competition ends midnight Mon 31st Jan 2011. Don't forget to check the general rules here three post per member! Good luck
  12. This month I would like to see humorous shots with captions. They can be edited to add the punch line or caption, if you do not have a photo editor such as paint.net or Paint Shop Pro then just post the shot with a caption underneath. The competition ends at midnight Nov 30th 2010. Good luck to you al land please checkout the Rules before posting. Cheers, Mut
  13. Please vote for your favourite shot, the voting closes Saturday night GMT The finalists (In no particular order) are- 1 - Air Force One lands on the Scilly Isles (or in this case The SILLY Isles !) 2 - Four days after the UFO Crash Site was found.... 3 - After years of tweaking I think I finally got FSX running to perfection!!! 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - Airline food has serious side effects ! 9 - 10 -
  14. Sorry for the late arrival of this months theme. We would like to see screenshots of any seaplane, large or small, military or civilian! The closing date is Sun 31st Oct 23:59 GMT Please see the rules Here
  15. With Sept being the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, it's a fitting time to be our contest subject. So any aircraft, fighter or bomber, German or British, that would have seen action in 1940. The contest ends Sept 30th 23:59 BST Good luck one and all, looking forward to your entries. Rules
  16. I thought this month we would take our subject from a suggestion from last months winner CSoul. "Breaking the rules" So, if there's something crazy you want to try make sure you take a screenshot of it and post here. Don't forget, no edits except for re-sizing and autograph. Good luck one and all, please make sure you check out the rules before entering, the closing date is Tue Aug 31 23:59 BST (UTC+1)
  17. Thanks everyone for your fantastic entries they all deserve a prize! I have short-listed the competition entries to the 3 below, I cannot choose between them so please vote for your favourite. The vote ends on Sunday, you can only vote for one but you can change your mind at any time before the end. Cheers, Joe Picture 1 CSoul with his Space Shuttle making a low pass Picture 2 Pic1 Mike H. Bandits 11 o'clock Low Just another day clearing seagulls from the runway,before we go into battle. Picture 3 ManuelL 747F grabbing a quick bite
  18. The subject for July is Buzzin' In the Bushes, any bushpilot type shot, anywhere in the world. I will leave it to your interpretation of bush flying as there plenty of references on the web This competition ends 23:59 Sat 31 July 2010. Thanks to Jack for the topic this month Good luck and please take note of the Rules
  19. This month I would like to see shots which feature the cockpit, a VC shot looking out on approach, banking, looping or totally internal, it's up to you. (It doesn't have to be a VC shot btw) The closing date is Wed June 30 2010 23:59 BST (UTC+1) Good luck and please take note of the Rules
  20. This months theme (thanks to Jack) is show off your colours. We are looking for amazing liveries both civil and military of any type of flying machine. Please note, the only livery not allowed is this one, Which has already won a competition for "Ugly Aircraft" won by Dodgy Alan last Dec Usual rules, which can be found Here Good luck with your entries,the competition closes 23:59 Mon 31st May UTC
  21. Aprils theme is Flying's Off! That's no aircraft, helicopters, microlights, gliders, jet-packs, flying-saucers, Santa - (You get the idea) in the shot at all. We are looking for shots of boats, cars, follow me cars, tugs, scenery, cities, buildings, landmarks etc. but must be from FS2004 or FSX. The rules can be found here http://forum.mutleys...php?f=44&t=3642 Good luck
  22. A much requested contest theme - Airbus. This means anything from the A3xx series and Airbus Military A400M. Give it your best shot, the more interesting a shot, the more likely is is to win!! Good luck
  23. April 1st brings us the 90th Anniversary of the RAF. To celebrate, Mutley's is running a screenshot contest with a super prize, a RAF polo shirt worth �25 from the RAF Collection details here - (Click on photo) Size is medium, non-negotiable as it has already landed at the Hangar ready for the competition winner. Everyone is welcome to enter, no mater where you live. Rules are simple, The subject must be a RAF aircraft new or old. Any sim, (edits allowed) or artwork. Must be original, your own work. Any size. Any number of entries. No edited real world photos. ** IMPORTANT - Pl
  24. This month, tailwheel aircraft are the flavour of the day! Cessna, Dizzie, just so long as the nose points to the sky whilst on the ground. The more unusual the better! This one finishes 23:59 GMT, Sunday 28th Feb 2010 Good luck.
  25. Our theme this month is crazy approaches (Lukla, Courcheval, Kai Tak, aircraft carriers etc...) Any type of aircraft. It could even be an extreme cross-wind landing or short field like Saba. (Thanks to Rob for the idea) Good luck one and all and please take note of the rules here! The closing date is 23:59 GMT Sunday, 31st January 2010. Good luck
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