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  1. For December, a fun theme. To please all those people who think a particular plane / helo is ugly, here is a chance to show us why! It can be any aircraft new/old/experimental of your choice so long as your shot is from flight sim, not digitally enhanced and hideous! I will post a shot near the end of the competition although it will not be eligible as I have my "favourite" too The competition ends 23:59 Thursday 31st Dec 2009 but don't expect a result until well into the new year! Good luck one and all and may I be the first to wish you seasons greetings!
  2. There's a lot of interest in freight hauling at the moment, so whilst we're all in the mood this months competition is "Cargo Operations" That's any aircraft large or small which can be seen to be in the business of delivering freight. The closing date is 23:59UTC on Monday 30th November 2009 Good luck, we're looking forward to your entries.
  3. October brings the winds and the rain and flight sim is no exception! This months competition theme is Stormy Weather, any aircraft, any angle (Doesn't have to be cockpit) please see below for example. Closing date is midnight (GMT) Saturday 31st October 2009. Good luck all
  4. As the subject says, something like the shot below with a shot over, under or including the wing of the aircraft you are flying. Good luck one and all, the competition finishes at 23:59 Wednesday 30th September 2009
  5. Its holiday season so this month's competition is Holiday destinations, wish you were here? Usual rules apply please see above. Please note I have increased the maximum width to 1280px, now we all have larger monitors. (Sorry to those who don't) Competition runs until midnight, Monday 31st August 2009. Here is an example of the new maximum size, a picture of French Polynesia! Good luck one and all.
  6. Thanks to Simi for this suggestion. I would like to see aircraft of the early 20th century, lets say pre-1920. It can be civil or military fixed wing or whatever so long as it is a tribute to our pioneering aviation past. Good luck, this is a toughy Cheers
  7. Hot on the tail of last month's competition comes June's blazing theme - "Give it your best shot!" The skies the limit! It's time to let your imagination run wild, shots only from a version of Microsoft Flight Simulator please. No external elements to be added to the picture except for a signature and for this time only, a caption if you are opting for a humorous post. So other than this the shot should not be edited outside the scope of the rules. Remember the size and file type restrictions. Get snapping and get choosing that prize you are going to win thanks to Just Flight!. Cheers
  8. Welcome to May's screenshot contest. The theme this month is Russian aircraft (Fixed wing) New/old/civil/mil be it a bear in the air like my example below or a spinning yak or landing Tupolev just so long as it is a Soviet fixed wing. Here's my take on it, please read the rules and good luck Closing date is May 31st 23:59 UTC. Cheers
  9. Welcome to the April screenshot contest. This months theme is aerobatic manoeuvres - Under bridges, Red Bull Air Race, etc Here is an example of one of my old shots. The shot can be any aircraft that is realistic in the situation you place it! So good luck one and all, please take time to read the rules. The closing date is 23:59 GMT Thursday, 30th April 2009. Cheers
  10. Invigorated by a few hours in a heli viewing the delights of Manhattan made me think what better a subject for this months competition! So all fixed wing fanatics head over to http://www.avsim.com or http://www.hovercontrol.com and pick yourself up a whirlybird and get snapping! The shot can be any time, any place, any situation so long as the main subject is a helicopter (as defined here http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Helicopter ) I guess tilt rotors are in too. So good luck one and all, please take time to read the rules as there were a few disqualifications last month The closing date is
  11. This month we are going with another popular subject for screenshots - Sunrise & Sunsets New entrants welcome and please take note of the rules, especially format and size restrictions. As ever minimal edits allowed with signatures but no borders please. Good luck everyone, here's my entry not a winner of course Closing date is 18:00 UTC Sat 28th February, 2009 Cheers
  12. Happy New Year! I am pleased to announce Just Flight will be continuing to sponsor our screen shot competition this year So let's kick her off with a subject that we can all enter, Take off or Landing This can be on tarmac, grass, snow, sea, lighthouse or carrier! Back to normal rules as posted above, the closing date will be 12:00 UTC Sat 31st January 2009. EDIT: Due to popular demand I have been asked if I can extend a day so the contest now ends 18:00 UTC Sunday Good luck one and all, don't forget, you have to be in it to win it!!
  13. Brrr! It's that time again for us in the Northern hemisphere! The theme for December is Winter Scenes... ...So that means any aircraft (No Santa shots please ) in any situation so long as it has a winter feel. Normal rules apply with one exception for this time only, you can edit the shot as you see fit but we still want it to be representative of what you see in flight sim. please see the top of this forum for the other rules which still apply Here's my chance to wish you all a great holiday season, I hope you have fun! Good luck everyone, the competition ends noon GMT on Wednes
  14. For this month we would like to see shots of more than one aircraft in the picture involving the use of AI (Without editing another in!) This can be formation flying with AI or plane spotting at airports like the example below just so long as the emphasis is on flying. Good luck everyone, the competition ends on Sunday 30 November 2008. Cheers PS don't forget to read the rules at the top of the forum!
  15. As in fighters, fighter/bombers and trainers, so long as it is military and not heavy As an example, the Hawk, best known for the Red Arrows but also as a trainer amongst other roles, this is a livery out of RAF Valley. Please, please read the rules, it is such a shame to lose great shots because they are too large or the wrong format etc. This one ends Friday 31st October, midnight GMT. Results on Saturday 1st November sometime. (I am out Friday evening at a party and will probably have a hangover Saturday!) Good luck, Mut
  16. This months competition theme is quite simply Boeing So that should should give you plenty of scope! From the The Boeing Model 1, also known as the B & W Seaplane.... To the 787 Dreamliner.... And not forgetting that Boeing are also the second-largest aerospace and defence contractor in the world so the F18 would not be out of place! I am looking for a shot of a Boeing aircraft new or old in any interesting situation. Don't forget this is a minimal edit allowed competition so don't get drawn into elaborate compositions This is my entry, a Boeing 221A Monomail but of course I am no
  17. Competition time again This month's theme is Lakes and Mountains this can be just lakes or mountains or both together! Any aircraft so long as it is in this situation. Please take note of the rules at the top of this forum and post you entries in this thread. Closing Date 31st August Good luck.
  18. I am pleased to announce our first sponsored screenshot contest courtesy of Just Flight Just Flight is the world's leading flight simulation specialist, publishing a wide variety of digital aviation products. Their range comprises a multitude of different titles, including stand alone flight simulations as well as add-ons for Microsoft�s multi-million selling Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator. Just Flight also has Just Trains, a specialist label devoted to stand alone train simulators as well as add-ons for the ever-popular Microsoft Train Simulator. A British company, based
  19. I would like to announce the first of a series of screenshot competitions as part of our RAF 90 year celebrations. The theme throughout will be in some way connected with the RAF. For the first contest I would like to see shots of of second world war RAF aircraft only. I will accept up to 3 entries per member, on this first competition only minor editing is allowed with a maximum width of 1024 pixels, The competition will run for 3 weeks closing on Saturday 9th February. The judge's decision (i.e mine will be final) Did I mention a prize? Oh yes! a mint collectors copy of the RAF 90 yea
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