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  1. Hello Lads (and a few Lasses), I received my new Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS unit yesterday. It is a vast improvement over the Logitech unit I have been using (especially since the Logitech is pretty worn out). I've been looking over the, almost non-existent, information that came with the thing. Before I get involved in a few days work trying to program it, I thought it wise to ask here, first, for any words of wisdom. Or, just in case someone at MH has gone through this routine and has a file they're willing to share. I can use it by programming the default FSX "Controls" and .cfg file,
  2. Hello Guys! I have a simple home cockpit of Airbus a320. I use 2 LeoBodnar input cards on FSUIPC, and everything works fine. Now I want some Outputs to improve my cockpit. I bought; 1 USB LCDcard and 1 USB Ouputs card from OpenCockpits. Also 1 40x2 and 1 8x2 LCD Displays from Ebay. I read the Revew "USB LCD Card from Jack Whaley-Baldwin", and it was very usefull to me. I am only confused about to get the display values from FSUIPC Offsets (on SIOC program), and have them on my EFIS/FCU. 8x2 LCD to QNH and 40x2 LCD to SPD, HDG, ALT, VS. Is there any special formula on SIO
  3. A long overdue PC upgrade is due very soon and I would really appreciate some not too technical advice from you wonderful folk. For the upgrade I have decided to go to a local independant PC shop who have given us excellent service over the years. I have taken the following spec from a commercial flight sim PC builder and given it to our supplier who gave me a better price. Processor 4.5GHz intel core i5 3570K Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V LX USB3 Video Card Ge Force GTX660 2GB Memory 8GB DDR3 RAM Optical drive 24X Sony DVD-RW Storage 1000GB Hard Disk
  4. Hi all, title says it all! I've got the text written out and it's autosaved in the forums so I can leave it and come back to it, but I'm a little late doing it (blame Santa ) But when I go to photobucket I can't remember which link to copy, then which button to press. I copied my text from Word, and for some reason I had to fiddle with HTML and BBCode and turn them both on then off again to get the text to appear (paste from word didn't seem to work), but I think the text is all normal now... Can anyone shed light on this? Thank you, hope you all had a great Christmas! George
  5. Since I got a throttle quadrant, I've been using mixture control as opposed to letting FSX handle it. Thing is, I'm not sure exactly how it's supposed to be used! If I took in anything from my old air cadet days of learning the principles of flight and propulsion, you have to lean the mixture as you gain altitude? If that's right... ...How do I know when I've got it set correctly? Until now I've just been using the engine note, with the intention of getting it sounding smooth as opposed to rough. Is that all there is to it? I know in turboprop aircraft the lever doesn't control mix
  6. Would someone please tell Brett that I have sent him a PM. Or is he still in S America clutching the baton? Thanks.
  7. I have a list of FSX controls that is supplied with FSUIPC. Its called 'List of FSX Controls.pdf' It is great for what it is, but...... What do these controls exactly do? For example, I am interested in adding buttons to a home made control unit that will allow me to realistically start up and shut down a four engine jet. I am looking at the processes i will need to start up an engine. What will I need? Fuel on. fuel pumps on, jet starter or something like that. Fuel on..... So I see:- FUEL_SELECTOR_2_ALL FUEL_SELECTOR_2_CENTER FUEL_SELECTOR_2_LEFT FUEL_SELECTO
  8. I have read so much stuff about this yet I am still at a loss as to what to do about it. I guess too much information addles the brain! Does anyone have an easy fix for slowing down traffic in FSX. Cars, boats etc to bring them to a more realistic "world" speed. I understand that everything is in the LWcfg.SPB file and to change it it must be changed to an XML. I am not the most computer savvy person in the world so I am looking for something easy and foolproof. Hoping someone out there has a quick and easy solution. Sure I like to drive faster than 100kph but in FSX 50kph would lo
  9. I have recently used Plan-G V3 to plan a flight from Alaska to Russia across the Bering Sea. I encountered a problem as I tried to plan my route. I was able to plot my route only so far as I reached the edge of the map. My next point, only fifty or so miles further west was on the other edge of the map. Instead of plotting a course for those 50 miles westward, a course was plotted eastward, back around the world to the point on the other edge of the map a distance of a full circumnavigation less 50 miles!. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it just not possible to plot a course across t
  10. Hi there OK, I'm biting! The half price offer on REX Xtreme with Overdrive has caught my attention.. problem is that it requires a minimum of 30GB of hard drive space. 30 GIGABYTES !! My set up is as follows: C Drive = 128GB SSD which has the OS, my docs, FSX routes etc. There is currently about 50GB of space left D Drive = 256GB SSD which has FSX all my scenery add ons and aircraft (currently) E Drive = 1TB HD which has my image backup for my PC and will soon have some of my aircraft on (I'm going to 'Move' them from the D drive to a 'hangar' which I have set up) F Drive - 160
  11. Yesterday I installed SweetFX and FlightFX having seen some great screenshots of this software. It quickly turned into a nightmare! Perhaps fitting for Halloween, but somehow I wasn't in the mood! The nightmare began when I ran FSX for the first time after installing this software. I usually get 23 frames per second having set the limiter to 25 FPS. With SweetFX and FlightFX installed the highest rate I was getting was 0.7 FPS. Yes that is naught point seven Frames per second to spell it out. The only way I could cure it was a complete uninstall. Has anyone else had such probl
  12. Does anybody know it it is possible to by spare Saitek Pro flight panel mounts? If so, where I can get a couple of them from? Thanks guys! J.
  13. Most of you probably know that I produce FS-specific airport diagrams, available in the File Library here at Mutley's Hangar - there are almost 2,200 of them now. You may not know that I use all sorts of sources for lists of airports to diagram, but I also agonize a bit over trying to make them as useful to flight simmers as possible. To that end, perhaps you MH flyers could help me out by posting here where you fly. Any time you make a "structured" FS flight, i.e. one that originates and terminates at an airport, just pop a quick one-liner post into this thread with the airport IC
  14. I have many aircraft installed in FSX, so many now that I want to manage them efficiently. The average install usually includes a bunch of paint schemes I don't want, and some interesting and irritating variations on data that need ironing out. For example, under manufacture, I have some aircraft that appear with their original manufacture (e.g. Avro) and some with the sim manufacture (e.g. JustFlight). Even then I have some aircraft under JustFlight and some under JustFlight Ltd. What i would like is a tool that allows me to easily change these things, and to hide unwanted paint job
  15. This prog is driving me nuts. It wouldn't be so bad if it consistantly buggered me about but it's doing it at random just to annoy the (insert expletive) out of me. Many times when I save a texture I've been working on..... it doesn't. It says it has but when I come to load it, it hasn't. Then I can go back an hour later or the next day, follow exactly the same routine and this time it will. I just can't figure out what's going on. Here's what I do to edit a texture.... 1 - Open it up in DXTBmp. 2 - Send it to editor. In my case, Paint.NET 3 - Add new layer 4 - Change layer properti
  16. Hi Mh'ers, Newbie to Plan G. I've tried to find the answer on the Plan G forum but have not been successful. Quick question: The "Perf. Speed" and "Perf. Fuel" fields in the Aircraft Profiles section are terms that I'm not familiar with. Could they be translated to "Endurance Speed (Vbe) and Endurance Fuel" in North America speak? Thanks
  17. I have, for a long time, been frustrated in my on-line flying. I have been a member of several VAs in my time and have always found them to be too restricting in the flying that I have been able to do with them. Either they are too restrictive in their routes, or their aircraft, or their location (most members are in a different time zone) or there has been some restriction on the activity than can be logged with the organisation. What I am looking for is a british based virtual organisation that allows you to fly connected to a server to log your hours, but has no other restrictions
  18. Hi everyone Just joined after someone on another forum recommended this forum as very friendly and knowledgeable. I am 63 and forcibly retired after a serious car crash 21 yrs ago. I love simming, and only discovered the joys of simming 1 year ago but because of my lack of coordination after my accident I have to use auto flight (ap) most of the time , I can just about manage a take-off to 1000ft and then it has to be a/p. Sure I would to fly VOR to VOR but I have to be realistic. The more modern the aircraft and navigational systems are the better for me. Questions: About 1 hour
  19. I am thinking of a PC upgrade with a budget of £1.000-£1,200 and am considering either Alpine, Chillblast or Wired2Fire. As I'm not a computer expert please don't suggest self builds. My preference is flying prop and jetliners so the sky is my usual habitat. Having said that I would also appreciate suggestions for both scenery/airport and WX add ons. Of course everyone has their own kit and bias and I expect a plethora of replies (hopefully) and opinions. I thank you all in advance and look forward to the deluge. Best, Geoff
  20. So I started the game bought my base, flew my first job no problem. Then I wanted to do a new flight from the delivery airport of the first job to another, but still started in my home base. Thought this was weird, started a whole new career loaded a first flight and still started fsx in the home base of the first career. Anyone know how to fix this, what am I doing wrong?
  21. Guys, I'm trying to solve this problem without success, to see in the figure that the top is normal Zoom in on my Eyefinity but what is below, see I can not even see the runway, already tried everything and zoom does not decrease, and 0.30 as is the default and only increases not decrease further. In normal mode on one monitor is right, but when I put in 3, is like this. If anyone can give a help to decrease as the field of view, thank you very much. Remember that in other games this does not happen then it can only be some setting in FSX
  22. Hi, I recently completed a flight from airfield location EG32 to X4PE. However, Air Hauler wont recognize that i have completed the flight and therefore, wont let me off load my cargo. I've looked into this, and, as far as i cant tell, X4PE shares the same location as airfield EG3N (all 3 airfields are based in Shotton UK). When i go to the unload screen it shows EG3N as my location and wont let me unload my cargo. How can i change this? Thanks Regards, Waqaas
  23. I run 5 screen in my FSX set up. They consist of 3 screens run from a display port through a triple head and 2 screens run from a DVI port through a dual head. My main display is the tripple head setup and I use the dual head to feed 2 screens below side by side for instruments etc. My problem is that with some models when I open up a window (Say the GPS) and drag it to the 2 screen display all is fine. However, with some models, the GPS will display in a window just fine on the triple screen, but when I drag it to the double screen I end up with a windowed black box. The instrument
  24. Hello, This may be a stupid question, but I recently installed the FTX Tasmania demo because I wanted a glimpse of what orbx scenery looked like. I already have REX and when I went to the weather settings in free flight, it had replaced the REX option with a bunch of ORBX weather options. I start the flight and after a few seconds, REX updates as usual and it switches back to REX weather. Is it normal for ORBX to replace the REX weather setting for its own settings? And if so, does it even matter because REX seems to be working fine. Thanks
  25. Hello, I just installed REX essential+overdrive and everything works well in the REX interface. I changed the configuration to C:/Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X and created a custom texture pack and installed it. The trouble starts when I try to fly. I go to the main menu on REX and click "i just want to fly". FSX boots up and I go to free flight and choose my plane and location. When I click "fly now" it works but has the regular fsx textures. There is a green bar at the top that says REX is trying to load weather data but then an error message pops up in
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