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  1. Hey all fellow flight simmers, first i would like to thank those who tried to help me with my FSX volume issue: Turns out the drivers needed to be updated. (Up I am a dumb ass) I run a i5-4960 GTX 960 8 RAM 1TB etc... With FSX STEAM EDITION, Airbus x, REX 4 TD, Ezdok 1.18 ( beta ), and several airport and other little addons. Now recently ( after I uptaded my drivers ) and before that had some issues with FSX, controller disconnecting or crashing here and their.. But now I will be setting up the airbus for a flight, and it will crash... Now I realize that FSX and wi
  2. I tried Steam version recently but with a slow and dodgy internet connection that wasn't a go-er. That's all been removed and I'm back with a fresh install of vanilla FSX. My problem is one of suffering from frequent freezes whether I'm working with Missions or Free Flight. My settings are trimmed back to 35fps, my video card is up to date, my tweaks are limited to a couple in the cfg file. The game will run for around two to five minutes and then freeze for anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute and a half before getting underway again. Some freezes just don't release at all and
  3. I am looking at purchasing a King Air B200 for FSX. Do I go for the Flight 1 or the Carenado one? Any advice?
  4. Followed the installation exactly as specified. Getting an error message :Plan-G3 has stopped working and needs to close" I did D/L the correct version. System specs are as follows: Win7 Intel Core i5 @ 3.40GHz 16.0G RAM 64-bit OS FSUIPC This is puzzling me. Any help is appreciated. TIA!! Dennis
  5. I have started a brand new FSX install on a new PC and cant seem to do the following: Have the start resolution set to 1920 x 1080 - it always starts at 1280 x 720. Have the start anti-aliasing setting on and set to anisotropic - it always starta with anti-aliasing off and the dropdown box on the topmost value of bilinear. Finally, FSX always starts up full screen, I cant seem to get it to start in windowed mode. Any help on sorting out these issues would be great, I am not adverse to making changes to config files. Thanks
  6. Has anyone tried or got the Flight 1 Su-27 Flanker B? If so, please can you let me know your thoughts on it and if it is any good? I must admit that I love the Flanker and I have the Bear Studios Su-30. TIA. Martin
  7. Gee....I gave up on trying to fix FSX as it did not work, but thanks to all you kind people who tried to help. Sooooo...my next question is... I am doing a new reinstall of FSX. What files do I need to back up in case they get corrupted...? TIA Martin
  8. I have had FSX since shortly after it came out. I wish to make it clear that I am not an expert in computers....indeed at work I was known for being inept on computers , so please bear this in mind when replying. I have lost count of the number of time that I have reinstalled FSX and am getting frustrated. I am hoping that one of you good folk can help. FSX has crashed yet again, and while the title screen opens, it fails to load up. When I press ctrl,alt + del, it says that FSX is not responding. Looking at the info displayed, it seems as though the fsx.exe is not responding. My questi
  9. Hey, I am New Here My Name is Bryan but I prefer if you guys Call Me H0r1z0n, I am A flight Sim Enthusiast and Airplane Enthusiast I absolutely Love FSX,P3D and airplanes Except Steam FSX But Won't vet into that,I own a Demonstration Team for FSX Called the FSX Snowbirds don't be confused with the DCS Virtual Snowbirds we have no Ties with them right now we are inactive due to lack of Pilots I am Also A Live Streamer on Twitch @H0r1z0nFSX. I like Flying My Majestic Dash 8 q400 Pro Edition I like Most Carenado and Alabeo aircraft l absolutely love the PMDG 737NGX I love the Aerosoft Airbus X
  10. hi all can you help.i have gsx installed in fsx steam and the problem i am having is when i have gsx running staircases catering come and all is ok then when i reach my destination airport i get the follow me car then when i park at the gate and call for deboarding. all veichels turn up but when the stairs come the cab that brings the stairs is invisible so all as you see is stairs no cab i have gsx all updated anybody any idea what is causing it any help would be grate
  11. HI everyone I finally got around to installing the REX Essentials and Overdrive that I bought back at the end of 2013 (yes, I know... I managed to misplace the discs for a while!) I'm having some issues with it and I could really do with a bit of help. I did find a really handy YouTube video explaining about installation, which happened to be posted by one of the original Beta Testers for the Overdrive software, but I'm still not having much luck. I have installed the software from the 3 discs I was sent when I purchased it. At the end I am prompted to make sure I have run the inst
  12. Hi all As anybody from the forum updated the latest update from aerosoft as I have seen there is a problem with the pitch and trim in the update 1.31.its to do with Co pilot.aerosoft said they are working on it that was on 6th November and I am wondering if they have fixed it.as any body updated it in the last 2 days and have you had any problems with the pitch and trim or has it been solved
  13. Hi all Aerosoft have updated the airbus to version 1.31 but I want to no is how to uninstall the version I have now.do I go to programmes and uninstall there or do I go in to the aerosoft folder and use the uninstaller from there as I want to do it correct as they say use the applet what is that.can anyone help
  14. Urgh, where to start?! I downloaded p3dv3 yesterday, having only had fsx before. I redownloaded orbx ftx Base, vector and Europe open lc, all of which installed fine. Unfortunately I cannot seem to use the vector configurator tool as it only sees FSX, not P3dv3 (despite using the p3dv3 installer). I realised this to my detriment as I attempted to take off from Manchester EGCC, only to be a good 50ft below the runway...... Any ideas how to get the configurator working properly?
  15. Hello, I'm new to these forums, but not the site itself. I was looking at upgrading from fsx to P3d v3, but would have to inevitably upgrade my system. I was wondering what any if you would upgrade to give a better simming experience? My current rig is below, although I will be adding an SSD shortly. Cheers, Kieran Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i5 Quad Core Processor i5-4690 (3.5GHz) 6MB Cache Motherboard ASUS® H81M-PLUS: Micro-ATX, LG1150, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs Memory (RAM) 8GB KINGSTON HYPER-X FURY DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz (1 x 8GB) Graphics Card 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 - 2 x DVI, HDMI, - 3D
  16. I have been using Multi-Crew for at least six years. Please let me know of another program that works as well or better. Tom Johnson
  17. With a somewhat limited budget I want to replace my long serving 19" monitor. I've seen a BenQ GL2250HM LED TN monitor but I'd appreciate some advice from you knowledgable folk. My sim-ming is currently concentrated on FSX Steam. Thanks.
  18. Hello to one and all,can someone advise me please, as which of these Flight Sims will be best suited to my new PC. FSX Steam/Prepar3d/Xplane After talking with Alec from Chillblast here are the specs Cooler Master CM-690 III Advanced Dominator Case USB 3.0 Intel Core i7 5960X Haswell-E 8-Cored 3.50GHz Processor – Overclocked to 4.2GHz Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler Gigabyte GA-X99-Gaming 5 Intel X99 Motherboard 16GB Corsair/Crucial DDR4 2133MHz Memory Chillblast NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 4GB Graphics Card 1000GB Samsung 850 EVO Solid State Drive
  19. Hello! I have recently installed Prepar3d and Orbx England and Wales. And I must say, unfortunately, I am very disappointed. Lets start with an issue I think of as the least important. Anyone who lives here in Wales knows that the scenery is very vibrant and green. However Orbx's Wales scenery (and England) appears very dull, grey and generally a bad representation of Wales. If this is an issue and the beautiful screenshots on the Orbx website are not works of Photoshop please let me know how to fix it! Secondly, and by far the most important issue is the fact that the water is BRIGHT GREEN!
  20. hi all i need your help ,i have bought mega airport zurich v2 and installed it to fsx steam i have gone in to fsx and had a look in addon scenery but it is not showing but it is in fsx steam folder. when starting fsx it is not rebuilding the daterbase with the new scenery i have other addon airpiorts witch is uk 20000 no problem. anybody help me i have uninstalled as admin and still the same and reinstalled asnot admin and still the same not showing up in scenery.any help would be very grateful
  21. Hello all, newbie to Mutley's Hanger here. Flightstore did a roaring trade at Cosford and one of my 'bargains' there was the ESI Guernsey scenery DVD. Can't complain at the price but what I do have is a problem understanding what qualifies for ESI's idea of a fast machine to run the program on. In any scenery I have FPS typically around 35 or more (set at 60) no matter what aircraft I use. My rig is i7 on an SSD for FSX, and the scenery (not ORBX) is on another SSD. Graphics card is a EVGA 660Ti GTX. I'm thinking that's not a bad set up. However, If I have just one of the ESI Guernse
  22. Hi all Can any one tell me does the nav1 in the airbus make the jetways in the uk2000 airports move as I read that you have to use nav1 but it can be changed but the question were do I change it is it aircraft cfg or uk2000 manchester cfg need some help if possible
  23. Hi all I have bought uk2000 manchester airport.I would like to ask is how do you get the jetways to move.I have had alook in the forum and it says to use nav1 or change it but we're do you change it and is nav1 in the aircraft as I am using the aerosoft airbus any help would be appreciated
  24. Hi all I have done a flight from eidw to egcc the problem I am having is when I decent to the airport at what is says on the charts witch is 3500 when it says localised alive I then hit the approach button it just carry on at 3500 and no autoload any ideas were I am going wrong or is it a bug in the aircraft.
  25. Hi all I would like to ask you a question.I planned a flight in pfpx from egjj to egcc.pfpx gave me the info etc when I did the performance with topcat calculated but would not give me the calculation because the wind was above 15knotts.as anybody any idea why this is.is it because egjj is a small airport.please any answers would be appreciated
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