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  1. I just bought the EE lightning f.6 from aerosoft and would love some bruntingthorpe scenery to go with them. If anyone knows of any other than the ones in the UK VFR airfields packs then that would be amazing Thanks Callum
  2. Hi all Can you tell me if xtreme airports vol 3 works on fsx steam edition or is it just for the boxed version of fsx Any help would be grateful
  3. hello to one and all, i am new to FSX although i have played around on it,now i am retired and have more time, can someone advice on a list of ad-dons, my PC was purchased form a guy at work who was emigrating and he had built it himself, its old but i got it for £300 with a Ben q screen and Logitech G15 keyboard its a Windows 7 64 bit Intel i5 760@2.80ghz and a Radeon HD 5800 ram 8gb graphic card. mother board ms 7583 it came with a 64gb ssd but i have put a Samsung ssd 250 drive in i have the boxed FSX installed also Just-flights VFR real photo scenery England and Wales i got a free dow
  4. hi all can some one help me.i have downloaded uk2000 airports free version witch is ok but the jetways when press control j the jet way gets half way to the airbus then the wheels sink in to the ground does anybody no how to solve the problem.i have fsx steam thanks
  5. Hi all I would like to ask you all if uk2000 airports work with fsx steam edition as I am looking to buy some uk airports.also what uk airports would you recommend payware and we're from
  6. Hi all I have got navigraph charts what I want to no is were is the desition height on the charts and what cat is the airbus 320 At the bottom of the charts I has a b c d then cat 1 cat 11 cat 111 is the airbus a b c d
  7. Hi all I have bought the airbus 320/321.The problem I am having is that when I start a flight it's OK then half in th my flight the airbus gains speed and altitude with auto pilot on so I switch it off and back on again but no luck any help would be grateful
  8. I've just installed this little app on my iPAd 3. It works fine but I am puzzled. When ordered to intercept a bearing, does that mean I simply have to overfly the station itself without having to intercept the bearing at some point BEFORE arriving at the station? And can anyone tell me why, when I adjust the heading on my HSI by adjusting the OBS, why my aircraft's icon heading on the map doesn't alter at all? Strewth!
  9. Hi all I seem to be having a problem with active sky next.i purchased the airbus 320/321 from aerosoft.when I fly from any airport in the UK it's OK then about 10 min in to the flight the airbus started to gain speed and also started to increase in altitude even thought autopilot was on.so what I did was closes the sim down and then restarted the sim but not with active sky weather engine instead with the rex weather engine turned back on so only rex and no active sky did the same and no problems from rex anybody had the same problemm
  10. I have just downloaded GMAX but I cant register it. There is a link to get a registration code in the startup screen of the installed program. I leads to a blank page. Can anyone help me get this registered.?
  11. I have found some FS9 scenery for Brooklands and Wisley and want to install it in my FSX/Orbix environment. Can this be done? Any help and advice would be good. JG
  12. Hi all I have bought pfpx and thinking of buying topcat to go with pfpx.i would like to no is i have just got the airbus 320/321 from aerosoft is the aircraft supported in topcat as it is surpported in pfpx any advice would be appreciated
  13. Working towards succeeding with that Instrument Checkride, is there a swift and easy way of deciding the type of entry into the Hold? In addition, how does one ensure that one's turns in the Hold are at a standard rate......or is that not important in that Checkride?
  14. Hi Guys, I am starting to have an issue now adding scenery (airports/fields) to my FSX Steam Edition. All was going well then last week I bought an ORBX addon, as usual I got the warning that the scenery.cfg could not be found but I was able to add via the in sim ADD menu. Now I am trying to do the same with UK2000 Bristol/Birmingham Extreme. It may be that I am missing something but when I try to add it tells me there is nothing there, I have loaded a picture. (the 2nd blue screen is my 7 inch tablet) I am nearly at the stage now where I fully uninstall all FSXSE and pay £40 for disc copy
  15. Hi all Question I would like to ask.i am buying utx Europe plus airbus would my system cope with it I am running fsx steam edition.my set up is 2tb hard drive 12gb ram 2gb radeon r9 graphics card any advice would be appreciated
  16. Hi all I am purchasing the airbus 320/321 tomorrow.What I would like to ask is when I purchase the airbus do you have install the latest hot fix witch is f or does that come with it.any advice would be helpful
  17. As I am now getting into enjoying ILS approaches, is there a list of UK airports that shows their ILS frequncies? Merci.
  18. I'm working my way through the Missions and Lessons within FSX and the Acceleration Pack. If I were to install FSX Steam would they still be available AND as I do have boxed versions of the DCS A-10 and the Black Shark, if I download DCS via Steam can I then install those two aircraft from my boxed versions?
  19. Hi guy`s Glad to be with you all............How do I copy and paste from Froogle forums into Mutley`s Hanger............? Regards Brian.
  20. I have very little knowledge of flight sims. I would like to put together a good system, but don't know where to start. I see lots of software out there, all calming to be the most realistic. Could any one help me get started?
  21. On my FS PC I have a standard keyboard and a small keypad. I want the keypad to start up with NumLock off. The default seems to be on. My PC has an MSI BIOS that has no NumLock setting in it and so I cant control it from there. I have tried changing the registry setting for InitialKeyboardIndicators to 0 but changing only has an effect on the main keyboard. Any other suggestions on how I can do this?
  22. Hi All, Some strange doings at QuikAire. I'm getting an "aircraft initialization (US spelling) failure" error message when I try to fly one of my AH aircraft. Doesn't happen with AI pilots, only the owner. Maybe they're trying to tell me something. I recently copied my AH backup files (ahx.mdb, user_details.mdb, and Quikaire-nnnnn.mdb) from my laptop over to my desktop in order to continue flying AH on the desktop after retiring the laptop. All seems to copy over with no issues - pilots and aircraft as well as finances copied without any apparent glitches. However, when I (the roya
  23. I run Active Sky and like what it does for FSX's weather with one exception: It seems that every time it rains (and that is a lot in England) I get a thunderstorm. In the UK we do have thunderstorms but actually they don't happen very often and so I would like to change the frequency of thunderstorms to, say, one storm in fifty. In the settings there is a sound Off/On setting, but at best that would give me lightning with no bangs. Anybody know if there is a work around for this?
  24. Hi all. Can anyone tell me where I can get the SDK for the Saitek instrument panels? I cant find it anywhere!! J
  25. I have tried installing this 4 times and get the error message each time. I have built a new computer with all of the bells and whistles just to run my FSX and now cannot get it loaded. OS is windows 7 64 bit with ie7 4790 processor, 16g ram, Samsung 1tb sata drive, nividia evga gtx 780, mob is gigabyte Z97X, LG cd/dvd reader. Would appreciate any help. All of my research covers everything you can think of. Changing registry files to purchasing a new dvd reader.
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