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  1. I am trying to build a paint kit for an aircraft that has not got one. The aircraft has a mottled "skin" and I am trying to create a layered image with the various details in them. So far I have: Created a base layer of the overall colour. Extracted the easily selectable parts of the image to an otherwise transparency layer. Selected parts of the image that are obviously different by colour to a separate transparent layer. (Manual selection) What I need to do next is: To pull out details such as lines and rivets to a separate layer To pull out any camo colours - these are a diff
  2. I have just brought air hauler and am having some problems: 1.when ever i create a company and exit air hauler when ever i come back into the game it has the select company screen but there are no company's there 2.Even when i can get it to work i would load a job and fly to the destination but when i land i would hear a Constance ding and when i shut down the engine and tab into air hauler it will ask me to turn off the engine and wont let me unload the cargo plz help as i would like to get back in the air soon thanks
  3. I have had an issue with black aircraft in multiplayer sessions. This raises several questions: How do I nominate replacement aircraft if I don't have the correct aircraft installed? How to ensure that the textures show if i have the aircraft installed (which isn't happening always) ? Can I use AI aircraft for replacement aircraft? If I hide an aircraft paint FSX doesn't seem to see the textures for this aircraft. I use the livery manager in SimStarter to do the hiding. Any tips or tricks would be good J.
  4. I've been a little lax, for want of as better word, in updating my ORBX Sps.. I have Southern Alaska, Goodwood and California to add on,but there are quite a few service packs listed.. Question: how can I tell how many of the SPs I have already installed? I might have downloaded some SPs but just not installed them.. Is there a way to tell what I have and haven't done? I know that the .LIBS is accumulative, but the SPs don't appear to be. Answers on a postcard... Cheers all Minx
  5. My neighbour is an FS enthusiast like me. I sometime help him out with PC issues, but last night I came across an issue with Saitek drivers that had me stumped. This is it: His Saitek software, drivers and programming software had become corrupted. Access the programming software and the programming window would open but not show anything in it. effectively it was a blank frame of sorts. When I tried to un-install the Saitek software, looked for an uninstall program but there was none, so I attempted to uninstall from the control panel. There were two distinct programs in the contro
  6. Hi, many thanks to the members who helped me with my problem on wide screen viewing problems,now happily resolved. However as we are all aware something always crops up to spoil our flying enjoyment. My current problem is that when flying over the sea or some wide river scenery ,ghosting appears in the form of squares or rectangles in a lighter shade of colour making flying most unpleasant. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Fsx to no avail. So back to our very knowledgeable members your help. Look forward to reading your replies . Many thanks. Bert.
  7. Hello all! There is some great information on home cockpits in this forum... a lot of stuff to help me with my own build. I've been slowly collecting flight sim hardware over the past years to complete my enclosed 2-person GA cockpit and I'm 2 pieces shy of being done. After I get those two pieces, all that remains are buying the chairs and then the "fun" part of building the frame! I do need some help though... the last two pieces, while small and somewhat trivial, are things I'd like to have in the Sim, but I've had a really hard time finding someone who can build them. I myself do
  8. Hi. My name is Bert and I have a problem that is driving me nuts. I use windows 7 ,with the Matrox triplehead2go,3 Monitor system and no matter what I try I cannot zoom out further than .30 making it impossible to see the panels in the virtual cockpit. I have tried everything I have found on the net to no avail. Can anyone please help me in simple,easy to follow instructions ,allowing me to once again enjoy my flight sim. I have tried changing the wide screen aspect from false to true and back again with no results. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Bert
  9. Hi everyone, I seem to have problems with my "push back" in FSX, for some reason SHIFT + P and SHIFT + P + F1 do not seem to work anymore. Please Help. Thanks, Johan
  10. Hi Lads and Lasses. If any of you have a spare couple of minutes, could you help me by doing a very short 10 question survey, please? It's 'homework' for a market research type course I'm doing via the internet and they've asked us to design a simple survey, based on a subject they have chosen, and get 'friends' to complete it. Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/D272SGH The subject is not flight sim, and I'd be unhappy discussing it on the Forum because of our general 'keep to flight sim topics' rule. If/when you get to the survey and you're not particularly bothered, that's O.
  11. I am thinking of buying Steves DX10 fixer I have read the review done by Brian and my system seems to tick the right boxes for it. However, the review seems to have been done when the software was freeware. Version 2.17 is now available as £20, and we are a year down the road, and a good few versions, from the reviewed version. So my questions are: - is it worth the £20? just how much of a performance gain is there? J
  12. I have recently purchased the VFR GenX Scotland photo scenery (awaiting delivery). However I was wondering if anyone has all five volumes installed (4,5,6,7 & 8) and can let me know how much physical disc space all volumes take up once installed as I am currently trying to free up sufficient space to be able to install all volumes. Thanks Stuart
  13. Has anyone got this aircraft? I have installed it and an bu**ered if I can get it started! I have tried Ctrl E, FSUIPC Engine autostart and just about everything else but the engines wont fire up, they do spool up but no ignition. I must be doing something wrong but I cant think what it is! There is no checklist of procedures included to give me a clue as to what to do. I also get four warning light up as soon as the aircraft is loaded GEN P and GEN S and CONS P and CONS S. and I cant get rid of them at all. I keep thinking there is a clue with these lights but I have been thr
  14. I am considering the purchase of a high-end laptop to run FSX. I would like to connect with my flatscreen-TV with wireless-HDMI. Can I get a reasonable sim experience with this set-up?
  15. Hi all first of all a great site, i thank you all i have searched further than the starship enterprise to try and find a front view with the dimensions for a saitek pro flight yolk. 90% of the cad work is done and once i have this i can complete it and send it off to the cnc chaps to cut it out. all the running gear is saitek ,and once i make sure it all fits any one is welcome to a copy of the cad drawing thanks in advance laurence
  16. Hi Fellow Simmers I am looking to build a GA cockpit and would greatly appreciate some advise. My current PC is over 7 years old and so I am looking to replace it shortly - hope to go for a top of the range machine built specifically for flightsim. With what I am planning to do, I shall also need a secondary machine. As I am familar with FSX I am intending to purchase P3D - feel this is the way to go given the amount of attention LH is giving it. For my cockpit build, I already have the CH yoke and pedals + Saitek BIP panel, Swtich panel, Comms Panel and Autopilot. For my instru
  17. I have two keyboards attached to my FSX PC. One is a standard keyboard, the other is a number pad. I want both keyboards to have Num Lock off when the PC is started, and to be able to set the full keyboard ad the default one. The problem I have now is that the number pad is being used as the main keyboard at boot up which is less than ideal, especially when I want to access the boot menus etc. Is there any way to designate the default keyboard? J
  18. Hi fellow simmers I installed some extra ORBX airports into FSX in which I have ORBX AU also and everything is gorgeous BUT when flying in Air Hauler the runway lights are not visible from the air! If I zoom right down to the runway I can actually see them but they look as if they're underground!? the airports are YCNK Cessnock and YSCB Canberra. Any idea's?
  19. The guy who scammed me out of £400 set up my FSUIPC for me 5 months ago (my how time fly's) and now suddenly they are all gone, some things work like the throttle control and yoke but none of the buttons work Everything on my throttle quadrant works except the buttons, same on my yoke. Can anyone help please
  20. Hello, I have installed within FSX Earth Simulations Isles of Scily and my problem is that the default FSX Control tower at St. mary's airport is still visible. Does anyone know how I get rid of it? Thank you for any help Regards
  21. I know that I always seem to be looking for help on here and this time is no different. I have purchased an Aerosoft/Sim Wings download of EGLL. Problem is its been sitting as a zip file in my download folder for the last week as I do not know how too install it and the instruction manual is in the zip file. Also one more thing recently I was looking at a thread where various people itemised in their opinion the best add-on recently, can anyone point me to that thread?
  22. Adjacent areas within same scenery I have sent to PC Aviation’s support dept. more than 10 e-mails, have opened more than 3 different tickets and no answer from these guys. That is why I am begging from any fellow simmer that is familiar with MegaSceneryEarths´ sceneries to give me a hand with the following issue. Although I have similar problems with the Belgium, Netherland and England sceneries I will only address the problem I have with the Germany North scenery since this is the scenery that is in worse shape. As it can be appreciated in the attached image of the area around Ne
  23. I have home buolt a 747 cockpit with AFDS-EFIS,PEDALS,4-THROTTLESand 6 MONITORS. The firs 3 for scineries, and the rest for instruments. How I can put the PFD and ND (Class cockpit) into a monitor. So far I can not do it? Does any body can helpme with that? thanks. MANUEL
  24. I'm seeing a strange effect in the on-screen FSX menu. Has anyone seen this before? The screenshot is the top left corner of my FSX (window mode). Any ideas as to what's causing it? It is not happening all the time and I'm not able to correlate it with any particular aircraft. Doesn't affect the performance of the menu.
  25. I've Been Using 3 24in Led wide screen Monitors For Some time Now. Is there a way to widen the angle of view or zoom bock to be able to see more of the instrement panel and the runway at the same time? I Can move the camera view back with control keys but then the seat back or the bulkhead blokes the view? Also is there a way to stop or disable the head movement ? FSX GOLD I find it quite disconcerting when accelerating down the runway to have my view disapear behind the seat back or bulkhead?? I've seen u-tube videos using Ezeedock camera? Would this help?
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