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Found 189 results

  1. Hello fellow pilots, I would love to buy the iFly 737-600, etc series but I am a little tentative that everything will work out OK if I am using Windows 8, help please! Walter
  2. Flew from Dallas to Houston in an iFly 737 last night and after 20 minutes the screen froze. Same thing again today with a Capt Sim 737 although I got to Houston but half way back to Dallas, after about 1hr 10minutes it froze again. No addon scenery just Rex. No matter what keyboard buttons I hit nothing happened, the only thing I could do was reset the PC. Any suggestions to what is causing this will be gratefully received. Thanks all.
  3. Whatever ac I fly is fine until I instant replay and then sometimes, only sometimes I get either a black screen or strange graphics; black skies, distorted images, bits of ac, blurred scenery. I've switched on/off combinations of Rex, ftx, NE, long or short flights in my diagnostics but as the problem is inconsistent I cannot pin it down. The worst offending ac is the JF 146. Ideas anyone? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, I need some assistance please. I have just explored the REX application a bit more than I previously have & have found It has a flight planning facility and weather GPS thing. I have set up my route on the flight plan screen & then proceeded to set up the weather selecting the "random weather" option. I have generated a weather scenario and carried on to the Fly Now option within the REX GUI. After this point it will boot up FSX & the weather GPS thing. Once FSX main menu is up and running I will open up the saved flight plan created in rex but opened through FSX and amend the aircraft and date / time to the correct options. I will then click fly now within FSX to start the flight everything will go swimmingly & the weather GPS thing will update to the correct position / location. REX will then begin importing the weather into the Sim however when it is applying the weather, fsx pops up with the following error; "The weather theme could not be loaded. Please check that this file exists and try again" - I have absolutely no idea what it is talking about?? weather still seems to be displayed but it doesn't seem to represent the weather I had chosen / generated on the "random weather" page on the REX GUI. I have noticed also that the weather GPS thing displays the flight plan as intended but I cant see any indication of weather such as cloud cover / precipitation shown on it, and I cant seem to toggle between the buttons at the base of the weather GPS. Any ideas? Thanks, Sam.
  5. I have installed the freeware Tucano by Simshed. On the whole I am pleased with the aircraft, but I have one issue with it. When the aircraft is started up, the engine goes to full throttle and then returns to idle. I am sure this this realistic, but the problem is that the brakes will not hold the aircraft back when this is done. This results in the aircraft rushing forward by a fairly long way until the revs drop nd the brakes come into effect. Not so good when you are on the stand. How can this be change? Any suggestions would be good!
  6. I have an issue with FSX instrument panels. When I open one up from the menu it appears for a fraction of a second and the its gone. Anyone know how to get them back?
  7. First off, Please spread the word! This is to all the people who like getting pay-ware aircraft, can spread this info to other flight-sim enthusiasts, and are subscribers to the Just Flight newsletter. This is the text that my Just Flight Newsletter reads: A380 SCAM - BEWARE! We're sorry to have contacted you about this via out eshot/Newsletter subscriber list, but it appears that the crooks behind Genuine Simulations have sent out an email about their A380 which has very clearly been designed to look very similar to a Just Flight email. PLEASE BE ASSURED THAT GENUINE SIMULATIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH JUST FLIGHT AND THAT THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A BLATANT SCAM. We'll do our best to make sure that these criminals desist from passing themselves off as having to do anything with Just Flight, and in the meantime we can only repeat: AVOID GENUINE SIMULATIONS AND THE A380 THAT THEY APPEAR TO BE SELLING! Thankfully most of us in the FS community have long been aware of this criminal attempt to defraud FS pilots, but we hope that this mail warns those among you who are unaware of this shameful attempt at theft. (END) And its on sale for 89.99 Euros. (More than the better PMDG 777) It also replicates what the just flight newsletter looks like. I have brought this to your attention because I would not like anyone to waste money on these people. Thank you FS Community for reading this, TheeAviationist.
  8. I installed madeira X without any problem, but the rocks surrounding the airport are elongated vertically and look like spears sticking up into the sky. I've been on the Aerosoft forums to no avail. I've tried editing sfx .bgl files also to no avail. Anyone got any ideas??
  9. Hi everybody I would need some help regarding my latest payware aircraft.....PMDG's 737 NGX. It's a wonderful aircraft, I definitely love it, but the fact is that it crashes in some occasions... If i take a look at the map and then get back to FSX, i get a whole black screen and the hateful Microsoft's fatal error.... or, if I apply differential thrust, for example for lining up on the runway, it does the same, but by freezing the actual screen, instead of showing the black screen. Now, as I have paid 70 bucks, I'd love to solve this pretty annoying issue.... Any ideas? I'm running W8 and never had this kind of problem before, not even on the PMDG 747-4. Thanks! Eric
  10. I have been able to install the Eagle Soft hanger at different airports in FS9. I have not been able to do the same in FSX. Can this be done and if so how? I use Windows 7 home premeam 64 bit..
  11. For reasons too boring to go into here I have decided to re install FSX. Some questions, all replies in the simplest terms please. 1. Do I install in the (x86) files or elsewhere? 2. Do I need to have permission UACs etc? 3. Should I shut down and reboot after every add on download? And any other useful installation info/tips would be gratefully received. Sorry this is such basic stuff but I want to get this nailed down so I can get back to enjoying flying. Thanks All.
  12. I have just splashed out on RC. I have been looking through the Airline/company name in the general tab and cant find an entry for the RAF. Am i going blind, or is it missing? I have found the Royal Navy and loads of other air forces, but not the RAF. I have also looked for "Joker" the standard RAF call sign but it isn't there. Someone tell me that I have missed it somewhere, or how I can add it to rectify a major oversight!
  13. Oh dear, this is embarrassing. After a few weeks of using Rex Essentials+Overdrive it crashed with the message 'Failed to read from file.' In trying to get it going again I get told to, 'Select root folder for where you have FSX installed.' I don't know what they mean by root folder or where to find it. Please can anyone explain in very simple terms how to find my root folder. All assistance gratefully received.
  14. Hello Everyone, I am looking for a para motor and or para motor trike download for FSX, can anyone help please? Good Flying, Cheers, Michael.
  15. My 8800 GT is very tired and occasionally fails - black screen but FSX sound continues. The Left-Shift plus Numeric-Minus FLUSH command has no effect (maybe I've got the character string wrong?) and I have to restart the PC. Sometimes, the 8800 stays dead and I get the "beeeep-beep-beep-beep" error code on restarting the PC. So, it's time to replace the GPU, methinks... Now, the 660 GTX looks attractive. It's a 2 Gbyte card and will cost around 135 GBP, so it's affordable. Also, a few pundits reckon that as FSX is CPU bound, a more expensive GPU might not be worth it. Longer term I will be replacing my Asus mobo and Intel quad CPU, but not immediately, so a new GPU comes first. Do any of you have any comments on my proposed choice? If you have, I'd be very grateful for guidance and suggestions - maybe an alternative GPU, even. Thanks! Cheers - Dai.
  16. hello I have just started using Air hauler and was wondering where is the best location in the UK too put my first base.
  17. I'm buying almost all of UK2000s airports cos I like them. So I'm flying lots of shuttles between them in the 146 and hopefully soon the 8-Q400. What I would like is a decent payware Shorts 360 which would be ideal for these er ... short hops. Does anyone know where I can get one please? There are nostalgic reasons why I want this plane if anyone is interested. After producing a conference that took place in Liverpool I invited Kate to fly up and join me there for a couple of days. The morning we were due to fly back to Heathrow she confirmed that she was pregnant with our first child which came as a bit of a surprise. While waiting at the then Liverpool Speke airport for our Manx Airlines Shorts 360 the pilot told us pax that there was fog at Heathrow and that it was not categorised to land in those conditions. He said that we would fly down there in the hope that it would have cleared. With only the odd high rise and factory chimney poking up through fog shrouded England we arrived over London. The pilot announced that as we were still unable to land we would circle for a while. So we circled and circled. Finally he told us that we had to fly back to Liverpool as that was the only airport that was not fogged in. So we did and we caught a train back to London which gave me plenty of time to muse on impending fatherhood. Still here? So that's why I want a Shorts 360.
  18. I've recently been buying add on airports, UK2000 are great IMO lots of detail and static AI planes. Aerosofts Heathrow has them but their Orly and Nice do not. I don't like using FSX default ac to populate the stands so my question is. Is there an add on that will give me realistic static AI ac? Thanks in anticipation.
  19. Can anyone recommend a good four engine prop (not turbo-prop) aircraft for FSX? I would prefer it to have been used by the RAF, and to be post world war two. J
  20. I have been reading up on various FS servers. So far I have looked at: FSD Server PHP VMS FSInn/FS Copilot ...and there is quite a lot I don't understand! FSD Server. - I understand how to set this up to get it working as a server for connection using FSInn. But where does it store data. I cant see anything in FSD to indicate what if any database it can interface with and how. Neither do the files associated with an FSD installation seem large enough to indicate that they are accumulating data. PHP VMS - I understand a fair amount about this tool, it is a MYSQL/PHP web based tool specifically tailored to operating a VA with all the scheduled flights etc. FSInn/FS Copilot. I understand that these tools are an FS interface into Vatsim, FSD Server and can be configured to act as an interface to either of them and send back data on an FS session to the VATsim or FSD server. I want to write a web site that will allow me to record my flights, and display information about them on various pages. So I seem to have a set of disjointed tools above to make this happen. FSD Server & FSInn/Co Pilot will happly talk to each other, but how do extract data and store it for website use. (I am fully conversant with HTML/PHP/MySQL so dealing with the captured data once in a MySQL DB is fine) PHP VMS is a fully fledged VA construction tool, and is far too complicated for my simple needs, I don't want to get into flying schedules etc. just to record free flight data.... and at first sight seems to need a manual PIREPs submission which is not ideal. So that is easy to deploy, harder to saw off the bits I don't want without breaking it. Is there any one there with experience of these tools who can mentor me in their use? It seems to me that the ideal solution would be to extract FSD data into a MySQL database so I can use it on my web pages. I just dont know how to do this, if it is possible, and if there is a better alternative
  21. Looking for someone to give me specs for 2 tower PC's. Bulding Flightdecks SKTQ. Requires 2 pcs to run the ifly737 software & SKTQ + pedestal. Flightdeck solutions suggest one tower for FSX and the other as the Client PC. What I need to know is what processors, memory card,graphics card and hard drive requirements needed to run this package above minimums. Am going to customise the build. Many thanks to anyone who can help. Al
  22. I just got done flying a 1700nm flight for my company, AirHauler recorded it and everything and then I closed the program. When I started it, it said to download a new version from JustFlight so I just did that. Now when I start AirHauler, it wants to start it in compatibility mode so I let it, my problem is that when it does that, only the default company is available, is there any way to get my company back?
  23. Any FSUIPC gurus out there ?? Need your help.... During the various resets and trying my yoke out in different ports (following the issue with the disco lights on my yoke display), I seem to have pretty much boogahhed up my FSUIPC settings. In order to test the yoke, I tried it in different USBs (major bad move) and a different PC... all to no avail, and now that everything is plugged back in where it belonged, my Saitek Cessna trim does diddly squat ! I don't have the Saitek Trim software (or any Saitek software for that matter) installed on my rig, and I was using a LUA command to run my trim before without any issues. This is the Lua I was running: function checkvalue(val) if prev~=nil then if val > prev then ipc.control(65615) elseif val < prev then ipc.control(65607) end end prev = val end event.param("checkvalue") I had it saved as "trimwheel.lua" and then added an [auto] 1=Lua trimwheel All was groovy for the last year since I got the trim wheel, and now all of a sudden, its all gone wrong. I checked in the FSUIPC .INI file for the JOY numbers and my Yoke and Trim had swapped round from 1 to 0 respectively so I have manually changed them back, but no joy (no pun intended) I guess my only option to make sure that it all works is to start from scratch and just 'BLANK' the entire FSUIPC INI, but I'm not sure what effect it will have on any other settings or Configs in FSX. Anyone out there know how I can just wipe the FSUIPC file and start again ? Help would be appreciated. I was pondering putting this on the Peter D website but I'm too chicken Minx
  24. Hello Lads (and a few Lasses), I received my new Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS unit yesterday. It is a vast improvement over the Logitech unit I have been using (especially since the Logitech is pretty worn out). I've been looking over the, almost non-existent, information that came with the thing. Before I get involved in a few days work trying to program it, I thought it wise to ask here, first, for any words of wisdom. Or, just in case someone at MH has gone through this routine and has a file they're willing to share. I can use it by programming the default FSX "Controls" and .cfg file, but that just touches the surface of what the X52 is supposed to do. Example: the throttle has a detent at the top and bottom of its travel that might be intended for "Reverse Thrust" (F2) at the bottom and maybe "Afterburner" (??) at the top. This is not something you can program in the FSX software. I also have the paid version of FSUIPC which might be another approach to take, although one I am not familiar with. There is a file, for instance, on the Saitek website that is (supposedly) a profile for FSX. Typically, the software available on the manufacturers website does not work with the unit they ship you - I'll have a good old rant on that subject some other time. The one I have uses profile files with the suffix [.dat] and the profile on the website has a [.pr0] suffix. I tried the obvious - renaming the .pr0 file to .dat but that just generated a pop-up warning telling me that the file didn't contain a profile. Rats! Next, I'm going fishing on various sites like Avsim and FS, etc. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.
  25. Hello Guys! I have a simple home cockpit of Airbus a320. I use 2 LeoBodnar input cards on FSUIPC, and everything works fine. Now I want some Outputs to improve my cockpit. I bought; 1 USB LCDcard and 1 USB Ouputs card from OpenCockpits. Also 1 40x2 and 1 8x2 LCD Displays from Ebay. I read the Revew "USB LCD Card from Jack Whaley-Baldwin", and it was very usefull to me. I am only confused about to get the display values from FSUIPC Offsets (on SIOC program), and have them on my EFIS/FCU. 8x2 LCD to QNH and 40x2 LCD to SPD, HDG, ALT, VS. Is there any special formula on SIOC program to get this values (as I could "understand" from Revew), or simply (variable of "Offset_input" = variable of "Display_output")? May I have some help? Regards Gabriel
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