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Found 189 results

  1. Im having trouble finding a good place open up my main base in AH im pn medium dificulty.
  2. I heard on another forum post that you can build a hangar and i was wondering how to do that.
  3. I just bought Air Hauler today and I have not flown yet because when i click on a job and preI just bought Air Hauler today and I have not flown yet because when i click on a job and press fly fsx is about to load but then it comes up with a message saying corrupt or not found file in "C:/ program files/ microsoft games/ microsoft flight simulator/ flights / ah. PLEASE HELP SOON THANKS!!!!
  4. Please meke for me A320 "FlyGerogia" texture Idon't know how to do it.Thanks
  5. Hello everyone , I have the Open cockpits USB stepper motor card, a stepper motor, an optical switch and a slide potentiometer. However i was wondering if you could help me in generating a SIOC script for the motion platform i have created as shown below (the stepper motor connected at the end of the ballscrrew is not shown). I have the linear slide potentiometer to ensure that when i restart FSX, the ballscrew goes back to its starting point. A general description of how I want it to work is given below: 1) If the airspeed is <or equal to 160 knots, no change in the stepper motor. 2) If the airspeed is >160 but less than 230, the stepper should turn 180 degrees x6 times. 3) If airspeed is >230 but less than 400, the stepper should turn (270degrees more than the previous one) 4) While taxiing and just before landing, the stepper motor should turn (180degrees x 12times) 5) When Fsx restrats, rotate the stepper motor (anti-clockwise), so that potentiometer value goes back to zero. I know there is a conflict between statement 1 and 4, but my stepper motor is attached to a linear platform with springs. The more the number of turns, the longer the spring expands and harder it becomes to move the rudder pedals. I hope you understand what I require to simulate. I m new to sioc, so any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Akhil
  6. Hi, Recently purchased the Stepper Motor card from opencockpits. I already have an 8-wire Nema 23 stepper motor (2.1 A to 4.2 A). I have searched everywhere but couldnt find anythin on whether the USB Stepper motor Card supports this stepper motor or not. And if it does how much external supply voltage am i looking at to power the card. Please help me out. I want to use this stepper motor because of the requirement of high torque and speed for a project i m working on. Any help would be much much appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Akhil Kumar
  7. Hello, greetings to everybody!. First, I want to apologize in advance if I'm wrong about writing this post in this section, I'm new here. Well, my problem is that when I open the flight planner of REX2 in my FSX, I can't see the weather map of the area, it doesn't appear. Anyway, i'm going to attached a picture to see it better. Thank you very much in advance and best regards!
  8. I have looked at your forum called "Missing Addon Menu", but I just couldn't see what problem I have with not being able to see my addon menu. I have reinstalled fsx and still no addon menu. Could somebody please check my dll.xml file below and tell me what is wrong?
  9. Hi Guys, I'm looking at doing a fresh install of FSX but I don't want to lose all my mission rewards could anybody tell me where I can find the folder/info to save? Thanks in advance Glen
  10. Hi fellow MH'ers, There was a video, posted somewhere in MH on doing repaints (but, maybe it was a link). Specifically, it covered layer formats such as dodge and burn. I've looked everywhere and cannot find it. Anyone recall this video? Anyone remember where it is?
  11. Recently came across your site chaps i am impressed. so much so i am now i need of your help. Hello to everyone out there from a newbie ! Flight Simulator X deluxe edition Loading problems. Recently I got a Dos Page type error on my PC when loading the new Jet Liner Freemium US airlines free download from Just Flight. It said if it was the first time it appeared to turn off and reboot which I did. Later on that evening it came up again and suggested if it appeared before to uninstall any new software/hardware and reboot. Since then my PC has been fine but I had errors on FSX so I tried to repair by reinstalling FSX. This came up with 1722 error problem with installer package. I tried again with the same results. Numerous attempts at this failed so now I am at the point where I have Uninstalled FSX completely along with SP1 + SP2 plus all add-ons (Jetliner Freemium, BOB Hurricane, EE Lightning, Hawker Hunter, Mosquito + SP1 + SP2, Lysander SO, VFR scenery 1+2, Supermarine Spitfire, Duxford scenery, Coningsby scenery and some other odd scenery that all worked fine for years/months before this happened.). I have tried installing directly in C: FSX and C: program files\ FSX and the default install file. Always I get to the last loaded file then1722 error problem with installer package, then it says rolling back action, then error 1603 fatal error during installation, consult msi.chm or MSDN. I just can’t get it loaded on my PC so to check the DVDs I installed it on my son’s laptop and it went on straight away !!. Everything else on my PC is working fine and the original Dos page error has not reappeared. I have run “Error end” and other”CCleaner”, defragemented and disk cleaned to no avail. I am completely bamboozled! – can anyone help or suggest a fix? Microsoft XP Pro 2002 SP3 Intel R Xeon TM CPU 3.2 GHz 2 GB Ram Alan C.
  12. here my spec: http://imgur.com/WhfLCPv (I have a ssd now and the cpu is overclocked to 4ghz0 Whenever I put AA or anything close to the max settings, I start lagging, especially in big airports. So what I want is, I want to tweak the settings and get the right addons so I can run p3d with incredible graphics without lagging, i'd be ready to put more money into my computer but I dont know if it can even help. Am I doing something wrong ? shouldnt I be able to run the game fine already ? what kind of addons should I get ? If I had to upgrade my computer, what should I change ? thanks to whoever can help me out, I will donate to anyone helpful.
  13. Hi Guys, I was hoping someone might be kind enough to give me a steer towards what are the current cpu/mobo combinations that are at the best price/performance sweet spot. I get pretty good frame rates in all but the most demanding situations (eg it slows down where Orbx scenery has dense trees in NZ). So although better frame rates in all circumstances would be nice, the main frustration is the time it takes to start up FSX, and then to load the scenery. Consequently I was thinking that I would like to install a pair of conventional 500GB or possibly 1TB RAID 0 HDDs instead of the single HDD I have at the moment. I remember getting a significant performance boost when I did this several years ago in a previous rig. But of course I would get the best speed increase if my mobo had SATA3, not SATA2 as is the case at the moment. My current specs are: CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0GHz overclocked to 3.1GHz RAM: Kingston 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 1066mhz Mother Board: MSI DKA790GX GPU: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6950 2GB GDDR5 Case: Fractal Design R3 Black Pearl PSU: Corsair TX850 Enthusiast Series So - should I stick with my current CPU and GFX card and just upgrade the mobo and get the new disks, or bite the bullet and get a new cpu/mobo and RAM? My budget is approx £450-£550 as I'm about to sell an iMac and a laptop but could be persuaded to spend a bit more if there's a particularly good deal out there!
  14. Looking for advice... I'm considering replacing a 23" Samsung flat-screen display with a 26" 1080 HD television. I've read several articles about the differences between 1080i and 1080p standards and kind of understand them but everything I've found is mainly geared toward using them as a television or video playback device from Blue-Ray, etc. The articles I've seen kind of gloss over advantages and disadvantages of their use as PC displays. Also, my existng machine's graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX) has only DVI outputs - no HDMI ports. I anticipate a new PC within a year and the new one would almost certainly have HDMI output(s). The TV I'm considering would become the primary display for that, but I don't want to change graphics cards in the existing PC at this point. Questions: 1) For use as a PC display, is there any real difference between 1080i and 1080p? 2) Can a DVI output from a PC be converted/adapted/connected to a TV with only HDMI inputs? If so, how and at what cost in money and display quality/resolution? 3) If the TV has a VGA input, does adapting the DVI graphics card output to that result in a degradation in display quality/resolution? Thanks in advance for any help with choosing the right TV for this. John
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