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Found 109 results

  1. A while ago in FSX (boxed) I created a flight plan from London City to Farnborough as a test. It was stored in C\Users\Me\Docs\FSX Files as IFR London City to farnborough.pln Later I decided to delete it. But now, whenever I start FSXI see a warning window on the Splash Screen saying he fike cannot be found. I click on OK and the message repeats. Again I click OK and FSX runs as adverised. I have been back to FSX files and deleted all of my IFR files in the hope that would sort the problem out, it hasn't. This warning is beginning to annoy me, can anyone please suggest a way to remove it? I am using Win7 HP (64 bit) and FSX Gold edition, Thank you, Tregarth
  2. Hi there everyone, first of all I don't know what a tag is or why I might need it, however I am presuming it is the dot or star before a topic so that you know what sort of message it is and the status. I place a full-stop in the topic tags box and will keep my fingers crossed. I am new to flight simming and to forums (hence the tag issue already), I have to admit that I know very little about computers and certainly have yet to know where anything I download is (thank god for desktop icons) so what follows is going to be a real challenge I am sure and one of many but since I cannot physically fly anything (no directional control!!) . The following problem has been a developing one started small but now a disaster. I have had a cyclic made and was just starting to fly the EC135 Air Ambulance (a friend who knows how to downloaded it) and everything (apart from the helo immediately shifting backwards and to the left) seemed to be working fine. Within about an hour I then started to see the onscreen image of the cyclic twitch and jump (rather than move) very quickly to the left intermittently. In virtual cockpit terms this was by about 6". Occasionally this was to the right. This was without any input from me. As this happened the helicopter responded to what I was seeing the stick do if the injured person was dead before they were now. This suggested to me that something else was trying to take control. This got increasingly worse over a very short space of time and now (48 hours later) I have no left or right movement of the cyclic just occasional twitching and once off the ground the helicopter veers sharply over to the left all the time (yawing I think it is called) and then crashes. During this 48 hour period I went into the control settings and recalibrated, this made no difference. I pulled all USB's out and re-plugged and still no difference. I put my other Thrustmaster Warthog stick in (I have two so that one is permanently fixed to the cyclic) and tried to flying other aircraft from different airports (both FSX and downloads of London City and Exeter) experiencing exactly the same problem. I have switched everything on and off over a 24 hour period - no difference and today I finally tried to fly just using the key board to rule out wiring, USB and hardware and still exactly the same problem. I even plugged in my saitek yoke in to see if this would be different and chose a small fixed wing aircraft. Whilst on the runway I noticed that the yoke start position on the screen was to the left (11 o'clock) it then started to twitch almost immediately and this got very quickly worse. Ho hum! I checked this starting position with nothing plugged in again for the cyclic in the C135 again and as soon as I plugged it in the stick on the screen moved to the left in an instant by about 3 inches in the virtual cockpit. All other controls worked fine. I now cannot flying anything, ho blinking hum!! I believe there is some sort of software conflict. I have FSX SE on my computer. I really hope someone has the patience to assist me and thank you in advance as I am expecting to fly this and other aircraft otherwise I have spent a lot of money on a rig that currently is a piece of art.
  3. Hi all I did a route from egcc to egjj the only problem I have had is pfpx says to land on rwy 08 but top cat as rwy 09 and 27 when Google I have found out that top cat was right bought pfpx was wrong is there any way to edit the run ways in pfpx to put the correct runway to the airport egjj Any advice would be helpful
  4. Hi there i was wondering if anyone on here used P3D with orbx ftx global base and Ftx england. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm only asking because i seem to keep getting patches in my scenery!! it's markedly better then FSX but i need help regards tom
  5. Hello all, I have had problem for 3 weeks I would say. I purchased FSX steam edition about 1 month and half ago. I liked the sim and decided to purchase the airbus x addon for FSX and P3D... A couple of days after I got the airbus aircraft I started to experience a glitch where the speed brake wouldn't retract properly. It retract than go back to this default glitch position... I thought it was strange and I tried to redownload FSX and the airbus x addon thinking it was a aerosoft glitch... I talked to the guys at aerosoft on the support forum but they didnt really know what it was. It fixed itself for 3 flights but than it came back and ever since it comes back and wont go away. It really is a strange no one knows what it is, and no one else has reported having the same issue... I found out it effects the default FSX aircraft as well. So it can't be an aerosoft problem. So it must be an FSX glitch right? I dont want to spend more money if I dont have to.. But if I switch to P3D would that fix it? I need some advice cause I spent the the money and it is really annoying. FROOGLE SIM has sent me to this site. PLEASE ANYONE! give me some advice! Many thanks Gavin
  6. Hi, I have three monitors on a GTX 780 with Nvidia surround enabled. The resolution is 5200 x 1200 There's also a CDU connected to the card. I used to start up FSX borderless wich always worked like a charm but suddenly I can't get it to work properly anymore. FSX is now restricted to a small square in the middle of the middle monitor without the possibility of maximising it. I've tried starting FSX in windowed mode, maximize it over three monitors and saving it, then starting FSX borderless but it won't work anymore, Does anybody know what's going on ? Thanks in advance. Martin
  7. I have recently bought the AFS-Design F4 Phantom. I loaded it up and this is what I get:- From the outside I get this.... The textures are all shiny in the rotating aircraft selection screen (Free flight) AFS-Design seem to have no support so has anyone had this problem? Has anyone solved this problem? Any help would be good. JG
  8. Hi guys Need some advice here (probably from Joe or Needles..??) I've been wanting to use Plan G for ages but as I use a Triple Head to go with my 3 screens (in Full screen mode) I can't run it on my 4th screen unless I network. I brought my husbands HP machine out of 'retirement', chucked some extra memory in it, connected it to the home network via an Ethernet switch/hub, but I've had nothing but problems.. Every time I press the 'connect button' about 3 seconds later I get an error message 'Plan_G3 has stopped working' and it closes. Looking at the Plan-G Log I can see that it is trying to initiate the SimConnect connection, but it says 'attempt timed out' Both PCs are running Win7, both are connected to the Home Network and can see each other I have tried: Turning off the firewall on both Turning off the antivirus on both I have 'pinged' both PCs and they can see each other fine Used the automatic IP address Re-set the FSX computer to a Static IP address Changed the Port from 4505 to 4506 (strangely the instructions state that you can only have ports between 4500 to 4510, but a check on the ports list via 'NetStat' shows ports from 41294 to 50739!!) Tried setting up the SimConnect.XML as IPV6 AND IPV4 - (when I found that IPV6 wasn't working I re-wrote the SimConnect.xml to IPV4, but realised that each time I changed the details in the Location option on PlanG that it decided to keep reverting to the IPV6 settings so I had to uninstall PlanG, delete all the folders that were still on my HD, and cleared the registry... ) Tried all versions of the 'Templates' included in the PlanG User Manual, to no avail Shouted loudly at my PC.. reckon it must be hard of hearing At this point, I am left with the following options: Accepting Pan G will never work with my set up, although the millions of happy users indicate it works when you get the settings right Purchasing WideFS - no problem with this as I have the thoroughly fantastic FSUIPC and if it works, it will be a small price to pay for the 8 hours I've already spent checking through everything to eliminate the obvious Hoping that the great minds on the Hanger can com up with an option I haven't thought of ! Suggestions? Commiserations? Hammer / Baseball bat (for those across the pond from Blighty) ? I'm going to give this till tomorrow night before I flex the MasterCard and give Mr Dowson a small token of my thanks..
  9. As a newbie, I should like to be able to copy the FSX Lesson scripts onto my iPad 3 and read them at leisure. This way I might be able to absorb their content more effectively and thus counteract my enthusiasm for getting into each challenge. Thanks, folks.
  10. To start with... My english in writing can be a little odd. Anyway... I've just finished building a helicopter simulator of an Robinson R44 with full setup of pedals and jokes and 5 monitors ( 3 27" for frontview and 2 19" for instrumentation and middleconsole ). I run FSX Gold Edition with Acceleration on a Win 8.1 computer containing processor and memory enough to make this work. The GPU is a Sapphire R9 280 3GB GDDR5 that is supposed to run the 3 frontview monitors. To run my 2 smaller screens I've found and connected 2 USB/DVI-converters. They work great as long as I'm in Windows or using windows applikations BUT... I can't get them to work in FSX. FSX doesn't even find them ! I've seen this type of setup on other simulators but I just don't know how to make this work. Is there anybody out there who can help me with this issue? I'm familiar with .cfg-files so if it's just a question of changing this, please tell me how. Please dont return answers about these "Tripplehead2go"-boxes ( I've already seen them but think they're a little bit to expensive ) or Nvidia surround ( since my GPU isn't a Nvidia-card ). Help would be great. / Helisimpilot
  11. Hi there, does anyone know how to get fsx steam edition and ASN to work. I have tried umteen time to no avail and the only other place to turn was the forums. I keep getting the ASNconnet issue and then the Error reading the weather so ASN then just shuts down. its driven me crazy trying to solve it. Regards Tom
  12. J G

    FSUIPC Hog

    I have two PCs running my FS setup. I have all my main GA on one PC and than a bunch of things on the second PC such as Plan-G and Panel builder. I have noticed that when there is a connection running between the two, my whole network slows down dramatically. I first noticed this when streaming a film on a third networked PC, all was good with the movie, but as soon as the FSUIPC connection was made the streaming slowed down such that I have frequent pauses in the film. Disconnect the FSUIPC device and the film suddenly got better. Anyone got any suggestions on why this should be?
  13. I have just installed a new graphics card and I am now having issues with FSX. The new card is an NvidaGforce GTX 960, and it has sped up my machine dramatically. Aircraft that I was struggling to get 15 frames par second can now get between 75 and 100 frames per second. I was impressed until FSX crashed after running for about a minute or two. I started playing about with the sliders to see if it was a complexity issue. I set the overall complexity to medium and went for a flight. Frame rates were between 175 and 210, very smooth indeed, but after a minute or two FSX crashed again. I tried with different aircraft, same thing. I have monitored the card temperatures etc. - all ok I have Steves DX10 fix on my PC, so I have tried in DX10 and DX9 modes - no difference. If anyone has any bright ideas on how to fix this I would love to hear them, its very frustrating having spent a load of cash on something that seems to have screwed FSX!!!
  14. If you were getting an error message concerning the aircraft when loading the flight situation files in P3D this was due to the the FSX files being saved with the default Cessna which is not in P3D. I have re-saved and uploaded the flight situation files with the Mooney Bravo as this aircraft is default in both sims. Happy flying. Joe
  15. J G

    Primeval soup?

    This has really got me stumped, so please help if you can. I took the virtual air last night in a Harrier and headed towards the coast and this is what I found..... I thought WTF! So had a look around to see if this was a global problem. First i went far away to the Falklands and all was fine. Then I went to Bordeaux and out to sea. everything was good. Then I went to the Silly Isles and found this: This last shot is heading south from the Silly Isles. It seems as i leave the UK area everything is fine. And it is the UK and Ireland as I have tried from Eastbourne (England), RAF Valley (Wales) Aberdeen (Scotland), Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Cork (Ireland). Sorry for stating the Bl**ding obvious in brackets but not everyone here is from the British Isles. I have installed: Pilots 2010 mesh Orbx global Orbix vectors Orbx England Orbx Wales Orbx Scotland Orbx N. Ireland Orbx S Ireland Active Sky weather REX 4 with soft clouds. I have tried setting different REX textures which didn't work, clouds and weather are just fine. Logic tells me it is an Orbx thing as it seems to match the Orbx localized scenery I have, but how i fix it,...? There is one thing I have done recently which may have been the catalyst. I had to re-install FSX Acceleration as I had an issue with the JF Chipmunk which was solved with the re-install. Any help would be good. JG
  16. J G

    Throttle fade

    I have just finished installing a Saitek HOTAS stick and throttle. I have also just installed EZDOK and made the required changes to my key and joystick assignments. I also have FSUIPC but don't use it for my throttle. I now have an issue with my throttle that is driving me nuts. When I increase the throttle the rpm spools up as usual. However when I stop moving the throttle leaver the throttle fades back to Idle. I clearly have done something wrong with the set up in the Saitek control panel, FSUIPC and/or EZDOK but I cant see what it is! Can anyone help?
  17. Christmas is coming and Rex is on my agenda. But what to get? All of my stuff is ORBX but I want to improve my environment. So I have been looking at REX. The website is a little confusing, do I buy REX Essentials or Rex 4? Do I need one before the other? .......
  18. Hi again Flight simmers, Happy new year to you all. (not been on for a while - long storey) i have a bit of a dilemma, i am not totally screwed but would like some help/advice please. I recently gave up with my last PC as it was on XP albeit very stable (was a big fan of XP - never let me down!). I have invested in a newer tower with Win 7 pro 64bit after looking at the forums on here and deciding against Win8 for FSX. I have installed my old SATA 500 GB hardrive out of my XP machine into my new Win7 machine and it is now my E: drive as a back up facility primarily. But as my FSX is on it my question is this. Can i run FSX from my old C drive that still has XP on it at the moment, now my E: drive without issues or will it be a lot of problems. i can if needed install onto my new Win7 HD,(lots of room) but it wuld be a long process with all the addons,scenery airbases etc. have tried a couple of times by using the .exe file in FSX on the E:drive but it comes up "Flight simulator cannot run because the version of microsoft directX installed on your PC is incompatible. please re install directX 9.0 by running Flight sim setup, or down load the current version from www.microsoft.com/directs" is this coming from new system as it is directX11 or higher? am i likely to come across more issues? i have some knowledge of PC workings but by no means an expert - please be gentle with me i have trawled through the forums and similar topics have come up since the XP became unsupported in April but can't see any related to this. i can't believe i am the first to try this?! i do/did intend to format the new E: drive until i realised i might be able to run alot of the programs off it. any help would be appreciated ! thanks in advance Alan.
  19. I have been looking at Wheelstand Pro products and am now a little confused as to which is the correct one for me. There seem to be two basic products, the v2 and the v2 Delux. There seems to be little infotmation as to the difference between them. Over and above that, there are a number of offerings ranging from £74 to about £115. Of all these products there isn't one that claims to do what I want, to support a Saitek yoke and a Saitek joystick. These should be interchangeable. Am I correct in thinking that the price difference is purely for the device fitting plates aside of the price difference between standard and deluxe models? Any help in clarifying which product is best for me would be a great help.
  20. I am trying to put together a cockpit that has 15 USB devices. I seem to have some issues with windows or FS finding various devices when they are hooked up to USB hubs. (I have 3 powered hubs). I already have one USB card in my PC, should I press on with the hubs or should I but another two USB cards?
  21. For some reason I can access everywhere as usual, but when I want to reply in the Air Hauler thread where I often post, it says I can't start a new topic and I can't reply to a thread. Any idea ? PS : I swear I won't say anything bad about cricket, plse give me my access again...
  22. Hi, Hope I've if got this in the right place, apologies if I have not, - this is the first time I am posting on this forum - but I'm not sure where else I can get support so I really hope someone here can help me. A few years ago I bought myself a new PC with the express wish to be able to run MS FSX and was fortunate enough to pick up the gold edition of the product which included all the service packs along with the acceleration pack for a good price and I've been enjoying it ever since. I installed a number of add-ons over the years such as VFR Scenery and airports and a number of high quality add - on aircraft from flight 1 (BN -2 Islander and Otter), Captain Sim (C-130, 727), PMDG (747, 737) and most recently a number of aircraft from the Carenado range of HD aircraft up to the recently released PA46 Malibu Mirage. I got so involved with the product, ( I completed all the missions and lessons), that I took the next logical step and started taking actual flying lessons in a PA 28 161 Warrior 2. So far, I've completed all my ground schools and exams and also got over 25hrs flying time, including 3 solos. So far, so good. Then I hit a problem, I was told that in order to progress with my flying I needed to improve my RT skills and as actual flying lessons can be expensive, I looked for alternative ways to improve my skills. After having read the excellent reviews about VoX ATC on this forum and PC Pilot, I took the plunge and purchased the CD version - Version 6. This duly arrived a couple of weeks ago and I've been enjoying it ever since. My problems began when I started trying to use VoX ATC on the Carenado Aircraft. Having followed the instructions of running the VoX ATC indexer and then installing the VoX ATC panel on the add on aircraft for the rest of the aircraft in my hanger, I assumed it would be a similar straight forward process for the Carenado Aircraft. Not so, while the option to enable VoX ATC does appear in the Carenado aircraft, once enabled I have no way of tuning the radio to any selected frequencies, even when the VoX ATC display tells me to. I've looked around the aircraft to find the radio panel that I assumed VoX ATC had installed on them but I can't see it. I then tried to tune the radio's using the existing radio in the aircraft but this again has no impact, despite tuning the right frequency VoX ATC does not pick it up. I find this all very odd, I've repeatedly contacted VoX ATC without any response and also left messages with Carenado again without response. I've searched the internet to see if anyone else is having these problems but cannot find anything. I find it very strange that such an expensive product (retailing at £85) cannot work with one of the most popular and high quality add - on aircraft developers, aircraft in FSX. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance
  23. Hi Guys and Girls, End of this week I'm off to the south of Spain to escape the incessant rain here in British Columbia. This means I have to check out the laptop and get FSX up and running so I'll have some vlying to do while sitting on the beach. I've done all the stuff I need to do - move the Air Hauler files and the FSX Log over to the laptop so as to maintain some continuity and setting myself up to go back to the (dreaded) Logitech 710 (ie: X-Box screwball controller) because I just don't have the luggage space to carry a joystick with me. Alas; I'm running into issues with the F710. I don't recall this being an issue in France last year, but dammit, I'm having the devils own time getting the gadget to work this time around. I'm trying to program the F710 using the stock FSX "Controls" menus. However, there are one or two switches that are not recognised by the FSX software. Specifically, the "Z" Axis sliders which are two separate pushbuttons on the front of the controller. I've assigned these under the "Control Axes" Tab in Settings - Controls to: Event=Rudder Axis, Axis=Trigger Axis. These two buttons move the Z Axis slider left and right of centre in the "Calibration" routine. - I've cleared out the "Standard.xml" file to get rid of everything except the keyboard instructions - Set up the F710 to the "X" switch setting - Running the F710 in "Mode" which does NOT light up the little green Mode light My problem boils down to (what appears to be) extraneous commands left over from something or somewhere that commands 3/4 throttle when I press the Yaw Right or Yaw Left (assigned to the Z axis) buttons on the front of the F710. The rudder works - left and right as expected, but the throttle also increases to approx 3/4 when either rudder button is depressed. The assignments I'm trying for are: X&Y axis on the left stick for aileron and elevator Z axis for the rudder - this is the one that's causing the grey hair D-pad up and down for elevator trim D-Pad left and right for rudder trim X&Y axis on the right stick for panning Left and Right "Shoulder" buttons for differential braking - both together, to brake in a straight line Y button for throttle up - this one is somehow connected to the rudder (Z) axis B button for throttle down X button for decrease RPM (prop) A button for increase RPM (prop) If I go into the FSX on-screen menu and select "Calibrate" under the X-Box Controller heading, all works as advertised: the controller shows: D-Pad as a POV switch Left Joystick for X and Y - Axis (moves the cursor around inside the box) Left and Right front mounted pushbuttons are Z Axis Right Joystick for X and Y Rotation (sliders) A key is pushbutton #1 B key is pushbutton #2 X key is pushbutton #3 Y key is pushbutton #4 Left shoulder is pushbutton #5 Right shoulder is pushbutton #6 "Back" key is pushbutton #7 "Start" key is pushbutton #8 Depress Left joystick pushbutton #9 Depress Right joystick pushbutton #10 I'm about to head over to my bona-fide copy of FSUIPC, but, I have to warn you, I've been down that path before with limited success. I can fly using most of the controls from the keyboard, however, I'd really like to have the rudder control for simple aircraft - as a rudder and for ground steering. Rudder control for complex aircraft - for ground operations. A simple joystick for roll/pitch and "whatever" for views. Anyone have experience or suggestions?
  24. I'm off to Spain in a few days, so I've been working away at moving current FSX stuff over to my laptop. Just ran into a minor glitch with AH. I put three files in my dropbox from the main computer = ahX.mdb and user_details.mdb from the main AH folder and the company database (Quikaire XXX.mdb) from the "Company" folder. All seems to be as it should be - company loaded (and dinged me for rent in the process), but there's a pop-up warning that FSUIPC wasn't found in my FSX folder. That's nonsense - FSUIPC4 is alive and well and doing just fine in my FSX folder. Anyone have any bits of wisdom to share on this?
  25. My ASN was installed by the infamous FSXGenius who later on scammed me for £400 and as a result of him vanishing I do not know what settings he used. Active Sky have told me that an update is available, which I have already downloaded but reluctant to install. Can anybody help. Is this just a straight install over the top of the existing software or does it require a change to the settings as well
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