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Found 109 results

  1. Last night I decided to purchase the QW Bae-146. So from the QW website it redirected me to Flight 1's website to the Bae purchase page. I have purchased from Flight1 before and know about the wrapper system but when in the process of purchasing and filling in the info I didn't realize it took me to the FS9 version of the Bae. Of course you can figure out the rest!! LOL!! I purchased the FS9 version by total mistake. I realized this after getting to the install process. After going back and looking the link if you want to purchase the FSX version was at the top. Now that I bored you with my lack of smarts is this fixable if I contact Flight1? I know there is no return policy on downloads but in this instance I have no intention of using FS9 since I mainly use FSX on VATSIM. Just wondering? Any help or mocking would be appreciated!
  2. Hi there, long time reader, first time poster! I recently reinstalled my entire FSX set-up and all associated add-ons. All has gone smoothly (albeit taken a long time) except Air Hauler. I have re-installed the main program without any problems but when I run the patch installer I hit a problem. The installer runs and I select the "unlock from digital download" (or whatever the exact wording is) the installer then tries to contact Just flight for verification but fails with a shop server error. I have been in contact with JF support (and am still in contact with them) but as yet we haven't solved the issue. Have tried changing my default browser back to IE (as per their suggestion) but with no luck. Just wondered if anyone else had had simialr problems at all. Paul
  3. Here's a strange shadow or something on the ground at NZAA, using the ORBX New Zealand North Island package in Air Hauler. I have not checked whether or not this appears at this airport when AH is not running - that's next. It first appeared when the aircraft was about 30NM out. I get the same thing at NZNR only it's 4 parallel lines instead of one. Any ideas anyone? FSX and Acceleration. EDIT: Time is approximately local Noon. The same line appears in the same spot when AH is NOT running - same aircraft, same airport. I also checked with the default hang glider - same thing, so let's assume a problem with the scenery rather than the a/c. YET ANOTHER EDIT: Under the heading RTFM - The Orbx forum covers this (although, as is usually the case with forums, difficult to find). The checkbox "Ground Scenery Shadows" under the Settings Heading - Scenery - should not be checked (ie: must be OFF).
  4. Fellow Pilots. Rob have run into a case of excrements hitting a rotating device for increased airflow coupled with some unexpected FSX issues. So we need a replacement pilot to take us up to Lugano. Give us a shout here, or to the usual email if you want to fly it, first one to yell gets it. Just remember the restriction in place. The plane used needs to have a MTOW of at least 100,000 lbs..
  5. As mentioned in the announcement of section 7 we will be ending this ATWC with a multiplayer event in the same way as we did with ATWC IV. The date for the event is July the 12th and the session will open at 13:00 UTC, with a 30 minutes preparation period for a 13:30 take-off. The reason we will be doing the flight long before we are nearing the final leg is that I will be out travelling for much of the second half of July, and I will need some time to do the editing of the video. The flight-plan can be found in the attached zip-file, in both FSX and Plan-G format. The plan is to do a Touch & Go at all the nine airports along the route. The session will use the built in multi player function in FSX, so using FS9 or P3D for the session will unfortunately not be possible. Connection to the server will rely in the direct Connection function since support for GameSpy was pulled by Microsoft back in the October 2012 (if I remember correctly). If you are unfamiliar with how this works check out this guide that Jess wrote on the topic. For voice communication we will be using Skype, so that piece of free software, and a free account will also be necessary to have in order to participate fully. If you have 20 minutes to spare, check out all the fun we had last time So, have I convinced you that you should spend a couple of extra hours in front of your FSX Computer? If you want to participate, leave a message here with your Skype user name in it (or just leave a message and send your skype username to me in a private message if you don't want that out in the open) and I'll see you on the apron at London City Airport for the fly-in. Fly-In.zip
  6. Hi all, Apologies but I can't post Leg 60. Had it flown but forgot to upload the photos onto Photobucket before leaving on holiday, hence no pics. I would say either respond to this post or e-mail Mikael at the usual address to get the leg. Kieran
  7. Is this going to happen any time soon?
  8. Hi Guys, I have been out of the flight Sim loop for a little while. I recently re-installed FSX onto my Windows 8 platform, but have run into problems with crash to desk tops & add ons not working correctly etc. I don't think I will ever be able to get the Sim back to the modded & stable state that I played daily on years ago due to the new technology & more advanced PCs now available to me. I am getting the impression that FSX in my opinion has become to old to upkeep and it takes a lot of effort to get it "looking good". I am desperately pinning my hopes on Aerofly FS for being the next big thing although I haven't heard any progress on development for a long time. Was wondering if others have thought the same? Also are you aware of any "new" Sims to the party? Cheers, Sam.
  9. Before I go over to the ORBX forums I wanted to see if someone can answer my question here first. If anyone has Global and Vectors installed, I need help with understanding what happened in my FTXCentral application when I installed FTXVectors. When I originally installed Global, a global icon appeared allowing me to choose it and also tick off boxes for hybrid mode, orbx trees and something else I forget. This allowed me to either choose all the regions I had purchased(hybrid mode) or to select the regions individually. All well and good, worked great for faster loading when not needing all the regions to load when starting a flight in only one region. Those choices existed in the area of Central marked with the number #2 in my image. After I installed FTXVectors two of the FTXGlobal icons have appeared as you can see in #1 in the image above. Clicking on either one only shows the options as shown in the #2 section. Hybid mode no longer appears which causes all regions to load when I start a flight. Before you ask, it does seem as if vectors did install correctly, at least to the point where things do look different in my sim as to roads, railways and bridges. If you notice above, I have North America ticked but when I flew over Scotland for the MEBAR Rally it appears as if the Scotland region is turned on anyway. For the folks with global and vectors installed, is this what you see when you open FTXCentral? Can anyone explain what's going on? Did I miss something after reading the manual over and over? Appreciate anyone that can enlighten me on this.
  10. This appears to be incorrect... the radials do not intersect. "Navigate to Waypoint 2 - intersection of 167 deg OB radial from TIR VOR and 160 deg bearing to LAY NDB"
  11. OOOPS... I guess I should have posted this here This appears to be incorrect... the radials do not intersect. "Navigate to Waypoint 2 - intersection of 167 deg OB radial from TIR VOR and 160 deg bearing to LAY NDB"
  12. Hi gang. As you might have noticed we've hit a snag with Leg 44. While I fully understand the reasons behind the delay on Remingtons part we need to move on with the challenge. I've given Remington until 08:00 UTC tomorrow to post his PIREP, but if no PIREP have been posted by that time I will need someone to fill his shoes. Give me a heads up here, or through e-mail, if you want to fly the leg if the need should arise. If no other takers come through I will fly the leg, hopefully I can squeeze it in tomorrow night.
  13. Searched google for NDB DY and came up with Missouri, China and Uzbekistan. Any help
  14. I would like to get a working RAF Hercules in my hanger. This is providing to be a hard ask. So far I have tried four versions: Just Flights payware model. It always crashes on deployment from the aircraft selection screen. The CaptainSim payware model demo, this has the same problem as the JF model. The AlphaSim freeware model. Works just fine but the quality is so poor,especially the VC. The SimShed freeware model. Externally it is OK, but the VC displays a strange light blue curtain over the instruments and windows about the width if the instrument panel itself. I have installed the JF one successfully in the past, but it had a very pronounced and adverse impact on my frame rates. Any suggestions as to why the JF/CaptainSim one should cause FSX to crash? Are there any good C130's out there that are not on my list?. J.
  15. Can anyone help this poor bush pilot out. I got the Dash 8 recently and knew enough to get her up and flying, it's a great flier, but knew I would have to read through everything so in I went. I am up to the extra downloadable tutorial written by some RW pilot, my eyes are burning, my brain is smoking and I have all the previous manuals leaking out of my ears. Q; I see when to turn on the AC generators during the Captains originating checks but for the life of me can't find when to turn them off. I mostly understand everything about using external power or both that and the APU on standby generator+bleed and needing to turn the batteries off when on external power. I think I am also confused about how the power is being used because of how far down the check the AC generators go on. When the aircraft is first entered, lets say the external power and APU is off, everything is running off the batteries right? Then why would you at that point also have the DC generators switched on, what are they doing and where along the line does everything turn to AC power vs DC power. When your flying the batteries stay on although the bus tie(whatever that does) is turned off. Any help for the layman is much appreciated. Other than this I think this plane is pretty cool but it sure keeps you awful busy. What, Clearance is only giving me 20 minutes before taxi ....pause sim.
  16. Gday, I was hoping somone could help me, when I start up my computer airhauler starts up all by itself every time. Anyone else have this problem? FIXED: I have a G19 keyboard with the small LCD screen that displays info when playing AH, when booting up the computer it would start AH,uncheckiing it in the CUSTOMIZE LCD DISPLAY tab stoped it starting up AH everytime I started up the computer. CHEERS Mr ALLARDJD
  17. Due to unforeseen circumstances James will not be able to fly leg 40 as planned, so this is a call to all interested pilots to fill in the now empty spot. Please reply to this post or by email to atwc@mutleyshangar.com if you are interested. If there are no takes by the time the PIREP for leg 38 is posted i will fly the leg.
  18. Hi all. I have just bought FSAddon's Fiesler Storch and having some problems with it. When I load it up, after a few minutes, my PC starts to ping, as if there is a serious message box appearing. However there is no message box to be seen anywhere. The next this that happens is I get a message saying that the PC is out of memory, and that is the end of FSX. Has anyone got this aircraft? if so did you have any issues? J
  19. J G

    Bouncing FSX

    I have just done a fresh install of FSX and have a bit of a problem. When I start a flight my aircraft seems to start just off the ground and drops down onto the ground, it then resets its self to it start height and drops down again. It does this repeatedly resulting in a bouncing aircraft, and is unusable. I doesn't happen all the time, sometimes the a/c bounces once or twice, and tends to happen with the same aircraft, usually add-ons. Has anyone a cure for this? J
  20. Does anyone use this system? I cannot find a definitive answer on the various "Review" sites as to whether or not this unit has a twist (rudder) axis on the joystick. It appears that the unit is intended to be used with rudder pedals and makes no provision for mapping the rudder to a twist axis on the stick. There is no way I can fit a set of rudder pedals in a comfortable position in the navigation station on my boat. It is necessary to sit with your lower legs in a vertical position. Comments?
  21. I researched the forum posts here on Mutley's to see if I could find a solution - there are a couple of references, but nothing specific to my problem. I loaded a new 3rd party airport (CYYJ_2011) into FSX yesterdy and started getting the following error: So I went looking and found the reference in my ....\FSX\Scenery directory i the Scenery.CFG file - here's what it looks like (note the Area.117 heading): I reasoned that all I'd have to do is either: 1. Change the line "Active=True" to "Active=False" 2. Remove (comment out) the whole block of code under the [Area.117] heading I copied and pasted Scenery.CFG to the same directory, thus creating a back-up copy of the file to return to if everything went sideways. Then I loaded FSX. All went well initially. The error box did not show on loading the FSX Menu with my default aircraft and my (new) default airport (CYYJ - the one in question here). But, when I hit "Fly Now", FSX crashed, showing a white screen and "FSX Not Responding" in the menu bar. Not to be discouraged, FSX does this "Not Responding" thing often, I shut it all down and started FSX again. This time when I hit "Fly Now" all went swimmingly. Inquiring minds must know...so I tried #2 (commenting out the whole block). Looks like this: This time, FSX loaded, but displayed it's "Configuring New Scenery Files" (or something similar - went way too fast to really see it) pop-up box before it went to the FSX Menu. "Fly Now" went without a hitch. I'm going to recommend #2 as the preferrable method of solving this problem. That is, other than NOT installing any 3rd party software in the first place. Maybe this will help someone else in the future.
  22. I have just purchased the Just Flight DC3, and cant wait to get stuck into it. However I have an issue..... As you can see from the above I get a cutaway DC3! I have checked the JF support site and they do mention that you must have Service Pack 1 and 2 installed. I have MS FSX Acceleration installed that should have both in. If I try to install SP2 it tells me that it is already in place. Has any one had this issue before and solved it? I really want to fly this old lady! J.
  23. Hello Gang. Sadly, due to real world events beyond her control, Jess will not be able to fly the next leg into Lanzarote. So we need someone to step in and take her place for the next leg. If you are interested send an e-mail to atwc(at)mutleyshangar.com and let me know, first come first served (but if you already have a leg in this section please wait before you pull the trigger and give those that so far haven't participated a fair chance).. The deadline for the leg will be extended a couple of day to give the new pilot some time to plan the leg too. If there are no takers by Wednesday I will fly the leg.
  24. Brand New Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals for free no catch only collection as I cannot get to a p.o. as my local p.o. was one of the ones closed recently. Original box, software and instruction’s available. I could sell it on Ebay but like a cat I want it to go where it will be appreciated. 10 days old. I live in South East London on A2 near Old Kent road and Tower Bridge, easy access from South East. I cannot use them due to my disability. This offer is available to bona fide members of Mutleys Hangar and I will ask Joe
  25. C-130 Anyone flying the Captain Sim C-130? If so, let me know if you're experiencing the same issues with the glideslope, described below. I've a few issues with it that I'm wondering about: One is covered elsewhere in MH and has to do with flying the C-130 in AH where the electrics go out immediately after takeoff. The solution to this problem has been to accept the default panel conditions and start the engines with Cntl-E. This problem doesn't affect AI pilots. The latest one that is tripping me up a little bit is the glide slope indications. GS capture seems to go well, the needle coming alive where it's expected - then all visuals go wrong. If I fly the needle the VASI (or more modern equivalents) is always indicating that I'm way too high. If I bring the aircraft up to match the needle I break out over the opposite end of the runway (it's that bad). My first few approaches resulted in go-arounds when there was nothing in sight at DH. Took me a second to realise there was nothing there because it was behind me. At first I thought it might be a glitch with the airport I was heading into, in that case CYYJ. CYYJ has a localizer problem in FSX where the localizer is off to the right of the runway (27), but there is a fix available and it is installed. So I was blaming the airport programming, initially. That is; until I did a few circuits and visual approaches in CAVU WX conditions. This detected the VASIS versus GS needle discrepancy. Also the "Don't Sink!" and "Pull Up!" verbal cockpit warnings which can be very distracting when you know you're way above the GS. These warnings are tied to the needle position so, naturally, start nagging you if the GS is turned on during a normal visual approach. Still convinced this was an airport programming problem, I flew off to CYVR for some circuit work on 26R. Same problem. I'm convinced there is an issue with the aircraft programming and have no idea how to go about repairing this. It will likely be buried somewhere in the gauge settings. I might play about with replacing the stock ADI with one out of the stock FSX aircraft group (I have gauge programming software, but not a lot of expertise). I have already done this as I have GS in my Aerosoft Beavers, not a stock item. This was a pretty simple gauge swap and might solve the problem that I'm having with the C-130. Comments or suggestions welcome.
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