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Found 109 results

  1. I'm trying to create a BGL from an XML that I made in the OPT. The OPT created the scenery XML and placed in in my FSX documents folder. I then placed it in a folder on my desktop along with a copy of the BglComp.exe” and “bglcomp.xsd. I try the old drag and drop with the XML and it does not create the BGL in the folder although the command box thingee shows for a half a second. Anyone know why this is not working for me? Please keep in mind that I am not a code wiz. I did a search for an answer and the only thing I came up with is to do it manually, which was a bit beyond me, using a command prompt.
  2. Does anyone else have this? I'm using Horizon Photo Scenery with UK2000 VFR Airfields and Treescapes all of which I understood to be compatible. I've come across a couple of little errors eg at Carlsile some of teh default scenery seems to leak through. The latest one I found was this at Llanbedr, I don't know if I have something set up wrong or whether there is some problem with compatibility. Any suggestions?
  3. Travel Question Travelling tomorrow - haven't flown in several years. My plan was to put laptop and cellphone in my carry-on, but put chargers and cables in the checked bag (on top, so easy to inspect). My thought was that the carry-on with a bunch of wires and cables might be an additional inconvenience going through security. The cables and chargers might lead to the checked bag being opened and inspected but will not inconvenience me and those items should not be theft-prone. Flawed logic? Is it better to just put the cables and chargers in the carry-on too? Need a quick answer, if possible. John
  4. More help needed I'm afraid. Completely out of the bue tonight I tried to fly a couple of jobs and received this error. I've never had this before and I was only flying AH last night - the only thing I've done today was update the Catalyst Control Centre software to the lastest version though I can't see how that's related to AH, FSUIPC and FSX. Any suggestions? It looks like this is going to cost me AH money and reputation EDIT This is worse than I thought I can't start FSX at all never mind via AH
  5. More help please I was doing a little FSX housekeeping yesterday by getting rid of some free stuff I tried out. I simply uninstalled them as per instructions or so I thought. Ever since then I've had this error at FSX start-up Any ideas on how to fix it? I've looked in the scenery.cfg and can't see anything obvioulsy wrong but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. It isn't causing a problem that I can see at the minute - just annoying. Plus I don't understand how it happened.
  6. Well this is really puzzling me... Realised last week that I had no contrails anywhere so I used a freeware AI contrail updater. When I loaded a saved flight, the Carenado Bonanza trailed smoke and then small puffs. Adjusted temparerature for contrails to something ridiculously low to prevent formation of contrails to no effect. (therefore smoke???) I opened another flight and they were no longer present. Case closed. Now they're back. Another location, newly installed aircraft, and all aircraft now blow smoke, doesn't look like a contrail. On loading the original flight that showed the smoke last week, no smoke is now present... Have deleted all AI contrail related files in Effects and put in 2 AI contrail files from FS1 disc. Last week this area had no issues, now the Bonanza is a real environmental hazard. Back in British Columbia, the same aircraft is now no longer the problem it was last week. This aircraft trails three plumes, one central, two from each wingtip approximately. Toggling the smoke system makes no difference. Any suggestions gratefully received....I'm stumped,
  7. I'm still having some slight difficuklties with these pedals in terms of getting a good balance set-up. If I turn the sensitivity down to get smooth action for the brakes and rudder I get the brakes actually activating when they shouldn't particularly with A2A aircraft. If I turn the sensitivity to max the slightest touches can engage the brakes severly with dire consequences in some cases. This picture shows my current set-up ans I wondered how other users had there pedals set? If anyone has time to explain null zones it would be greatly appreciated - after discovering the problem with my throttle was that I needed to increase the deadzone I'm confused but at least with that settting I could see in the control panel where the controller was and adhyst it precisely. Is there such a thing with CH Pro pedals?
  8. Edit - fixed - somehow the "Panel Opacity" in the fsx.cfg had reset to "0" instead of "100" The latest in a series of minor irritations with FSX is hidden menus. I don't know if I've checked a box or changed something I shouldn't but now when I open a menu in a flight the menu is hidden from view. It happens on all aircraft in FSX so I'm assuming something has changed in FSX or in Windows. The example below is in the A2A Spitfire - when I press "Shift 2" a black box flashes up where the menu should be for a second and then nothing. If I right click in the area in which it flashed up I get the option to unlock the menu which then makes the menu visible again. Subsequent "Shift 2" selections bring the menu straight up into view!!! I run FSX in windowed mode but th esame happens full screen. Any suggestions?
  9. EDIT - Sorted it - I had to adjust the deadzone in the Saitek control panel and that has reset it correctly. (This could of course be a software issue so I have posted over on the A2A forum - but just in case it's an FSX thing) Is there a way to calibrate the throttle and how would it be done? In the new A2A P40 when I have the throttle on my Saitek X52 Pro stick at zero the P40 throttle is at 9%. If I move the throttle in the cockpit with the mouse to zero it jumps back to 8-9%. I've not noticed this before. I'm assuming it should be at zero of course? Picture with physical throttle at zero.
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