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Found 62 results

  1. SSG 748 Freighter, paint supplied by @jaydor.........weather UWXP and Trueearth UK XP11......heading out of Gatwick for Frankfurt, uummm beer and sausages.....Oktoberfest.... JF Warrior, AH for XP hauling tools to Plymouth, can't get enough of this True earth........
  2. wain

    BELL to Wales

    Dreamfoils Bell 407 near the Severn Bridge.....
  3. Last night i purchased the Just Flight C52 for XP11 and its a really nice aircraft. Thank you Just Flight for this and look forward to others being released for XP11.
  4. needing a little help here please, if a monitor has a res of 2560-1440 and fsx / p3d has a res of 1920- 1080 how is the display effected? does it get stretched? is it more detailed, more pixels? also re xp11 I can't seem to see anything about resolution for that, anyone have any ideas? still haven't pulled the trigger on a new monitor.........more money available now though....
  5. New one just released from Just Flight..... been a pleasure this one has...just a few shots....
  6. Authorised to post a few shots of this one now.....sorry about the numbers, still testing.. default XP except this AC.....
  7. Recent update of Xenviro to a WIP 1.08.......I think it was a good idea to release it and get more eyes on the job searching for bugs etc....it seems better to me, I have clouds etc maxed out and frames are reasonable, aircraft is IXEG 737 and I know they don't exist but I have a Berlin (the place) connection from my Army days so I do like this livery.... reXE: there are a few issues, the main one is when looking down from above your aircraft can appear to be in a clear bubble, but not always....I have seen some great pics especially with the dawn / dusk lighting in XP11........ Pushing back the only addons for this currently are the Aicraft, weather and Ai, all the scenery is out of the box...
  8. So I managed to get my hands on this A320 from Flight Factor, did a couple of flights, mainly on my tester route, EGGD-EIDW......all went well, I am seeing a lot of people having problems that aren't problems but it seems lack of Airbus knowledge, devs don't really help with a 10 page pdf and basically a link to Airbus 300+ page handbook...I always feel releasing something like this there should be at least a basic flight tutorial explaing how to use the product...Anyway for me it was all fine as I have used Aerosofts and JAR'S buses.....all looks fine to me, had a few warnings of faulty things but sorted them nothing major.....install was easy, through the MCDU for activation, some people having issues with EFB, again move the mouse away it's all sorted, it seems there are people that don't try the obvious first......it followed the FP very well, sticking to restrictions and capturing the approach and ILS with no issues.....landing perfectly, with spoilers activating and reverse thrust all working as should, people on XP forum claiming this is broke but I am not seeing this....I don't like that FF always sell livery packages, however XP forum is packed with freebies that are good quality, some great talent out there that do it for fun....... slightly off topic but I have an external log from another poster a while back, it seems if you fly to destination and return it thinks you hav not gone anywhere, guess I have to close down sim between flights, shame really but no big deal...... so here are some shots........... ready for the push... pushing..... climbing above the cloud... office view... approaching EIDW..... on the GS.... down and nearly stopped, thrusters and spoilers working... starting the return trip....... landing at Bristol.....
  9. Trip in the FF757v2 from Manchester to Dusseldorf..... pushback at a busy Manchester.... snow shower gone, nice place to have a quick drink... awaiting our turn... climbing/cruising.... turn to descend.... touching down, landing was a bit long, to busy trying to get picture...
  10. Had a decent meal last night and they put me up in the Staff Quarters which, was ok I guess, but the important thing was that the holy batton of Mutely was safe. No alarm, no headache, yea I thought last night was a bit dull. But I got through my morning routine and was greeted by Geoff downstairs and we got in a Golf Cart and drove to the airport. Quick weather check (mostly clear skies by scattered closer to the coast) and I'm escorted out front of the terminal for the visual inspection, and introduction, of my ride for the day. "Yea, we want you to give this beauty a test run on a little regional trip from here to the coast and back and give us your report. Antonov have been courting us for a while and we have been looking for a little regional jet for some of the smaller trips so they sent us an AN-148-100B." "They even got the paint right, but don't pay attention to the rego, it's actually from one of our 717's that wont be flying whilst this little girl is here." Geoff then took me round and we completed the visual inspection before he introduced me to Yuri who was the Antonov Instructor that came with the 148. "You fly jet before?" he asked as he crushed my hand in a gorilla grip that could pop a coconut. "Yea, but nothing this small before. That's, that's one hell of a grip you got there Yuri, where you perhaps a bear wrestler in a former life?" He just looked at me and released my hand. And stared at me. And laughed; "HA! You make good joke!" as he slaps me on the back hard enough to stagger. "Geoffrey, I like him, he can fly my bird." (The way he said it though sounded like boid) Don't ask me how by Yuri managed to squeeze himself into the right hand seat and took me through a quick familiarization with the 148 as we got her started and out onto the runway. Still under instruction, take off was by the numbers and we were soon up to our cruising altitude. For once, the weather man was spot on. Just as we were hitting the ranges out side of Proserpine we got some cloud. BUT once we got past the ranges, it was clear again. This whole region is pretty famous for sugar cane so I dipped down a bit to Yuri. "Ahh, sugar cane da. Make good Vodka." I looked at him. "Rum you mean." "Did I say Rum? No I say Vodka." "oh... kay" Out of the cane and into the Whitsunday Passage, turning onto a long final Yuri and I go through our final checklists. A very nice touchdown at YHMI. Nothing much to say really. Guided into our parking spot.... I think I've seen this guy around before. Anyway, parked and stowed and Yuri filing me in on the 148 and the different variants and how he flew a 158 into Cuba once for Fidel Castro himself. He had a wealth of stories and it seemed once he started talking he just wouldn't shut up. Somehow I had to ditch my new best mate and find Tim, hopefully he would be at the main Hotel bar and not one of the multitude of banana lounges on either side of the island. Flight Sim: X-Plane 11.05 Aircraft: AlphaNovember Antonov AN-148 (coming soon). This is an update I am working on to the original AN-148 released by JARdesign for XP 9.60 Livery: QANTAS by Hartmut Krueger Scenery: Longreach: Part of the VOZ 1.8 Scenery pack Hamilton Island: YBHM Hamilton Island Airport 1.1' Orthophotos by Ortho4XP
  11. True enough, after stumping up to the bar and asking the lady behind if her name was "Doris", she got me sorted and stowed in my room. I asked if I'd missed the fight tent or not and she said that I was just in time as they'd rolled in just before I did. Going to be an interesting night! Sure enough, once the sun went down, the lights came on and the call went out! Yes sir, you too can get some free denture work from these travelling professionals! Just another quite night in Birdsville! I think the big horse race is on tomorrow so good thing I'm clearing out tomorrow before the crowds arrive. ANOTHER late night. ANOTHER early morning. ANOTHER pounding headache. I really hope the Dak is ready for our next little jaunt. I checked my duffle before leaving the pub and the batton was still securely stowed so we were good to go. I went looking for Jeff at the main hanger just round the back of the pub. O.o "A full paint and spray in less a one day? Damn you work fast mate.", I said to Jeff. "What? I thought you knew what was happenin'?" "Nah, mate I just fly where they tell me to, was wondering why I had to drop in here on the way to Longy." as I scratched the top of my head. "Yea we got the order through the other day that you were coming through and we had to repaint her for her new home. You're on to Longreach yea?" "Yea..." "Well she's gunna join the other birds they got out there for the QANTAS museum idn't she. Ha! She'll look great next to that big ol' 747 they got there". "Yea I've seen it before.. passed through in a C-17", I said, hoping he'd be a little amazed "Yea right ay. Painted one of them up for a bloke in NZ last week. Look, anyway you gotta get goin' but if you need a new coat a paint for your bird, you bring her to me right." Apparently Jeff runs a roaring trade in Aircraft restoration. Who knew. Right so anyway, we (me and the baton) got lined up on the rwy and got on our way. Did see something strange though immediately after take off.... Must've been the annual Grey Nomad convention.... Anyway, that was Birdsville. Don't blink or you'll miss. And so I settled down for a lot more of the same really. I did get a little bit of green. Not much. Just a little. Came in a bit high so went for a go around. I'm not flying the C-17 so can't really do a tactical descent. Touchdown at YLRE. The marshal guided me around and got me to park right in from of the other two birds currently on display at YLRE and signalled me to shutdown and close up. Got the Dak all cleared and cleaned, hopped out the back and was greeted by another bloke who looked mighty familiar. Said his name was Goeff. "Ahh I see my brother did a great job with her." "Who now?" "Jeff in Birdsville. He's my brother. And before you asked, yes our parents were comedians", he said with a wry grin. I opened my mouth to say something, left it hanging for a bit and then shut my pie hole. He'd probably heard it all before. "Hope you don't mind, but we've got you doing a test flight tomorrow for us. We're looking at maybe getting some new regional jets. Should be a good little trip by all accounts and I'm sure you'll appreciate a couple of days on Hamilton Island before returning huh?" New regional jets? Sure, why not. Plane: Aeroworx MJ C-47 conversion for XP11 Livery: Personal conversion of (I think) @jankees QANTAS for the MJ C-47 Scenery: Ortho4XP and HiRes Mesh from JASA Photo: Courtesy of one of my work collegues from a recent 4WD trek up the Birdsville track P.S. I actually grew up in the bush (YNTN) and I remember the boxing tent making the rounds along with a few other carnies so we'd have our own town show cum fete. No, I don't miss it.
  12. I awoke to sweltering heat, a headache the size of Manhatten and my alarm blaring in my ear for what seemed an age. Could have sworn I only had a couple of beers with Steph, but man is my head ringing. Whats the time?? 0600, ok so I haven't slept in too late. What's the temperature? 35. crap. gotta buy more water! I got up, grabbed my gear and checked out of my hotel room and got one of the bush taxi's to Connellan Airport where I'd been told I had a surprise waiting for me. I still had NO idea what bird I was going to fly but I'd managed to fly my way out of Asia taking little contracts here and there (Air Force kinda kicked me out after "loosing" the Spartan). This was not going to be any different. Well apart from what I had stowed in my duffle; Once again, the mighty baton had landed in my lap some how and I was entrusted to escort it on it's merry way. I had three contracts all up, one from here to Birdsville (might be in time to catch the fight tent), then on to Longreach and finally Hamilton Island. Been a while since I'd stopped off at YBHM so it'd be good to just laze on the sand for a while after this trip, though I might see enough sand to last two lifetimes going by my flightplan. At any rate, after buying the cateen's last slab of water bottles I was greated by this gorgeous beauty. Looks like I'm back in the DC-3 again. Well no complaints there! Looks like she's an old Northern Territory Airlines bird she might even have been one of the original Connellan Airways girls from after the war. They've certainly maintained her well enough. OK Well, time and the heat is a wastin' lets get her up into the air where it MIGHT be a bit cooler. Wasn't long and we were up in the air Can't say I'm not happy to say goodbye to Yulara. That light show last night was something else but all in all, the red outback is not my stick. Give me the mountains or the Atherton Tablelands any day of the year. And being this close to Uluru, I really couldn't help myself I just HAD to do a low circle around it. As we came around the back end there we saw the other famous rock(s) out here, The Olgas. No time for a flyby past those fellas though, it was time to start my climb and get underway. One last look behind and we're on our way guys and gals! You know, I have NO idea what this ridge is called, but when you're flying around and EVERYWHERE is just flat red sand, you tend to perk up a bit when we get a little treat like this. Now that I'm back in civilization, Uncle Google says that is Mount Conner Remember how I said it was flat and red. Yea.... Oh oh! Excitement, there's an airstrip! Pretty sure this is for some huge cattle station. In the middle of nowhere. More excitement! We've crossed over the boarder and are now in Queensland. No more red sand! Just more yellow sand...... I hate sand.... It's gritty and it's coarse, and it gets everywhere! Birdsville ahoy Capt'n. No bouncing kangaroos here, just a really nice easy landing. One of my best yet. Coffee and Brett'd be proud of me. I get the bird around the the main "hanger" and a bloke comes out, helps me shut her down and says "Strewth, we thought you weren't comin fella. Head into town there and ask for Doris at the pub, she's got your room sorted and we'll get the bird sorted for your trip t'marra." I give him a little eyebrow look at "get the bird sorted" but just shrug and go looking for Doris at the pub. Plane: Aeroworx MJ C-47 conversion for XP11 Livery: Personal conversion of (I think) @jankees NT Airways for the MJ C-47 Scenery: Ortho4XP and HiRes Mesh from JASA
  13. wain

    onto Brussels

    On route to Poland, EPKT to be exact, however I don't get mych time to fly long and this one only cruises at around 200kts so have to do it in steps, first one from Bristol to Brussels, with a few days Christmas shopping or trying Belgian chocolate or beer, in any order.... all set up, gps on but using vor's thanks to PlanG planning... on the cruise, quite low, PLanG suggested 5500ft, that's fine on this bit of the journey... cant' decide which weather to use, this was Skymaxx Pro, I find this brings FPS down to around 25-35 though... channel hopping now enroute to mainland Europe.. just coming round on the ILS, love it when a plan comes together, landing was smooth but this one is a handful on the ground.......
  14. wain

    Rotate MD

    Did a bit of extra window cleaning on Saturday morning, thought I would spend some of the cash on this......Rotate MD80....not had time to fly yet but just gone through initial cockpit prep, so far I like it very much...
  15. Picked this one up the other week, email from Cameron saying sale at Xaviation so straight over and got it, been waiting for XP11 upgrade......nice bit of work, all looks fine, it's actually a bit of a handful and apparently the real version is banned in some places........always seems to want to roll to the right.....anyway a flight today from EHBK to EGGD, tested the checklists, startup, Navigation, Autopilot and ILS capture and landing and all was well, I even got a round of applause from my virtual pax.......a few shots below, great value I think (£15)..... ready to run through the checklists. ready to taxi, sorry landing lights are on... all cleaned up and climbing out, fairly descent weather.... just love the glass effect.... descending down to capture the ILS.... soon be home... flaps, gear, just about on the ILS.......after this I hit a cloud which cleared just in time but I couldn't get a final shot....
  16. Few shots of a flight a week back .......... thanks for viewing....
  17. So seeing as my P3D seems to be tech until at least November 14th, it seems only appropriate to give XP11 a fair chance and decide which sim I prefer. (Sorry XP11 fans, it's still P3D for me!) I've recently bought a few addons to try and make my XP11 experience as realistic as possible. Unfortunately the ATC massively lets XP down in my eyes. In these shots you'll see XEnviro, Flight Factor B757 pro and World Traffic. I must admit the FF757 is 100x better than the PSS B757 available on P3D. Almost everything is clickable and it's a close representation to how the aircraft actually flies - give or take. Anyway, without any further ado, here are the shots from the flight: UAL16 KEWR-EGLL KEWR22R PORTT3 PARKE J6 ALB J563 COVAN N386B YRI N562A JANJO NAT/Y BEXET SLANY UL9 DIKAS UL18 GAVGO UL9 KENET OCK1A EGLL27L You join us just after TOC, prior to our Oceanic entry point. Uneventful cruise - approaching first light just west of Ireland I have to admit, I love the way XP11 lights up the leading edges. Great effect! After 5hrs 48mins, those beastly RB211s powerback, and we begin our descent. FL140 by Kenet. Leaving Wales behind, entering England via the Severn River/Bridge Some descent shots After leaving Epsom, downwind 27L On profile, about to capture the localizer Fully established, maintaining 160kts until 4DME as per Heathrow ops All parked and ready to secure at Terminal 2B She's somebody else's problem now, goodnight aircraft! Our full routing thanks to XP moving map plugin (I only discovered it in the cruise, hence the non EWR starting point!) Thanks for looking, all comments/suggestions welcome! Have a good weekend all
  18. So a rare day off today, early flight from LEBL to LSGG in the IXEG737, I am going to do the same flight in Ifly 737 in P3Dv4 to compare how it is..... anyway hope you likes the ride..... waiting for loading to complete.... waiting for th GO..... departing Barca..... all lined up, floating down, recently got some help from a couple of the guys from over on Xaviation regarding a few things on my landingswith this plane, all seems ok this time... all seems good here, not sure on the screen what 1CH in yellow means though... all safely parked, thanks for flying JET2.......
  19. After a fortifying coffee I decided to have a quick look around Lukla before loading back into the Spartan with Flores to head on to Paro. Met this nice chap who gave me some tips on mountain photography. Here he is here without his jaunty green cap he'd just taken off for the photo. Got a few nice shots and thought I'd return to the bird with some warm goats milk for Flores. Only one problem... SHIT. Where's the bloody plane??? It was then I got a txt message from Flores who was apparently stuck in the Spartan as it was being towed back to Kathmandu for "extended parking in a 15min zone". So that's what that sign was for.... Told Flores to sit tight, I'd get it sorted out once I got to Paro with the baton, I couldn't come back and get her as I was already running late. Thank fully a quick call to HQ and I was able to "commandeer" the fresh new Tara Air Twin Otter sitting on the apron. Quick run through the check list and it's down the runway and off!! And what a view of the mountains we had! Since I only had the twotter, I didn't want to fly right over Everest so this is as close as I got. At this point I was at about FL210 and the DHC-6 was starting to really struggle in the thin air. We only JUST made it through this pass into the valley below And a whole lot of this for miles and miles. Eventually I crossed out of the mountains and back into the plains around VEBD where I had to drop off the Otter and procure another ride. And WOW, what a ride! Had a guy meet me at the terminal who, funnily enough, had the same green cap my friend in Lukla had. Oh well he said that this plane had to be delivered to her new owner in Paro and if I knew anyone that could fly her there. I certainly wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to fly a DC-3. Even a cheap Russian knock-off. Making the turn at VE44 heading north to the PRO VOR. Some amazing rivers flowing out of the mountains into this area. This was not going to be an easy trip, short though it might have been. To make matters worse, the camera broke during landing so I can't even show you how pretty Paro was once I (eventually) landed. Wonder if I can claim that on expenses.... Anyway, time to try find Jess in the lounge somewhere I guess and hope she didn't get too board waiting for the damn rookiee to show up! Sim Details X-Plane 11 FSRealWX for weather injection (real world) UnRealistic Carolina Blue Skys Ortho4XP RWDesigns DHC-6 Twin Otter VSkyLabs DC-3 Project AFL LI-2 CCCP 63885 livery
  20. Had a bit of time at last to get a descent flight in, early evening trip from EGCC to EDDT, IXEG737 in Air Berlin colours....... ready at the gate pushback time...... ready to roll... climbing out.... heading towards our first waypoint.... all set up at cruise alt... staying above the weather..... nearing Berlin, descending ....... more of that weather...... on the gate, nearly time for a beer... hope you enjoyed the trip......
  21. wain

    737 updated

    So IXEG have updated their 737 to now make it compatible with XP11, this is version 1.2 and is a free update, downloaded yesterday and went for a short flight, all well except hard landing causing a burst tyre, which in XP then has you stranded off the runway..... I know the last one is a bit pointless but I like the silhouette with the light cloud and street lighting.....
  22. LEG 1: Not much of an adventure but I have embarked on a tour of all my European addon or fully functional 3d airports in XP. Anyone that uses XP will know that it ships with thousands of Airports but not many with buildings, but the community for XP is way different to any sim I have ever used. So some airports I visit will be freeware, some payware. I may use a variety of aircraft but not totally sure yet....I am also as far as I can use this as an exercise of improving my nav skills using VOR etc as opposed to diect gps tracking and hopefiuuly as we go along flightplanning will improve to..... Sadly my first trip was not a very good one for sightseeing, low cloud and Plan-G put me at 9500ft so mostly clouds I am afraid, these are Skymaxx Pro 4.5, however after a PM or 2 with Phil I have gone back to Xenviro which I think I will be sticking with for the rest of the tour....weather and especially ATC are my 2 bug bears with XP, a guy on XP forum raves about PILOT2ATC but I have looked at it, just not sure as I don't really want one where I have to speak......anyhow on with a few pics, I plans for the others to be more below the clouds r at least wait for better conditions to fly in.... crusing above the weather, EGPF though 3D is not a very good airport so you haven't missed much... you can see what I was up against with the size of that cloud... sun statring to set heading down from Wallesey VOR toward Liverpool....... love XP at this time of day, turning left soon to go into EGGP.. EGGP just to the right of picture.... all safely down and parked for the night... I promise better pictures of the flight on leg 2.......
  23. Bought this one the other day, about £24, first payware solely for XP11 using PBR internally and externally....really like this one, you can have wing tip tanks if you like, interacrive checklists that you can use but don't have to...the handling feels really good, it goes where you point it and also trims quite well.....comes with approx 13 liveries and there will no doubt be a lot posted on the dotorg.....had an issue where the flaps weren't working, posted onsite and about 3 hours laterdevs got back asking me to try any plugin conflicts, they were right it doesn't seem to like Xsaitekpanels plug in so all good once that was removed...some of the dials can be clicked out and moved on screen, someone said that was very helpful for VR....never heard of these before but I will definately buy from them again.....here are a few shots.... this one shows preflight interactive checklist..
  24. wain


    New ride I picked up a week ago, spent a few days going through the procedures, start up etc....great interactive checklists on this, really teaches you where the things are, every switch / knob / button / lever up need to operate pulses gently saying 2 I'm over here", and you can turn that off if you want so you just have normal checklists with no help..... flys really well to, did my usual test flights from EGGD-EGCC and back a few times, captured ILS no problem, hand flew the landings and feels great....can't get the hang of the Boeing FMC though, probably as I am mostly in buses, I have read the massive amount of paperwork but there is just to much info, watched a view vids that seem to be helping...anyway here are a few shots, weird thing is I was getting no reflection, turned off HDR and it looks great....
  25. OK just a quick example from a long form post I'm working on. These shots of Mt Taranaki were taken just outside of New Plymouth NZNP in X-Plane 11 and show the difference between default, NZ Pro mesh/overlay and what Ortho4XP can do with custom DEM files for the mesh. I flew out from New Plymouth, over the ridge and turned right to circle back around. Saved the replay and then came back into the sim after: Disabling all add-ons (Default XP) Enabled only the AlPilotX NZ Pro Mesh and Overlay Enabled the Ortho4XP tiles and overlay I tried to timestamp each shot so that they would be as close as possible to the same angle. I'm posting these a little larger than I normally do so that the difference is more obvious and they are also clickable for the full size version. Default X-Plane 11, Looks pretty good for default. AlPilotX NZ Pro Mesh and Overlay. A bit more detail there in the mountain. Ortho4XP and Custom DEM. Did someone order some detail to go with their sim?? The next set of shots were taken after heading over that ridge and turning to the right with the mountain behind us. Default X-Plane 11 NZ Pro Mesh and Overlay. Looking better. Ortho4XP and Custom DEM. OMG it's a not a mountain it's a VOLCANO! I've got a few more tests to do as with this particular mesh I had the curve tolerance (basically the mesh detail slider, the lower the better, defaults to 3) down to 1 and so the mesh itself is around 900Mb and I was getting around 25-30fps on my rig (i5-3360, GTX970 4G, 16Gb RAM, Win10 x64). Aaaaand since I love panoramic landscape: Multiple screenshots run through Hugin to stich them all together. Want to try again and cut out all the Helo's but one and see if I can get a "better" shot.
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