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Found 69 results

  1. After a fortifying coffee I decided to have a quick look around Lukla before loading back into the Spartan with Flores to head on to Paro. Met this nice chap who gave me some tips on mountain photography. Here he is here without his jaunty green cap he'd just taken off for the photo. Got a few nice shots and thought I'd return to the bird with some warm goats milk for Flores. Only one problem... SHIT. Where's the bloody plane??? It was then I got a txt message from Flores who was apparently stuck in the Spartan as it was being towed back to Kathmandu for "extended parking in a 15min zone". So that's what that sign was for.... Told Flores to sit tight, I'd get it sorted out once I got to Paro with the baton, I couldn't come back and get her as I was already running late. Thank fully a quick call to HQ and I was able to "commandeer" the fresh new Tara Air Twin Otter sitting on the apron. Quick run through the check list and it's down the runway and off!! And what a view of the mountains we had! Since I only had the twotter, I didn't want to fly right over Everest so this is as close as I got. At this point I was at about FL210 and the DHC-6 was starting to really struggle in the thin air. We only JUST made it through this pass into the valley below And a whole lot of this for miles and miles. Eventually I crossed out of the mountains and back into the plains around VEBD where I had to drop off the Otter and procure another ride. And WOW, what a ride! Had a guy meet me at the terminal who, funnily enough, had the same green cap my friend in Lukla had. Oh well he said that this plane had to be delivered to her new owner in Paro and if I knew anyone that could fly her there. I certainly wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to fly a DC-3. Even a cheap Russian knock-off. Making the turn at VE44 heading north to the PRO VOR. Some amazing rivers flowing out of the mountains into this area. This was not going to be an easy trip, short though it might have been. To make matters worse, the camera broke during landing so I can't even show you how pretty Paro was once I (eventually) landed. Wonder if I can claim that on expenses.... Anyway, time to try find Jess in the lounge somewhere I guess and hope she didn't get too board waiting for the damn rookiee to show up! Sim Details X-Plane 11 FSRealWX for weather injection (real world) UnRealistic Carolina Blue Skys Ortho4XP RWDesigns DHC-6 Twin Otter VSkyLabs DC-3 Project AFL LI-2 CCCP 63885 livery
  2. Had a bit of time at last to get a descent flight in, early evening trip from EGCC to EDDT, IXEG737 in Air Berlin colours....... ready at the gate pushback time...... ready to roll... climbing out.... heading towards our first waypoint.... all set up at cruise alt... staying above the weather..... nearing Berlin, descending ....... more of that weather...... on the gate, nearly time for a beer... hope you enjoyed the trip......
  3. wain

    737 updated

    So IXEG have updated their 737 to now make it compatible with XP11, this is version 1.2 and is a free update, downloaded yesterday and went for a short flight, all well except hard landing causing a burst tyre, which in XP then has you stranded off the runway..... I know the last one is a bit pointless but I like the silhouette with the light cloud and street lighting.....
  4. LEG 1: Not much of an adventure but I have embarked on a tour of all my European addon or fully functional 3d airports in XP. Anyone that uses XP will know that it ships with thousands of Airports but not many with buildings, but the community for XP is way different to any sim I have ever used. So some airports I visit will be freeware, some payware. I may use a variety of aircraft but not totally sure yet....I am also as far as I can use this as an exercise of improving my nav skills using VOR etc as opposed to diect gps tracking and hopefiuuly as we go along flightplanning will improve to..... Sadly my first trip was not a very good one for sightseeing, low cloud and Plan-G put me at 9500ft so mostly clouds I am afraid, these are Skymaxx Pro 4.5, however after a PM or 2 with Phil I have gone back to Xenviro which I think I will be sticking with for the rest of the tour....weather and especially ATC are my 2 bug bears with XP, a guy on XP forum raves about PILOT2ATC but I have looked at it, just not sure as I don't really want one where I have to speak......anyhow on with a few pics, I plans for the others to be more below the clouds r at least wait for better conditions to fly in.... crusing above the weather, EGPF though 3D is not a very good airport so you haven't missed much... you can see what I was up against with the size of that cloud... sun statring to set heading down from Wallesey VOR toward Liverpool....... love XP at this time of day, turning left soon to go into EGGP.. EGGP just to the right of picture.... all safely down and parked for the night... I promise better pictures of the flight on leg 2.......
  5. Bought this one the other day, about £24, first payware solely for XP11 using PBR internally and externally....really like this one, you can have wing tip tanks if you like, interacrive checklists that you can use but don't have to...the handling feels really good, it goes where you point it and also trims quite well.....comes with approx 13 liveries and there will no doubt be a lot posted on the dotorg.....had an issue where the flaps weren't working, posted onsite and about 3 hours laterdevs got back asking me to try any plugin conflicts, they were right it doesn't seem to like Xsaitekpanels plug in so all good once that was removed...some of the dials can be clicked out and moved on screen, someone said that was very helpful for VR....never heard of these before but I will definately buy from them again.....here are a few shots.... this one shows preflight interactive checklist..
  6. wain


    New ride I picked up a week ago, spent a few days going through the procedures, start up etc....great interactive checklists on this, really teaches you where the things are, every switch / knob / button / lever up need to operate pulses gently saying 2 I'm over here", and you can turn that off if you want so you just have normal checklists with no help..... flys really well to, did my usual test flights from EGGD-EGCC and back a few times, captured ILS no problem, hand flew the landings and feels great....can't get the hang of the Boeing FMC though, probably as I am mostly in buses, I have read the massive amount of paperwork but there is just to much info, watched a view vids that seem to be helping...anyway here are a few shots, weird thing is I was getting no reflection, turned off HDR and it looks great....
  7. OK just a quick example from a long form post I'm working on. These shots of Mt Taranaki were taken just outside of New Plymouth NZNP in X-Plane 11 and show the difference between default, NZ Pro mesh/overlay and what Ortho4XP can do with custom DEM files for the mesh. I flew out from New Plymouth, over the ridge and turned right to circle back around. Saved the replay and then came back into the sim after: Disabling all add-ons (Default XP) Enabled only the AlPilotX NZ Pro Mesh and Overlay Enabled the Ortho4XP tiles and overlay I tried to timestamp each shot so that they would be as close as possible to the same angle. I'm posting these a little larger than I normally do so that the difference is more obvious and they are also clickable for the full size version. Default X-Plane 11, Looks pretty good for default. AlPilotX NZ Pro Mesh and Overlay. A bit more detail there in the mountain. Ortho4XP and Custom DEM. Did someone order some detail to go with their sim?? The next set of shots were taken after heading over that ridge and turning to the right with the mountain behind us. Default X-Plane 11 NZ Pro Mesh and Overlay. Looking better. Ortho4XP and Custom DEM. OMG it's a not a mountain it's a VOLCANO! I've got a few more tests to do as with this particular mesh I had the curve tolerance (basically the mesh detail slider, the lower the better, defaults to 3) down to 1 and so the mesh itself is around 900Mb and I was getting around 25-30fps on my rig (i5-3360, GTX970 4G, 16Gb RAM, Win10 x64). Aaaaand since I love panoramic landscape: Multiple screenshots run through Hugin to stich them all together. Want to try again and cut out all the Helo's but one and see if I can get a "better" shot.
  8. wain


    So after @OzWookiee asked regarding SMP and Xenviro I decided to take the IXEG 737 to EGGD in some very cloudy conditions. This kind of cloud coverage I can not get with SMP, they never appear even on max settings to go all the way to the horizon...getting reasonable frames to only the odd drop but very flyable and usually mid to hig 20's and even up to about 35, but very smooth which is important......so all good now but I must bite the bullet and buy a really good responsive controller, last 2 cost £17 & £27, just need a stick, I like this but not sure if it's any good or available in the UK...... http://store-x-plane-org.3dcartstores.com/Gladiator-MK-II_p_595.html easy pushback....... easy climbing... easy cruz couds as far as I can see all ready for the landing, not so easy though.... getting a bit sideways...... I intially did a fly over then looped back and came in the other way, visabilty was down to about 1200ft, really enjoyed it though, even if I did stop off to left on grass....
  9. This is a great aircraft to fly. Seen here at EGCC Manchester .
  10. wain

    out of KSAN

    Just a quick spin around, took a few shots whilst in some cloud....
  11. Seems EGGD-EGCC is the flight I regularly use now to test out my new purchases, so old Aircraft but new weather program, xENviro, steep in price really but not really much else out there....I do like it a lot but not up to AS16 standards yet.....a few shots of the trip below....I saw no drop in FPS after installing this however frames were very low coming into Manchester at night, EGCC is an addon so quite detailed...... leaving the Bristol area in one of my favourite AC..... up to about 6500ft above the clouds...they aren't perfect but I think are better than the default... dusk starting to come in now.... nearing Manchester now..... banking left for the inbound leg... using the built in map, shows the glideslope amongst other info, I normally put this onto a small 9inch screen I have so it's out of the way... on the GS now and nearly down....nice uneventful trip...........
  12. Been a busy time lately but promised myself some fly time, so saturday evening I dusted off the 320 and did a quick one from EGGD to EGCC, already have a route in the database so that was easy to set up..... beautiful start, out from Bristol heading across the severn....the GPU wasn't connected I just pressed the wrong thing..... didn't set FL to high as it's a short trip.... looking out of the office window as we bank over to head up north... heading in to land, it didn't get dark quick, I had to pause as the Colonel had arrived (KFC) and this pilot needed feeding....I found that pause stops the plane but the clock contiunes.... taxi to park and debus the pax.... just waiting for the cleaners and then we can secure the aircraft.... thanks for viewing......
  13. wain


    So after a hectic time with the business and the end of the financial year and all that I finally managed to test out the A320 and its upgrade to XP11 with a flight from Luxembourg to my home town of Bristol, doing most from memory all went well and all systems seemed to work ok, I did however come in a bit fast and sort of overshoot the runway, no pics of that though, managed to get back ok and the pax all gave me a round of applause on landing.... being guided to the runway... ready for departure though slightly off centre... leaving ELLX and the setting sun, soon be turning towards that.... we have made our climb and are now heading home.... over the south of England now... onoading at EGGD, seems we have some Soviet ground teams working here...... thanks for viewing....
  14. wain


    Picked this up in the week for around £13 from Justflight, always loved this in FSX and now have it in XP11, it was made for XP10 but all works ok, apart from twitchy wheel but it does that in XP10 too.....Leaving EGCC payware and surrounding area.... I messed up and pressed wrong button, however when I tried to add pics they came on small, sorry for that won't happen again.....
  15. Short flight from KSAN KLAX......first Carenado B58 in XP10, second batch Carenado 206H KSAN-KLAX.... NOW XP11.... I am still getting used to the washed out effect of the colours in 11, still not sure about that.....all airports are freeware and the rest of the scenery is default ...I have installed a Mesh freeware addon which improves the base....XP11 is now BETA 17 which is rumoured to be the last before it goes final,,,apart from the destination airport in the last picture I was getting 30+ fps all the way....XP 11 pictures was with default weather and clouds XP10 was using Skymaxx Pro 4....hope anyone out there unsure has found this comparison helpful, I used real weather and the flights were on different days..... Thanks for looking.....
  16. wain

    KBOS at night

    Part to of looking at this freeware KBOS, took a few shots at night.... Thanks for looking...
  17. ChrisE91


    Just a few shots as I try and get accustomed with XP11. Delighted that XP11 has a button which sets the key commands to default FSX commands! Much better! Haven't downloaded any addons just yet other than Gatwick and a Boeing 767 (not working ) but I couldn't help but admire the natural beauty of this sim without any addons. Runs so much smoother than P3D as well - 35fps over central London and whilst doing circuits at LHR! Won't be long before I jump ship completely!
  18. Just randomly flying around, one or two on Xplane forum have said they get CTD's after 2 hours of flight, yesterday I put this one up for about 3 hours, juast random flying using AP changing direction and altitude, all fine...so many variables with peoples installs and plugins etc let alone their PC configuration..... really do like this plane... Default XP11 except the AC which is Carenado, all the text and numbers can be removed but as this is BETA I like to keep them there, stuff at the bottom is a LUA script line that can be removed too....
  19. wain


    I thought I would just try a quick flight in this lovely little AC trying XP11's ATC...it is a lot better than the last version and does give you time to actually do what it instructs, however like all ATC's in all sims it is far from perfect.....here are a few shot along the way.... parked at EGTR,I really dont like how they have done the grass on this addon... up and on our way... we're coming to get ya.... Carenado closeup.... heading toward a sinking sun, Filton just ahead.... as you can see I am a little to high at this point and hand flew to land about halfaway down the runway, armed the approach way to late, busy eating some crisps... Xplane 11, Carenado AC....
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