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  1. Subtitled: Never, ever let me near a FMC So word had got around that the Mutley's roadshow had hit town. President Hu Jintao had declared a public holiday and sent his men to greet us. As we were saying our goodbyes the crowds erupted into uncontrollable sobbing, I thought that they were sad to see us leave, but no, word had got around that Sharon was NOT on board. So just commencing push pack and start up I decided to let the plane fly me to the next destination. Tapping in to the FMC.. Company Route..blah blah.. SID, STAR blah :blah:! We were lucky to get this aircraft. Mr Baggins fr
  2. "Must be something important", Hal commented as we headed back towards the aircraft. Midge had started the engines after the local crew had finished their checks. "And in this weather, too". The mist had come down soon after we'd finished our mid-day meal in the mess - it had looked like chicken, but that's no guarantee - and now it was raining quite hard. Both Hal and Midge had accompanied me to the afternoon briefing with the station chief. I'd hoped for a less conspicuous aircraft, but the old An-2 was out of action. The Russian built bi-plane had been captured in South Vietnam, dismantled
  3. Welcome to Leg 15 of our fourth Around The World Challenge. Today, we are flying from Chiang Mai Intl (VICC), in northern Thailand to Dien Bien Phu (VVDB), in northern Vietnam. Straightforward enough, here's the Flight Plan from Plan-G (Thanks, Tim!):   "Ah", I hear you say "What's the intermediate stop for?". Well, read on... "How many hours?" Hal was shouting above the noise of the P.W.s. I tried to ignore him, but I was still trying to get comfortable. The FC-47 instruments were different to the Dakotas I'd flown in Burma, some were the same but in the wrong position. Hal had set the f
  4. A few people have commented to me about the ATWC coming soon banners appearing. This is what's coming up, hopefully an official announcement soon?! Nice to see Sharon again
  5. Back by popular demand is our Around The World Challenge. Help us take the famous baton around the world, ably assisted by Sharon, your FO/ Flight Attendant! For more details, please read the into here
  6. Pilot ID Name Country ATWC001 Mikael Stockfors Sweden ATWC002 David Williams Wales ATWC003 Rob Scott Yorkshire ATWC004 Brian Buckley Scotland ATWC005 Andrew Godden Australia ATWC006 Tim Arnot England ATWC007 Joe Lawford England
  7. Thought I'd better do some homework with ATWC IV coming (!) - so, here's the VFR approach to Paro with Just Flight's DC-6B: http://vimeo.com/42035505 The music is from the Bollywood movie "Rock On!" - I'm not sure what the lyrics mean but the guitar soulds good ... Try the approach for yourself - it's great fun! Enjoy... Cheers - Dai.
  8. Here we are putting in the research for the ATWC IV later in the year We may be coming here, any guesses where it is?
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