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Found 2 results

  1. I'm going to start this thread while I'm waiting for P3D to Uninstall - takes forever. I've already restored my scenery/texture files using the Rex procedure and then backed everything up in P3D. The reason for all this activity is that Rex Essentials didn't work in my P3D sim. I started this with the intention of going to the PMDG 777 and got keen on seeing some better upper air textures. After an initial glitch where Rex would not recognize my account for P3D, which was solved by the boys at Rex, I found that a lot of the advertised functionality within Rex just didn't work. Principally, the flight planning and then the "Fly Now" buttons. I'm assuming the textures worked out OK as there were clouds about in the test flight that I did. Problem with that was that I was using real world weather and it was a beautiful day here about so there wasn't much cloud activity. The flight planner in Rex just didn't work - period. I tried several times loading up short flights. They showed up in the box but that was the end. When I hit the "fly Now" button which is supposed to launch P3D and load up all the weather, etc., nothing happened. No P3D, just a button that did nothing. So I gave up on that and went to the page where there was another big "Fly Now" button. Pushed it - nothing! P3D has uninstalled so I'm going to disappear for a while to re-install it. I originally had P3D in the default Win7 location C:\Program Files (X86)\Prepar3d 3D v3\ etc. Rex insists that it should be installed outside that default path, so that's where I'm headed. Incidentally, FSX has always been mounted at C:\FSX. I don't know why I installed P3D in the default location - silly of me, no? See you later.
  2. HI everyone I finally got around to installing the REX Essentials and Overdrive that I bought back at the end of 2013 (yes, I know... I managed to misplace the discs for a while!) I'm having some issues with it and I could really do with a bit of help. I did find a really handy YouTube video explaining about installation, which happened to be posted by one of the original Beta Testers for the Overdrive software, but I'm still not having much luck. I have installed the software from the 3 discs I was sent when I purchased it. At the end I am prompted to make sure I have run the installer (which I did). I have installed it on a separate SSD from the OS and FSX in a separate folder called REX Essentials and Overdrive. UAC isn't an issue as it is outside the Program x86 folder. Kaspersky AV was switched off. All seemed ok. I set up my Profile name and did a backup of the configuration as it suggested. I then went to download the Service pack to update version build 3.7.2013.0715 to 3.7.2013.1126 but the instructions state that I had to do the following as part of the Installation process for the Service Pack: STEP 1 - Download the REX Download Manager. Start the download manager. Try as I might, I couldn't find any reference to a 'REX Download Manager' either in the instruction manual in the original install, nor on the net (apart from a few other people who were as confused as I was!) The YT video suggested that the Service pack contents be unzipped and then the .exe run, so I gave it a shot.. all seemed to be happening ok until it finished and I rebooted. Going into the program, I was greeted with screens that were blank some of the time and then jittery the next. I thought I must have done something silly so I uninstalled it fully, cleared the registry of any data and then reinstalled from scratch. I thought, this time i'll play with it as is before I load the service pack. I managed to load FSX from REX (as was suggested in the YT video) but I kept getting a pop up every 10 minutes or so saying "the weather engine could not be loaded. Please check that the file exists and try again". Funnily enough, as I was already in the air when it started to appear, I just clicked ok and then my flight would un-pause and I would get a message on a green background saying "[REX] - Real time weather loaded successfully...." I'm not quite sure what to do with it.. Has it loaded and I've just missed something silly in the configuration? What is the mysterious 'REX Download Manager' which is quoted and yet appears to not exist ? Does anyone have any ideas ? Cheers all
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