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Found 4 results

  1. BCAR 2017 For those unaware, Bluegrass Airlines is running another rally, this time the Bluegrass Can Am Rally 2017. I have already unofficially flown the NZAR and GAAR 2016 so I thought I would do this one OFFICIALLY and in THEME Yes, that's right, I've left the C-17 in the hanger and have fired up the incredibly gorgeous Grumman G-73 Mallard by LDR (Original model by Martin Shupe) available from sim-outhouse (details at the bottom). The Test Flight The Test Flight is required to set an initial time for you as a pilot and your chosen aircraft so that the organisers can post a recommend Time En-route for each leg. This test flight sees us taking off from either Seattle-Tacoma Intl (KSEA) or Will Rogers Wiley Post Meml (W36), I took the water route considering the Mallard, and once airborne climb to a cruise altitude of around 4000-7000 then pass overhead Renton (RNT) on the 197 track towards Graye GR. The time enroute is to be reported from passing over RNT to GR. Start 00:00:00 And we're off racing past Renton. The first time I flew this flight was the first time I flew the Mallard and I completely stuffed it up and was only getting around 110-120Kn. Majestic Mt Rainer in the distance. This time though I had more of a handle on how to fly the G-73 and had her properly trimmed and leaned. Did you know you can tell you've got the right lean mixture by the sound of the engines??? Genius!! Passing over the docks. Before I flew the flight, as I normally do, I scoured the freeware resources for scenery and came across BlueSky Scenery. They have done an INCREDIBLE job with Ortho for several west side states and so I grabbed what I needed in the Washington state area for this flight and the results do not disappoint. Normally I would do this myself in X-Plane with Ortho4XP or FSET for P3D, but since this was already done for me I thought I'd take advantage of it. Links at the end to their website and I'll be making a donation later too. They say you should never look behind you but when it's this pretty... And we arrive over the Graye NDB. I ended up flying around 140Kn which is a little below the standard cruise speed of 150Kn (30" and 2K RPM) Finish 00:10:44 Thanks for reading guys and gals. I look forward to bringing you the rest of the Rally soon in an OFFICIAL (as in I participated in the rally, I am not way, nor will my post be affiliated or representing the organisers) post soon. If only BlueSky had d Sim: P3Dv4 Scenery: BlueSky Washington Aircraft: LDR Grumman Mallard
  2. I've always loved flying. Ever since I was a kid and was allowed into the cockpit of our flight from Townsville (YBCS) to Perth (YPPH), damn I'm going to have to fly that route now... anyway, always loved it and have dabbled with Flight Sims over the years but since we bought our home last October I finally got my self a decent SimPit and have hit the sims in a big way. But I digress. after a passionate stay with Euro/American Truck Sim I finally got into Flight Sims and have been looking for something to really sink my teeth into as a good way to learn different aspect of flying and I stumbled upon the MEBAR after watching one of Froogle's YT vids. WOW, ok so cruising up the coast of Chile, yea that could be fun. Oh that's a really great looking plane for X-Plane, ok I'll fly that. Hmmm Ortho4XP.. yea I can do that! And so I found myself, ensconced in my Man Cave, with Wampa the Snow Dog (samoyed) beside me, a reef of airport sheets, the MEBAR run and weather sheets and a bunch of excitement to start. Leg 01 of my own personal Odessey had begun and what an amazing place to start! I honestly think I spent more time gawping at the amazing scenery and taking screenshot after screenshot than I did flying the damn plane (helps that the L410 is so nice to fly!). But I'm sure you can forgive me, especially when we passed one of our biggest waypoints of the trip. Leg 01 also lulled us into a false sense of security as all I can say about Leg 02 is thank goodness I was wearing my BROWN pants! Departure from SCNT was ok, a bit of water but otherwise fine. However what awaited us in the skies would leave us quaking in our jimmies for most of the flight! CLOUDS! And worse still... MOUTAINS IN THE CLOUDS!! At one point I managed to find a break in the clouds and decided to descend under the cloud cover as it should be "easier" WRONG After rounding the horn to the right I then proceeded to fly by instruments alone for a good 10 mins before finally breaking through. All this at an altitude of 1500' And ahh.... I kinda called BS @ SCHR and did not even attempt my touch and go there... BECAUSE IT WAS COVERED IN CLOUD!! I citied safety of my craft and crew for my failure to Touch N Go and I'm sticking to that. (it's just over that rise apparently) And then, when I'd FINALLY crested the last mountain.. the clouds parted and showed me nirvana, a clear run to SCCC. PHEW, made it. Many brews were drank that night! These two legs actually took me several days to fly due to Darth RealLife(tm) But I did manage to get a real good understanding of Ortho4XP and managed to find an EXCELLENT site for Freeware sceneries for Chile https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1DaqLfwaq0jnMxREy02Hh-MkiQCI&hl=en_US&ll=-32.961907060261204%2C-84.0956185&z=3
  3. WINDSOR LOCKS, CT, USA – December 16, 2016 – FlightSimCon 2017 is proud to announce the opening of Early Bird Registration for attendees. FlightSimCon is the largest annual aviation and flight simulation conference held in North America. This year’s event takes place on June 10-11, 2017 at the Sheraton Hartford Hotel at Bradley Airport “We are excited to open Early Bird Registration for this year’s event,” said event volunteer Evan Reiter. “I’ve been involved since the first FlightSimCon in 2013—it’s been amazing to see the event grow into a worldwide activity.” Registration opens today for all attendees, and will stay open until the event. Early Bird Registration prices for the weekend will remain the same as last year, and will be $50 for adults and $40 for students and student pilots. There is also the option to purchase just a one-day pass ($25 for adults, $20 for students and student pilots) and discounted prices for children. Prices go up once Early Bird ends on January 31, 2017. FlightSimCon 2017 is being held at The Sheraton Hartford Hotel at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT, approximately 20 minutes north of Hartford. The venue is connected directly to the terminal at Bradley International Airport. FlightSimCon has never been easier to get to: Bradley International Airport features non-stop service to many major markets in the United States and around the world, including new and expanded service to Los Angeles (via American Airlines) and non-stop flights to Dublin, Ireland (via Aer Lingus). The new venue boasts far more space than in previous years, allowing more vendors, communities, and exhibitors to participate in the event. With longer hours, more conference rooms, and advanced check- in available on Friday, FlightSimCon 2017 promises to be the biggest and best event yet. The conference has already secured its first sponsor and exhibitor of 2017, Orbx Simulations, which will be returning as the top tier sponsor of the event. New sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors are being added now—and updates will be made available on the FlightSimCon website, on Facebook and on Twitter
  4. There has been a lot of renewed interest in flight simulation recently and 2017 is going to be a key year. We will have the new 64 bit Dovetail Flight Simulator coming on to the market, which if Flight School is an early view example, will be familiar to FSX and P3D users alike and will feature scenery by Orbx and aircraft from Alabeo from the start? Then there is X-Plane 11 with its new user interface, flight models and lighting and more than likely a V4 of Prepar3D by the end of next year which may not be backwards compatible if it is 64 bit. Do you feel a need to be 64 bit? if so you will have to pay for the privilege, some developers have already said 64 bit is going to be a whole new ball game and it won't come free. Perhaps you are happy with the flight sim you have now and no doubt have a huge investment over the past 10 years? Or are you new to the scene trying to figure out what will be best to go with... We would love to get your feedback, if you haven't been considering the future of our hobby perhaps you should? Developers like to gauge our opinions so here's your chance! Please join in and comment in the forum below. Thanks
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