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Found 5 results

  1. Sherementyveo evening arrival:
  2. Global Air Cargo on the Cargo ramp @ Munich transferring cargo's: Aerosoft Munich, FSDT GSX, PMDG T7..
  3. PMDG is proud to offer the PMDG 777-200LR/F for Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D (v2.2-v2.4)* *Product tested with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.2-v2.4. Compatibility information with Prepar3D versions will be updated as new Prepar3D versions are made available, and may require software updates depending upon changes made by Lockheed Martin Corporation. The ultimate simulation of the Boeing's incredible Long Hauler is now available in Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D! Experience an airliner simulation unlike any in the history of simulation with this feature rich and magnificently detailed simulation of the Boeing 777-200LR and Boeing 777F. Packed with detail, authenticity and a plethora of options to keep you learning and experiencing new avenues of flight simulation flying. Created by experts for the enjoyment of experts, the PMDG 777-200LR/F Base Package will please new flight simulation enthusiasts looking for their first true airliner experience while it simultaneously thrills experienced simmers looking for the kind of depth and authenticity that only PMDG can provide. PMDG 777-200LR/F Base Package will give you almost everything you could want in an airliner package. The PMDG 777-200LR/F Base Package spares no detail with incredibly accurate cockpit displays, a full-featured flight management system, highly accurate LNAV/VNAV and auto-thrust modes, precise and realistic ground and satellite approach navigation capability, dozens upon dozens of optional pieces of equipment with which you can customize your 777 cockpit and literally hundreds of potential mechanical failure scenarios that you can activate to challenge your flying skills and your airplane knowledge. PMDG has once again raised the bar on visual quality with an incredibly detailed, accurate and functional virtual cockpit, hundreds of switch animations along with their accompanying sounds, a visually stunning exterior model accurate to the finest detail. This product contains the base package that all users must install in order to use the PMDG 777-200/300 series of products. This package includes the 777-200LR and 777F aircraft type. The aircraft performance and operating characteristics for each type of aircraft is unique and highly accurate to their real-world counterparts. More here http://www.pmdgsimulations.com/pages/product/P3D/777LRF.html
  4. I mentioned elsewhere (Kaspers latest ATWC post) that I had been having a bit of fun with the PMDG 737 NGX lately. What I didn't mention there is that it has been giving me fits with FSX. I'm going to lay the blame solidly on PMDG's doorstep because nothing else, none of the other planes in my hangar (that I've flown lately) experience the same problems. Problem #1: Many "not responding" error messages. Fortunately, always on startup. Sometimes takes two or three attempts to get the 737 stable enough to start a flight process. Never crashed during a flight. All of the PMDG suggestions for proper setup have been followed to the letter. Problem #2: I normally run FSX in the standard screen mode, ie: not full screen. I do this because I often pop out to other programs to do things pertinent to the flight. Eg: read sids, stars, approach plates, etc. while flying. In the 737, if I do this, I cannot recover FSX by clicking on the FSX icon on the lower task bar in Win7. To get the sim back, I've got to load Task Manager and recover FSX by "bringing it to the front". This one is real strange because it's absolutely the first time this has ever happened. Problem #3: I'm using a Gamepad, because I'm travelling, instead of my usual joystick. This required some changes to the default.cfg file in the controls setup menu. All other planes that I've flown using this Gamepad operate as advertised. The PMDG 737, on the other hand, occasionally scrambles the button assignments. Picture the throttle increasing during taxi when I press the decrease button. First, I increase rpm, to about 30%, to get the plane rolling, then immediately decrease to idle. The plane rolls along quite nicely at very low throttle settings. Last night, I ran across this problem where the rpm increased despite hitting the decrease button. The solution was to use the keyboard commands F1 - F4 to control the throttle. At the same time as the throttle inputs were scrambled, the brakes (assigned to the two "shoulder" buttons) ceased to work. This requires the application of the period to slow or stop the plane. Loading the default Cessna 172 without exiting FSX yields normal responses to these inputs. PMDG specifically mentions NOT to use FSUIPC to assign button commands, so I have not done so. In fairness to PMDG, I'm using two different pieces of software/hardware than I have used in the past when flying the 737 back at home. The first is the Gameboy. I'm NOT convinced this is a problem because it is using exactly the same software (FSX default control menu) as I use with the Logitech Joystick. The second is a piece of software called "VAInterface Lite" which links the iPad "Virtual CDU" to FSX over a TCP/IP connection. I have not tried testing the PMDG 737 without this software and link. Easy enough to do and if it yields results, I'll report back, here. Don't hold your breath. I have been very careful NOT to load one session with the PMDG software over another. This is specifically noted as being a no - no by PMDG. They remark that lots of instability will be your reward if you make this mistake. Sequence is: Finish flight, Exit FSX, Restart FSX, Load new PMDG session. I'm not put out by these issues. I know I'll eventually find the solutions. I am, otherwise, very happy with the PMDG product and have been planning on adding the 777 as soon as I get back to Canada. That's my $0.02. YMMV
  5. Just published is Kasper Hanselman's review of the Captain Sim 777 Captain Sim 200 / 300 v1.2 CS always produce a fine looking aircraft but does the realism end there? Read on..
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