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Found 3 results

  1. So we now have P3D running I think quite nicely, started a new company in AH2, past my TR and got the first job, just a quick run across to Farnborough with some tools...been having an internet issue (changing provider in a couple of weeks) so had to manually set some weather as I couldn't download real weather....really enjoyed this short one it felt good to be flying instead of installing, and there's a lesson to us all try to fly more and not tweak so much......uneventful trip but on both TR and this the ILS seemed to be taking me slightly to the right of the runway, hand flew in though so all was good, not sure if thats an ORBX thing or Navdata, any suggestions? flying quite low with these clouds.. seems to be clearing here... correcting the ILS error... a nice bit of fun was had....it's good to be back.....
  2. Air Hauler 2 is initially being released as an 'Early Access' version. Early Access means that Air Hauler 2 is not yet 100% complete, but is at an advanced stage of development, meaning that it can be released to everyone who's keen to see what’s new and provide their input, if they wish, to help the developer in adding new features and resolving issues in the final stages of its development. AIR HAULER 2 EARLY ACCESS FEATURES In-flight menu system – manage your company and accept jobs without leaving your host simulator Cargo jobs – more variety, better paid jobs, and much, much faster generation than in Air Hauler Passenger operations – fly single passenger jobs between any airport you choose, or set up a schedule and routes for your airline to fly. You can let your AI pilots fly these routes or you can fly any of them at any time. New AI pilot skills tree system – AI pilots can now be ‘trained’ in over 18 different skills which bring benefits to your company. As the AI pilots improve, they ‘level up’ in rank which gives them more skill points to spend. Take missions from clients at airports – supply them with rare commodities or perform photo recon flights or private charter flights. Commodity trading – buy and sell commodities rather than just move them for clients. Make your own fortune trading between airports! Upgrade your bases – upgrade them with fuel depots and commodity storage facilities, allowing you to hedge fuel prices, and store commodities long term. Factories and production – build factories at your bases and use them to produce desirable commodities which can’t be bought on the open market. See full airport charts in Air Hauler 2 itself Find aircraft parts from vendors – find these at larger airports and use them to repair your fleet or build new aircraft yourself rather than buying them! New type rating system – get qualified on aircraft before you or your AI pilots can fly them. Buy and fly aircraft in your personal fleet – you can also transfer money from your company into your own personal account. Buy new aircraft direct from the manufacturer, or buy second hand – have the aircraft shipped to you or go and collect them yourself and fly them home. All-new Map views with great circle routes – several map tile choices are available. Create ‘custom airports’ – create an airport which will be recognised in Air Hauler 2 for any scenery which doesn’t create a ‘proper’ airport in Flight Simulator (i.e. the Orbx series and other airport add-ons). Included database of common aircraft – designed to populate the stats while importing – no more searching for fuel burn figures! (This will be fully populated during Early Access with the assistance of players.) Early Access forum – help shape the development of Air Hauler 2 throughout the Early Access period, and beyond! EARLY ACCESS FEATURES COMING SOON (NOT SUPPLIED WITH THE INITIAL EARLY ACCESS RELEASE) Create, staff and fly for your own Virtual Airline or for other players’ Virtual Airlines Work with other Air Hauler 2 pilots in game to complete community goals to build new facilities such as commodity fabrication factories or aircraft construction facilities Compete for jobs from a global shared job bulletin board Work together with other Air Hauler 2 players to introduce new facilities and commodities into the game by completing shared missions and objectives. See the Air Hauler 2 page on the Just Flight website for more details and FAQs!
  3. Air Hauler 2 will be initially released as an 'Early Access' version 'soon'. The price will be £24.99 which will be a discount of £10 the final version when it is released at £34.99. If you are an existing owner of Air Hauler, the early access version will be available at a price of £19.99 Early Access means that Air Hauler 2 is not yet 100% complete, but is at an advanced stage of development, meaning that it can be released to all those Airhaulics who are keen to see what’s new and who would like to contribute to the final stages of its development. There may be bugs, issues and missing or incomplete functionality in this Early Access version, which is being made available to users who would like to see how this new version is looking and provide their input, if they wish, to help the developer in adding new features and resolving issues. The Virtual Airline feature, for example, ideally needs input from a larger group of users than a small beta testing team and will be implemented during the EA period. For more information and to register for an email when released, pop over to Just Flight here. http://www.justflight.com/product/air-hauler-2
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