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Found 5 results

  1. Offers available for new and upgrade sales visit http://www.hifitechinc.com/news/46-active-sky-2012-summer-sales-event
  2. I can see that REX2 and Flight Environment have a real serious contender. Active Sky now has it's own set of HD textures for Clouds-Sky-Sea-Sun-Moon-Runways-Taxiways etc and they are very exceptionally good. This was a random set I generated, for flying over NZ South Island. This could well be my complete one-stop solution for weather generation and weather textures from now on More tomorrow once I've had a sleep!
  3. Purchase Active Sky 2012 - PRE-RELEASE for ASE users ONLY! 29.99EUR - 3GB Download - PRE-RELEASE Upgrade Offer Expires December 19, 2011 You must have a valid ASE/ASA license key for upgrade eligibility Official Release Pending December 19, 2011. More here
  4. High-Fidelity Weather Simulation and High-Definition Graphics for FSX! Active Sky 2012 expands on the award-winning Active Sky Weather Engine and combines it with brand new high-definition graphics, fully integrated to debut what we call"Total Weather Immersion". Over 16GB (uncompressed size) of high-definition graphics textures in dozens of categories are at your fingertips - accompanied by advanced imaging techniques including high-quality down-sampling and user-recoloring. Easily create your own texture variations with a few clicks of the mouse. Route awareness, weather-influenced selections, custom themes, universal graphics add-on integration and a clean, intuitive interface provide robust command of the total experience. Watch the Video! Read the Active Sky 2012 FAQ See Active Sky 2012 in Action! Features: FSX-Exclusive Integration Active Sky 2012 is designed specifically for FSX Integrated High-Definition Graphics Over 16GB (uncompressed) of beautiful, complex and ultra-realistic graphics textures including Clouds, Sky, Water, Waves, Lights, Roads, Railways, Runways, Taxiways, Sun, Moon, Lense-Flare and more. Dozens of photo-realistic Tropical water sets, new styles of winter runways, and new runway and taxiway textures are also included, in full high-definition quality. Complete Weather/Graphics Integration Weather-influenced selections, route awareness and an intuitive, integrated user interface. Universal Graphics Add-on Integration Using our exclusive Snapshot system, your FSX graphics states containing graphics from any add-on or combination of add-ons can be saved, assigned weather influenced categories, and automatically installed directly from Active Sky 2012 Custom Recoloring Easily create your own recolored variations in several categories including Stratus Clouds, Cumulus Clouds, Wispy Clouds, Cirrus Clouds, Tropical Water, Ocean Water, Inland Water, and all Sky types (Dusk, Dawn, Day, Night). Includes Sounds Several styles of high-quality thunder and rain sounds are provided to accompany your assortment of graphics. Custom 3D Cloud Generation Control the generation of your 3D Cloud textures by independently selecting the different elements including Cumulus sprites, Wispy sprites and Stratus sprites. High-Resolution Runways You can also control generation of runway textures including the surface style and features (cracks, rubber, oil, dust, etc.) independently. Runway textures are provided in unprecedented resolution and maintain clarity and sharpness even at extreme zoom levels. New Winter Runways Photo-realistic runway styles simulating snow, billows, ice and and frozen runway surfaces. Expanded Weather Engine Further refinement of our award-winning and time-tested weather engine technology brings increased realism, accuracy and quality of weather depiction. Improved Flight Planning Includes Auto-route Building, TOC/TOD Waypoints, Integrated Planning and Mapping, Drag and Drop Waypoints and Plan Export Capability. In-Flight Weather Display Gauge XGauge gives full in-flight mapping, radar imagery and textual weather information - Includes XGauge Installation Wizard utility to easily install into your aircraft panels. Accurate Winds Aloft Using global forecast data at 60x60nm resolution, winds aloft around the globe are simulated and smoothed using HiFi's exclusive Direct Weather Control techniques. Hurricane Simulation Hurricanes are depicted using advanced virtual station-generation and real data to provide a realistic weather experience within and in the vicinity of these massive storms. Real-Time Sigmets and Airmets for the Continental United States Actual Airmet and Sigmet data is provided from live data. Weather Editing with Drag And Drop Manually configure every aspect of the weather conditions and apply it to any station and range - or visually drag and drop preset weather conditions directly on the map. Real-Time Global Networked Pilot Reports All Active Sky users will receive networked Pireps as posted by other users, and can make a Pirep at any time. Station Database Management The user is in full control of their station databases, allowing on-the-fly additions, deletions and modifications in several different categories including Physical Stations, Data Stations, Airports, NDBs and VORs. Integrated Visual Mapping See all weather information on the map including route waypoints, precipitation, clouds, winds, visibility, airmets, sigmets, pireps, stations, airports and more. Comprehensive Flight Planning System Easily configure or import your flight plan and view important weather-related information and navigation log. Find Weather Scan the world and quickly find any kind of conditions you are looking for. Direct Wind Control, Visibility Graduation, and Smoothing Using exclusive Direct Wind Control techniques, we have achieved accurate control and smoothing of the wind, temperature and visibility - When enabled, you’ll have an environment with little to no wind shifts, accurate direction and speed, and smooth visibility graduation and transitions. Quadrangle Distance-Weighted Interpolation Technology Intelligent interpolation fills the gaps in weather data. Vertical Air Simulation Technology Realistic up and downdrafts as well as thermals and ridge lift are simulated automatically throughout your flight - Manually configure your own thermals at any time Many Additional Features High-fidelity wake turbulence simulation, historical weather data for the past 3 years, private weather data network access, near limitless options and first-class customer support are just some of additional features that make Active Sky 2012 a great value. Requirements Windows XP, Vista, 7 or later Microsoft Flight Simulator X (deluxe version required for networked configuration) with Service Pack 1 or 2 (free download from http://www.fsinsider.com - Acceleration includes Service Pack 2) Internet Explorer Pentium 2GHZ processor or better 1GB RAM or better 25GB free hard drive space Internet connection for online mode and manual wx file downloads Sound card for voice features Note: Requires online activation in order to use online features. Only one computer may access online features per license purchased. If you need multiple computers that require online access, one license per machine/user must be purchased. Recommended: Intel i7 2.4GHZ processor or better 3GB RAM or better 100GB free hard drive space Broadband internet Please note that all features and specifications are subject to change, and screenshots and videos do not necessarily indicate the final quality of the product. Coming Soon! Active Sky 2012 is in final testing. We hope to release by the end of this year
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