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Found 48 results

  1. wain

    She's back

    Aerosoft have released initially the A318/319, A320/321 to follow in around 5 weeks.......if you previously owned this then it all feels much the same but now works in p3d4.3, I took advantage of the upgrade service they are offering, went to Aerosoft web and bought the bundle, using original keycode you get 50% of so I get all 4 for £37.....A320/321 can be downloaded as soon as they are released....did a quick flight using the option of CP help for the checklists but haven't as yet gone through the MCDU....here are a few shots however I haven't really set up my settings properly since 4.3 full install the other week....
  2. Barcelona is Spain’s second-largest right after Madrid-Barajas and ranks 10th place in Europe. With Mega Airport Barcelona professional sim-wings brings this international hub up to speeds, contentwise. The high resolution aerial image covers a total surface of 4200 km² around the airport as well as the city of Barcelona – the whole area also received autogen buildings and vegetation. The airport itself not only sports detailed buildings, pre-rendered night lighting and several animations, but also features ground markings based on up-to-date charts and an AFCAD file containing real parking codes and approach procedures following AIRAC 1708. Mega Airport Barcelona professional is a native Prepar3D V4 add-on. Compared to its FSX version, it includes more advanced features like dynamic lights, lighting that changes based on time of day and weather conditions, P3D V4 optimisations, and more to make the scenery ready for the future. Features: Mega Airport Barcelona with all buildings and service facilities like VOR, ILS High-resolution aerial image for the airport and its surroundings and city of Barcelona (total of 4200 km²) Autogen buildings and vegetation in all of the aerial image area Extremely detailed airport buildings, Terminal 1 with interior design Detailed animated jetway models (CTRL-J) Safegates at all gates and functional windsocks Partly pre-rendered self shadowing/night lighting Detailed ground markings based on recent charts Scenery and aerial image are geo-referenced to enable best possible compatibility The airport can also be used without the city (e.g. when using other terrain add-ons) Animated vehicle traffic on the apron and around the airport Detailed AFCAD file with airline parking codes and approach procedures (AIRAC 1708) Extended configuration tool Straightforward installation: no changes to default configuration necessary Special P3D V4 Features: All code (BLGs) compiled with P3D V4 SDK, using new material options and being performance optimised to the new engine All objects optimised for new shadow technology Dynamic Lighting (can be turned off per area via the config menu) Ground layout including detailed aerial image following P3DV4 SDK Optimised 3D runway lighting with activation/deactivation based on time of day and weather conditions More here: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/fsxp3d/prepar3d/sceneries/2191/mega-airport-barcelona-professional?c=314
  3. Hiya everyone Just came across details of a sale at Aerosoft. To celebrate their 25th anniversary they have up to 50% off selected titles (a pretty short list, unfortunately) till 1st August 2016 Here is the link to their site: http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php? Enjoy all
  4. Just published is Jess-B's review on SIMstarter NG available from Aerosoft. This was a very popular freeware problem but has been given a host of new features and Jess has been discovering what they are. Read on...
  5. Aerosoft have just released AIRAC Cycle 1607 along with NavDataPro Charts. This is a subscription service with terms being daily, monthly or weekly. A promotional offer good to June 30th 2016 offers a free days subscription so you can evaluate the program. To get the voucher code look here ... NavDataPro Charts Features: Online access to up to date airport charts as well as to high and low enroute charts Easy to use desktop chart client for Windows, MacOS and Linux View, zoom, pan and rotate a chart Print a chart Airport list with search filter by ICAO code, IATA code and name Airport information with current weather information Favorite mode, add any airport to your favorite list and have quick access to it, including display there charts Quick Flight for quick access to the relevant airport charts Kneeboard mode, add unlimited charts for your next flight into the stack view and browse them without switching the menu Search and display all LIDO Enroute Charts including Overview There is also an iPhone app available with this additional features: Interactive map, that display included airports with METAR information and other information like elevation and runway lengh VATSIM ATC display on the interactive map, you can see the current online VATSIM Network ATCs including there frequency and more information airport information and METAR datas Chart Display View include, preview of other charts from the current airport with fast chart switching, Quick "Add to Kneeboard" button ChartAirServer to display the Chart you currently view on your iOS Device on your (via Wifi connected) Computer by simply open it in the browser Download the app at: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/aerosoft-navdatapro-charts/id1069648122?mt=8
  6. Night Environment X Manager (NEXM) v1.2 Update with the release of Prepar3D we are updating NEXM with support for the new Sim Platform please follow these instructions to update your Night Environment X Manager to support the latest Prepar3D v3.x complete instruction and files posted here Santa Monica overlooking KLAX, Night Environment California in Prepar3D v3.0
  7. Just published is John Guest's review of Chris Bell's Night Environment France published by Aerosoft. This was the first V2 release of the Night Environment product line with a lot more control over the output. See how this product stacks up, read on...
  8. Most of you know Aerosoft from Flight Simulator add-ons (or Train Simulation). But we are also growing our other simulator programs selection. For example Global Air Traffic Control Simulation has been a major success on STEAM. But now we are moving into a new territory, the so called casual simulations. Still serious stuff but not needed a 120 page manual. For these projects we are looking for beta testers. Serious people who like to help us make these projects perfect. Contact us at support@aerosoft.com
  9. Just published is my review of Aerosoft's Tromsø X. An international airport over 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle is pretty unique. See how this piece of scenery performed... Read on
  10. Just published is John Guest's review of Aerosoft's English Electric 'Lightning' F.3. Has this instantly recognisable and iconic aircraft been treated well by Aerosoft? Read on...
  11. Just published is Brian Buckley's review of Aerosoft's Thessaloniki X. Read how this rendition of the popular resort performs... Read on
  12. Just published is Nigel Porter's review on FlightSim Commander Version 9. This has always been a popular piece of flight planning software, read what Nigel makes of the latest iteration. Read on...
  13. Just published is Kasper Hanselman's review of Aersoft's Airbus X Extended: A320/A321. - The version reviewed here is 1.15 As the workhorse of many an airline it has to be pretty durable, see what Kasper makes of this model. Read on...
  14. Just published is Micke's review of Lugano X from Aerosoft. Lugano is situated on the northern shores of Lake Lugano in southern Switzerland and is just a short hop across the border to Milano. See what Micke makes of this little known airport.... Read on
  15. Mathijs has posted in the Aerosoft forums "We have just released a new build of the Twin Otter Extended. The 1.03 version contains the tundra wheel model and tweaks to some autopilot files. Also the livery manager is now included. As always there is a full new build on your order history page and an update (1.00 to 1.03) in the support database." Time to update guys!
  16. Tuesday, 20.08.2013 "Twin Otter Extended" fitted with floats! We have updated the Twin Otter Extended with the floater model. As long as we are adding models these updates are free of charge and until the last one is added the lower price of 20 Euro (plus EU VAT when applicable) will be used. There is a full new build (1.04) in your customer account and an update from 1.03 to 1.04 available. The paintkit will be updated this week as well. So go and float!
  17. For our latest review, we sent out our resident helicopter enthusiast David Williams to go and take a look at this scenery and all its helipads! See how Dai got on.. more
  18. Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport is the main airport for Crete. Staff reviewer John Steven has take a virtual vacation to see how this software performs. Read on...
  19. We promised to release it at the end of the week and here it is: Heraklion X! If you travel to Crete you will land on its main airport, Heraklion International Airport "Nikos Kazantzakis" which has finally arrived in FSX and Prepar3D and is waiting for you in our shop! It is the second busiest airport in Greece and squeezed in between the sea and the city it has one of the most scenic approaches in the Mediterranean. Enjoy your trip to the lovely island which is an attractive summer destination for tourists every year Product Page
  20. With the wife safely sleeping, I decided to take advantage of Aerosoft's sale of Huey X . My first impresions are very positive with this heli add-on, frame rates are very smooth for a aircraft that has such a detailed cockpit, I have my frames locked at 30 FPS and the new heli is right up there is the very hight 20's all of the time, also the sound pack that come's with it is superb (even Sabre would enjoy this one ). I'm useing Justflights UK photo scenery, the airfield in the first shot is RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall. Cheer's...Graham...
  21. Andras Kozma’s "Manhattan X“ has received a an update caused by events of New York´s recent history. You´ll now be able to fly over Ground Zero, the tragic place of the former World Trade Center which was destroyed by terrorist attacks on 9/11. The new full version of Manhattan X shows the memorial and the actual state of the development of the new towers. Download customers of Manhattan X will find this version in their customer account while boxed customers can download the latest version from our support database. The Prepar3d version is now also available from the DLC account and the database
  22. Just published is Jess' review of Aerosoft's ViennaX. Jess visited the airport only last year so lets see how this Aerosoft classic is standing the test of time. More here
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