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Found 25 results

  1. Hello all, i'm new here so here is a quick introduction: My name is Ivan and i am a 16 year old Dutch Flight Sim enthusiast. I have been playing FSX since the box version first came out (my dad pre-ordered it for me) I got a total of 40000 hours on box and steam version. I preordered AH2 and made a new company called GSW logistics 2 months ago, Base in ELLX Luxembourg. (GSW aka Global Skyways was a VA i had for 1 year but had to shut it down due to finacial issues) here is my current fleet: 4 737-700C (For big short haul cargo jobs, all flown by Ai) 2 757-200M (For big medium haul. 1 by AI, 1 as my personal plane. Since it is a combi i can still earn cash from passengers if there are nearby cargo jobs) 2 C130's (For big jobs to airports with small runways. Flown by AI) I currently have 10 Ai passengers. Bases: ELLX Luxembourg LOWS Salzburg They both have a long ILS runway and are quite cheap. Now here is a question to you peeps: Buy more 737-700C or Get a Long haul/Big Cargo Capacity A/c (747F, 777F, etc) Start doing pax Open a new base (where) Focus more on STOL aircrafts (C130) Happy Hauling Sincerely Ivan
  2. I'm not sure which is correct - am I losing my marbles? Or, has my Air Hauler (1) database changed somehow? I'm (almost) positive that there used to be a field under "My Fleet" that showed the Cargo Capacity of each of my aircraft. It is still present in the "Lease/Buy Used" and the "New Aircraft Purchase" pages. Anyone care to comment?
  3. Had the DC-3 stuck up in the middle of nowhere while other things were going on. After finally getting back into the cargo game I couldn't for the life of me find a job going back to home base at 7KA that didn't require a 3 hour flight to get to it. To boot, it was at an airport the AI pilots were afraid to take off from. "It's a DC-3 fer chrissakes!" Could probably get her airborne in the length of a diving board when she's empty. Anyway, the trip home made for some decent pics. 9:30 AM and the sun isn't even out of bed Finally some decent light Almost home Just Flight DC-3 Everything OrbX and Alaska (Global Base, Global Vector, openLC AK/CA, Trees) FreeMeshX North America REX 4 Texture Direct and Soft Clouds w/REX OverDrive WX Engine
  4. I have just brought air hauler and am having some problems: 1.when ever i create a company and exit air hauler when ever i come back into the game it has the select company screen but there are no company's there 2.Even when i can get it to work i would load a job and fly to the destination but when i land i would hear a Constance ding and when i shut down the engine and tab into air hauler it will ask me to turn off the engine and wont let me unload the cargo plz help as i would like to get back in the air soon thanks
  5. Hi fellow simmers I installed some extra ORBX airports into FSX in which I have ORBX AU also and everything is gorgeous BUT when flying in Air Hauler the runway lights are not visible from the air! If I zoom right down to the runway I can actually see them but they look as if they're underground!? the airports are YCNK Cessnock and YSCB Canberra. Any idea's?
  6. I'm off to Spain in a few days, so I've been working away at moving current FSX stuff over to my laptop. Just ran into a minor glitch with AH. I put three files in my dropbox from the main computer = ahX.mdb and user_details.mdb from the main AH folder and the company database (Quikaire XXX.mdb) from the "Company" folder. All seems to be as it should be - company loaded (and dinged me for rent in the process), but there's a pop-up warning that FSUIPC wasn't found in my FSX folder. That's nonsense - FSUIPC4 is alive and well and doing just fine in my FSX folder. Anyone have any bits of wisdom to share on this?
  7. I've reached "that moment" in the business where the decisions I am facing have the potential of dooming my business to a point beyond return. I have gotten past my "past due" fees at my last base (closing the base and moving somewhere better within 30 miles allows you to get out of paying the back-rent fees, apparently!) and have amassed over $2m with a fleet of 5 leased DC-3's (one is a C-47 with a modern cockpit) and I am faced with either saving up for the Airbus or opening another base (possibly KSFO) and hoping for some base-base action to help increase income. If I wait for the Airbus at my current base (KVNY, or Van Nuys, CA), it should take me another 3-5 days at our current pace. Opening the new base a bit farther up North may delay the Airbus lease, but may increase profits as base-base operations tend to be (in my memory) more profitable and steady (let alone easier on the dispatcher). I plan on making a decision sometime today and once the stones are cast, we'll just have to make the best of it. One funny little thing that happened: One of my pilots has not progressed quickly enough to be able to fly the DC-3's. As I was assigning pilots to flights with my dispatcher Rachel today, she quickly reminded me that his rating doesn't allow him to fly planes that big. D'oh! He's my second most tenured pilot, yet doesn't have the hours to fly planes in our main fleet! Good thing I kept a Mooney Bravo around for personal flying. I picked up a job that had a deadline 37 hours in the future and was at short range, so even though it was a cargo load of around 5k lbs, I told him to fly it back and forth to get the hours up. He's pretty close, maybe 5 hours away from his next rating which would get him into the DC-3, so between this job and maybe another one or two, he should be caught up and able to fly DC-3's soon enough. Has anyone found planes worth flying between the DC-3 and, say, the Airbus A321? There seems to be a big gap between the two. I figured the 727-200F might be a good interim plane, but it turns out it's even more expensive and carries roughly 2200lbs more than the A321. So much for that thought!
  8. I just started Air Hauler and its beginning to get annoying that repairing is so much money and II was wondering if you can turn that off, thank you. - djjonzz
  9. Im having trouble finding a good place open up my main base in AH im pn medium dificulty.
  10. I'm posting this in AH because it affects my AH flying. I've got an interesting conflict with Orbx PNW scenery. here's the sequence of events: 1. - I set up my home base in AH to be CYCD (Nanaimo, BC, Canada) and flew for a month or so using the stock FSX scenery library. 2. - Pretty soon I got envious of the lovely scenery shots others were posting on MH and decided to get onboard. So, I bought ORBX PNW and, while I was in the store, so to speak, purchased the Pacific Fjords package as well. 3. - This turned out to be a mistake - for AH. Don't get me wrong, the scenery files are wonderful and I love flying them, but It was a bit much for my AH experience. The loading process got to the point where it just took too long. 4. - Being a "follow the instructions" sort of fellow, I went through the routine of disconnecting AH from the Orbx scenery - this is a menu item under the Options tab. 5. - There is also a small subroutine that is supplied with the Orbx scenery, called "FTXCentral". This routine allows you to specify which scenery files you'll be using when flying FSX. I went in there and de-selected "North America", the Orbx files, and selected "Default" which is, presumably, the FSX stock stuff. 6. Now whenever I go to fly an AH job, AH starts me out in the woods a few hundred feet north and a bit east of where I usually leave the plane. Not good. Immediate "Crash" if I happen to get located with a pine tree through a wing. I'm wondering if any of you MH'ers have experienced the same issue. If so, I'd like to hear the solution. I don't want to unload the Orbx software - after all, I do fly other than AH jobs and it is nice to use the better scenery files. I've tried running the AH "Import Scenery" routine several times in the vain hope that AH will loose its lock on the erroneous (for AH) georeference. All to no avail. I've taken to selecting one of the parking spots that is out in the boonies whenever I load AH (Gates 5, 6, and 7) because they don't put me in the woods. They don't put me at the gate, but that is less important than dodging trees. I'm going to give this question a fair go here on MH, then re-post to the AH forum if I can't find a solution here. Elsewhere in this forum, you'll find a short tutorial on Georeferencing as it applies to Orbx and FSX.
  11. Long time since using Air Hauler - too much going on, but... I remember using helicopters in AH and having to land on the numbers - i.e. touch-down on a runway and not the ramp or helipad. I guess this is still the case? Other than default (M.S. generated) helipads - which are few and far between outside major international airports - will AH handle helipads that I insert as Add-On scenery? If you could point me to the right information I'd be most grateful - Thanks! Cheers - Dai.
  12. Air Hauler has now opened a Facebook page for users to share AH experiences etc. More here https://www.facebook.com/pages/AirHauler/386313048107739?ref=stream
  13. Hello Simmers, When I read birdmanmike's Air Hauler adventures I noticed he uses plan-G along with AH. I cannot use plan-G along with AH, I thought it was normal because AH connects to fsx and plan-G also, maybe just 1 at the time. But by birdmanmike it works.. Does anyone have some tips or clues to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance. Jan.
  14. It was business as usual today for PanzerFodders Flying Circus, the fledgling Air Haulage company based at High River, Alberta. Local farmers had feared that PFC was expanding and was about to move to a larger facility in the US, however at an interview with reporters from the High River Echo, Mr. PanzerFodder the founder and owner of PFC, has set their minds to rest and stated that the Flying Circus will be staying in town for now, and said he has no immediate plans to pack up and move on just yet. Panzer added, this place is booming right now, the local restaurants must be making a packet judging by the amount of shrimp and sea food that I'm hauling in these days. Also with the spring approaching fast the local farmers are going to be needing plenty of fertiliser and automotive parts for the start of the growing season, for this reason alone I made a decision to hire a new pilot and leased a Cessna 310R to help with all the extra hauling we're going to be doing, Panzer also mentioned that he hoped the local community were as willing to support the Flying Circus as much as the PFC is willing to supporting them. Watch this space .
  15. On a rainy June day in Holland i was sitting at home and suddenly felt that my job was not suited for me, accounting; which will probably not sound appealing to any of you either. Half an hour later i decided to call my boss to quit my job. Years ago on an outing in Alaska i got my pilot license and flew the dehavilland twin otter for a few months. I decided that i wanted to do something with my license, since it had been lying at home collecting dust. Having some experience in the cargo and express business i decided that i wanted to start an air cargo company in the Netherlands. The only problem is that i do not own a plane and i don't have any money to buy one. Having flown in the DHC6 as my only experience i wanted this to be my first plane, but this plane is at least 3 million dollars, leasing it would be the best thing to do, but i would still need money for the payment. I decided to call Fedex for advice since i had a friend working there, they decided to help me out and help me with the finances. I didn't have to pay anything back as long as i was flying in the Fedex paint and house colors. This is a small thing to do, so all my aircraft should have a Fedex livery which was fine by me. I started of with a 1,3 million bankaccount and a 50% reputation, flying with the Fedex liverie gave me a 10% bonus over the normal 40%. Since i didn't have enough money to buy my dhc6 i decided to lease one. With all the downpayments done, i had 800k left and was leasing a beautifull DHC6-300 Twin Otter which is one of my favourite airplanes. The next thing on the list was choosing a base airport, i wanted to start in the Netherlands without having to pay too much. Since i might be flying during evening as well, i needed an airport with lights. The cheapest airport to start was Drachten Airport in the north of the Netherlands. The only downside is that the runway is not that long only 3100 feet. Since i wanted to keep flying with STOL turbo prop planes i figured this was fine. People warned me that this runway was too short for my Otter, but having flown the beast for many times and landing on tougher terrain and shorter runways i decided to set up base on this small airfield. With an asphalt runway with lights and only an opening cost of 5000 with a 500 monthly payment this was a bargain Since this airfield is hardly been used the manager was happy to welcome somebody to his airfield. Having some money left i wanted to buy a small cessna 208c cargo plane to do the smaller cargo runs, but i found myself being unable to find a pilot since i was not well known enough, i need to build up some reputation first and that will be my main priority, making money and build up some reputation, with 700k on my account i need 1.3 million to buy my otter, i wonder if it would be better to make enough money buying the otter or build my rep and hire another pilot, well worries for later, first i need to get my first flights going and make my first money, my first flight will be in a couple of hours, i will keep you guys informed.
  16. I know FSEconomy has been around for some time, but you still might be interested as it combines functions of Air Hauler with FSPassengers (-ish!). Here's the link to the Introduction page "Getting Started": https://sites.google.com/site/fseoperationsguide/getting-started There's a nice video embedded in this page... Cheers - Dai.
  17. Sabre

    Dawn Delivery

    A short video of a dawn Air Hauler Flight from 1S2 Darrington to 3W5 Concrete Municipal.
  18. A few shots from my first Air Hauling adventure in the DC-6 from KBVS Skagit Regional east over the border to CYCG Castlegar.
  19. Didn't enjoy this flight at all. Imported the ORBX weather themes from FSX to FS9. Makes for a rough ride! Must have been a different flight...
  20. Just snapped this little beauty in the PNW
  21. rob16584

    PNW Hauling

    A few shots from a short flight this morning from 1WA6 to KSHN. My reputation is slowly building now and more jobs are becoming available in this fantastic region! Never seen a perfect mirror image of the sun on the water before in FSX
  22. Just some random shots I've taken since opening Sabre Air Deliveries (SAD for short) Hauling out of Fall City in the Pacific Northwest.
  23. I thought that a job on Air Hauler had a strange ICAO, good job I checked what the runway was like before accepting the job!
  24. John, have you come across this error message before? I'm running AH as an admin, worked perfectly well the last time I used it about a week ago. If I click 'continue' then AH will load but not the company and all the icons are blanked out Thanks
  25. John, Do you know if there is any way to have Air Hauler only generate short flights? I've opened a base in the PNW to use the Orbx scenery and want to stay fairly close to my base and take really short jobs. I've changed the settings to generate more shorter jobs, just wondered if there was another way Thanks
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