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Found 2 results

  1. This is being posted out of curiosity more than anything else: Does anyone have (or did it ever exist) an AIRAC cycle that matches what is loaded in FSX. I don't have the date that FSX was released and don't know if there were any updates to the internal database after publication. Rumour has it that FSX (as we know it) was published somewhere around 2006. That being the case, the AIRAC Cycle would be 06nn where nn is 01, 02, 03, etc. The AIRAC cycles are normally published with the more complex aircraft, like the PMDG 737NX. However, if you want to keep this up-to-date, you have to subscribe to a very expensive (relative to our hobby) subscription service. I'm getting really fussed about trying to match it all up. I don't fly in VATSIM or similar, just me, myself, and an airplane going somewhere in FSX-land. It would be really nice to plug in a waypoint derived from the flight planner in FSX and have the FMC accept it without the ubiquitous "NOT IN DATA BASE" message appearing. The same goes for airways. I can live without SIDs and STARs - those really only apply to VATSIM style flying, or RW flying. I'm just as happy to pick a waypoint about 50-30 miles out (about where you can start receiving the ATIS) and do the mental gymnastics to get to the runway in use. Alternatively, I can get Radar Contact to supply vectors provided I use the ICAO identifier for my destination airport after the last waypoint. RC will get you down to the ILS IAF with no fuss and no need for a STAR. Mostly for Canadian flying - I've taken to writing my own waypoint files (more on that available elsewhere in MH files). If I have an airport where I fly to on a regular basis, I update the FSX database to reflect whatever approach procedures and plates I can get my hands on. This applies to flying in virtual Canada as most other countries don't consider their aviation plates to be "Top Secret". Without Top Secret procedures, you can use published plates and subscription AIRACs. There's also another piece of software out there "MakeRwys" . P.Dobson (the father of FSUIPC) wrote it. My understanding is that it can crank out approach-related data. I've downloaded the file, but haven't had time to mess with it.
  2. Cycle 1112 released! November 17: Cycle 1112 is now available in the FMS Data section. Each cycle costs 20 credits, independent on the number of addons/downloads you make during that cycle. We also offer an annual cycle package (13 cycles) for 200 credits - a 23% discount compared to purchasing each cycle individually. The annual cycle package can be used until the 13th cycle (counted from the current cycle at the time of purchase), as long as you keep your account - even if, at a later stage, your account balance is zero or in the event your credits expire.
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