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Found 37 results

  1. Hello everyone; I hope everyone is keeping safe and flying safe during this troubled time. Quick introduction, though I am hoping that anyone from that old crowd hanging around would remember me fondly. I was quick active back in 2004, and had several utilities from flight simulator; the most popular one was called “FlightSim Manager”: in fact it had won gold award from FlightSim.com; basically it was an Install Wizard, VA Fleet manager, Optimizer, AI Traffic editor, LAN viewer and a lot more. I also had another software called “FSM Moving Map” that would allow you to have google map running within Simulator, or as an external software or even over the network to show your aircraft’s current position. Written in Visual Studio 6 for WindowsXP, and with Microsoft dropping support for both, neither can function without a lot of hacking and messing around. I would like to bring it back to life, with support for modern OS (windows, OSX, and some variants of Linux), and for multiple Flight Simulator like Microsoft FlightSimulator, X-Plane, DCS and so on. If you want to know more about FSM, I have a short introductory video (2m30s) on YouTube. There are also some videos with more details and planned roadmap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWBciqmYjEM Thank you; if you want to know more, please ask away. Best regards Rana
  2. Took a chance and bought 2004, installed just fine, but will not run on my win10 machine. Keep getting do you want this app to make changes to your PC? Click yes but nothing happens. Anybody any ideas? Any help would be great.
  3. Phil Tandy

    Saitek 52pro

    Again thanks for your replies to my HELP. Great suggestion from Jess have decided to try Fs2004. Also have decided to buy a Saitek 52 pro. Seems to have a reasonable rep. Unless anybody knows different.
  4. Hauling in the midwest..
  5. Better start some more serious flying soon, but then again there's nothing like blowing the cobwebs away.
  6. Evening taking in the sights of Portland...
  7. charlie

    East to West

    Scarborough to Blackpool. Left Full Sutton and looped around to the East coast before heading across the Moors and Lakes to Blackpool. Worse weather just past Barnard Castle. Over the Lake District
  8. Decided to attach the Sky box to the internet before Christmas and so moved the my router downstairs....poor wireless range, intermittent connections, new router, virus scanner failure, reinstall everything. Not the Sky Better Effect I was expecting! 3 days later... Looks like my FS9.cfg wasn't in good shape anyway!
  9. ...on the altimeter. ...and a White Mountains run...
  10. Spent a few hours in the holiday and finally set up my stick for throttle and mixture, then downloaded this....back to the drawing board or spend a few more hours in a holding pattern! Highly recommended! http://www.flightsimonline.com/Avia57/
  11. A splash of colour for a winter evening...
  12. Been letting AS choose the skies during half term... New Hampshire... Fog around Perth... I really need to get more time in these...
  13. Low and slow...
  14. The new term's well under way, back to the important stuff!
  15. icudan

    Close call

    Hi all, I was on my return flight from Newark to Midway today and saw an A320 fast approaching me just a little over FL300. Took a snap of him it was a rather close call to be fair!
  16. icudan


    Hello, I don't know whether anybody will remember me, It's been a long time since I have been on the flight sim scene but I've recently started playing a bit more now I used to fly in Europe all of the time but I've started flying in the USA and got myself some new scenery I'm currently flying from Midway to Newark right now and thought I would post a departure shot I just took. Anyway it will be good to see who is still knocking around on here! Thanks, Dan
  17. Evening flight over the Alps...
  18. ...waiting for the paint to dry in the bathroom I dug into enbseries again and moved a couple of layers up the scenery library. I must never have had Martha's Vineyard installed correctly.
  19. Apparently by mistake I inadvertently showed some 'sky' in my last post. My apologies for the shock it may have caused. Repeat sightings have ocurred and I have discovered it is not an isolated incident and that it is in fact a natural phenomenon. Please avert your eyes...no safety net clouds ...normal overcast and stormy conditions will be resumed as soon as possible, the increased display of blue may damage my monitor.
  20. Another purchase for Bluegrass Alaskan...
  21. charlie


    I'd been looking at this a long time ago and the latest Just Flight offer came up trumps. Sibwings Safir with one of Jan's Repaints.
  22. Well I've never known it so busy in the last term...here's the weekend respite delivering in the White Mountains. Interesting weather on Sunday evening, lovely in the south of New Hampshire, then snow in these mountains 150 miles to the north according to ASA.
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