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Found 7 results

  1. So before I knew about this section of the forum and how other people are chronicalling there adventures, I started the first part of this thread here: [unofficial] GAAR 2016 Leg 01 However now I (think) I understand how this works, I'm going to chronicle my adventures in a single thread per area. This one for the 2016 GAAR another for the NZAR 2016 etc. Anyway, go read the first part if you haven't already and I'll get on with the next part of the journey.
  2. After (unofficially) completing the MEBAR I've decided to use another Air Rally as a chance to learn more about our hobby and a new airframe. Now in this particular instance my choice of plane is completely against the theme and I'm sure the intent of the GAAR originally organised by Bluegrass Airlines and I believe our very own @Andrew Godden (please forgive me but I haven't gotten my old birds in the hanger yet and I really wanted something to learn the systems on this baby.), who I will just have to beg his forgiveness and indulgence, however I have decided to use the C-17 Globemaster III by Virtavia (On sale now! http://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=19714&cat=635&page=1) Why did I choose the GAAR then if I was going to go almost against the whole idea? I was born and bread in Far North Qld and the GAAR actually stops in Normanton where my parents have returned to after several years away. (Thankfully I now live in Melbourne) I had a BLAST on the MEBAR and have since gotten the routes from several rally's that I hope to use for my own intents I don't have any suitable craft in the Hanger at the moment but I am very much eyeing off the Khamsin Bundle on the Org Store: http://store-x-plane-org.3dcartstores.com/Warbirds--Khamsin-Complete-Package_p_523.html Ohhh... and I had to change the time to normal day instead of the 0500 start as, for some reason, X-Plane thinks that it's pitch black in Darwin at 0500 in February. I know from personal experience in "the top end" that it is VERY MUCH day light at that time of year. At any rate, after many failed attempts to get this bird of the ground ( I kept crashing after takeoff for some reason) and going through the cold and dark procedure each time during this weekend, tonight (Sunday) I decided I had earned a cheat and lined myself up on Runway 29, had a successful takeoff and got myself turned around and headed to the first checkpoint YPTN Katherine. Hmm that's weird. En route I noticed those flying pieces of geo on the C-17. Unfortunately this plane was made for XP10 and there have been a few changes in XP11 and I don't think the Devs (Virtavia) are supporting their older birds, but I'm going to ask anyway. OK There she is on the 141 radial for the TN VOR, sleepy town of Katherine NT, well it's airport YPTN really as I've already passed over the township itself less than a minute ago with a ground speed of about 270kn 25mins later and we touchdown at YNGU Ngukurr and then use the mighty reverse thrust on the C-17 to backup the runway and park our bird. C-17 pilots will use the reverse thrust in this way after landing if needed to get the bird into position for cargo unloading. D'Oh, just went to upload an image from Plan-G showing my crazy attempts at, first trying to sight the damn airfield and then trying to slow the Globemaster down. LOL I overshot 3 times before I finally landed and then only just kept myself on the runway. Learning, learning, learning. She's NOTHING like the Let L-410 I flew in the MEBAR, but we have some time to get to know each other. Looking forward to more of this and I hope Andrew forgives my adjustment to his Rally
  3. Quickmarch


    I mis-spent a few hours this afternoon messing about with 2D panels for the DC-3. I went looking for a suitable DC-3 for the 2014 GAAR and couldn't find anything I really liked. I like the stock DC-3 the best but it is woefully inadequate in the instrumentation department. I'm not one to suffer for the sake of nostalgia. Heck, there isn't a DC-3 flying today with the original panel in place. All of the panels include the GAAR timer in the right hand side of the panel. They all have a pop-up Garmin 500 except as noted below. ADF's are tuned with the stock radio pop-up. VOR's can be tuned either with the stock pop-up or on the NavComm(s) on the panel. There is a tiny little button on the left hand side of the panel to choose between GPS or Nav (no annunciator). Note that this is not all my work. Others have contributed some of the ideas, some code, some instruments, etc. All has been lifted from the public domain, however, if I've stepped on someones toes, I'll be the first to apologize. Number 1 - pretty much stock but with a radio stack on the panel Number 2 - Same as above but with dual ADF Number 3 - Slight variation with single ADF and VOR/ILS - note there is only a single NavComm on the panel because I put an ADF tuning head in place of the second NavComm. this panel and the rest of them have the Cessna Stopwatch/clock incorporated into the left hand panel. Number 4 - Getting a bit more sophisticated with HSI and second VOR, an ADF and a Garmin 295 in the panel. There is also a pop-up 295 that makes it easier to manipulate. Then there's number 5 - with all the bells and whistles. HSI, second VOR, dual ADF's, Garmin 295. There you have it. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll arrange to get the code to you.
  4. It's that time of year again! Andrew Godden has just announced GAAR 2013 - it looks like this: 10 fairly straightforward flight stages (Not if I know Andrew! - Ed) and another opportunity for Team Mutley to shine (we were World Champions in 2012). To date, we have several stalwarts lined up for Team Mutley - Joe, Andrew and Brett have all shown their interest. Anyone can join in and being a member of an experienced team is a great way to get involved if you've not flown this type of rally before. So, let's hear from you! Last year we fielded 2 teams for the Mutley's Easter Bunny Rally, so the more the merrier. Thanks! Cheers - Dai.
  5. Thanks to Andrew Godden, of Bluegrass Airlins, and Mutley's Hangar, of course (!), we have a new challenge - the 2012 Great Aistralian Air Rally - GAAR 2012. Starting from Cairns International, this year's GAAR takes us around Papua New Guinea and the northern section of the Barrier Reef before returning to Cooktown, just a few nautical miles from the start, 10 Flight Legs later. The first Leg, from Cairns to Pormpuraaw, looks like this (thanks to Tim Arnott's Plan-G): It's a nice afternoon at Cairns. The old DC Airways DC-3 is ready to go: Climbing out and on our way to the first waypoint, the BIB VOR: Turning onto the 290 degree radial from BIB: The river below is Maddigan's Creek, where we turn for the KOW NDB at Kowanyama: That's Kowanyama (YKOW) behind us as we fly up the coast to Pormpuraaw: Downwind at YPMP: Long final, after turning south: And we're down: Tomorrow, we head up to Cape York and over the water to Murray Island. Thanks for flying with us! Cheers - Dai.
  6. I'm determined to fly all the legs this year, so got the first one in this afternoon - YBCS-YPMP. A flight of 283nm. We're cleared to go at Cairns And the GAAR is underway as the tower waves us off Climbing to cruise altitude of 8,500ft There are a few clouds up here, but nothing serious Hot hot hot There is some great scenery along the way, thanks Orbx Airfield in sight, time for the circuit I'll be glad to get down, the weather at pattern altitude is quite bumpy Now, where can I get a roo-burger
  7. This is the official Team Mutley thread for our entry into the GAAR 2012 The team is headed up by Sqn Ldr Dai (ddavid) Pilots for far: ddavid mutley hurricanemk1c Aircraft: To be decided Volunteer Pilots, please post your interest below.
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