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Found 190 results

  1. I am not sure about the licensing of this product. I previously downloaded this, but I think that it may have got corrupted. I deleted it, and have downloaded it again from the site, but now I keep getting error messages. Do I have to buy another license...?
  2. So, I have put FSX to one side after so many issues and am now trying PD3v3, as my computer is able to handle that (I think!). I got it installed and running nicely and compared to FSX, it is like chalk and cheese. However, a few glitches have reared their heads which I am hoping that some you folk may be able to help me with them... The first problem that occurred was that I lost the afterburner effects and extra power that this produced on the native F-22 and F-35. I am not sure if this issue has been resolved as I notice on forums that it appears to be a common problem and wondered if anyone has the definitive answer? What is interesting is that in trying third party aircraft, the VRS F-18E Superbug is having the same issue, as is the Mil-Viz F-4 Phantom II. However, the Just Flight Tornado is just fine...…it has the afterburner and full power. The second issue is that occasionally, the flight sim will suddenly freeze and make a buzzing noise. After reading up on the issue, it was suggested that updating drivers may help. I updated the driver on my video card and thought that I had solved the problem until it did the same thing a few moments ago, although after about 30 secs, a dialogue box came up asking what I wanted to do. One of the options was to continue, which I clicked and it started gain. Normally, I end up having to do a hard re-start as I can't do anything with the computer. Any ideas? So, to be honest, I am really impressed with this flight sim and once I get these bugs sorted out, I am sure that it will keep me happy for a long time. Sure, it takes a bit of getting used to after FSX but I love the fact that the frame rates are smoother and that it does not stutter as much. Thanks in advance. Martin
  3. I hope to install Windows 10 on my computer this weekend, a task that I am not looking forward to. But thinking ahead..... I have a dedicated drive for my FSX flight sim for the installation of the program 'and ons', but am aware that certain elements still go into parts of the 'C' drive. My questions is this: If I decide to replace my 'mechanical' drive for FSX with an SSD, will I also need to replace the 'C' drive with an SSD as it has FSX files on it? Thanks in advance for your help. Martin
  4. I got an error message yesterday: 'Local variable overload. Please reload aircraft carriers' It crashed FSX. Is anyone familiar with this one? I use FSX Gold, and I do have TacPack (although it was not activated for that session). Thanks in advance. Martin
  5. I am also new to REX Skyforce 3D and am trying to set things up as they should be...... So, the said program can be used in real time mode (which I love) when the program is running in the back ground. But what if the program is NOT turned on and you use a weather theme in FSX....? Do the cloud textures in the FSX themed weather revert to the native FSX texture offerings, or do they use the ones generated from REX Skyforce 3D? Thanks in advance. Martin
  6. I think I must have changed a setting by accident or something similar but I cant seem to find out where. I now have invisible aircraft, both addons and those that came with P3D. At least from the outside. The interior views are fine, but all external views show nothing whatsoever. Not even a black aircraft shape. Its like the aircraft have a cloaking system! This situation survives a P3D restart and even a PC reboot. Can anyone suggest what it might be? Thanks in advance, JG
  7. Recently, my 'real time weather' setting on FSX is playing up! For example, tonight it is snowing in London! Any ideas on why this gross inaccuracy happens? Thanks Martin
  8. Ok...so the ATC is not that good in the native FSX. What alternatives are there? Please note that I do NOT have a head set, so I would need something that gives written instructions, like FSX. Thanks. Martin
  9. Does anyone use GSX? I have a couple of questions about it. If I was to buy this I would want to know how this would work with various aircraft, so: Can it be tailored to any aircraft? I have the Tristar professional military version on which I would want to use all of the features. Can I part of it only? So for military fast jets I would want to use only the refuel and pushback features. Any help would be great
  10. Hi everyone, I seem to have problems with my "push back" in FSX, for some reason SHIFT + P and SHIFT + P + F1 do not seem to work anymore. Please Help. Thanks, Johan
  11. My new years pesolution this new year is to log all my flight hours. To this end I have found and downloaded a small program called "Pilots Logbook". Itt is a simple enough program that lets you log each flight with the following information: Flight Airplane Departure Date Time Airport Arrival Date Time Airport Length (Calculated field) Aircraft Catetgory Single Engine Multi Engine TMG MLA Pilot Function PIC Dual PIC Name Instructor The information under Flight is self explanatory, but I have a problem in understanding some of the rest: In the: Aircraft category: Single Engine and Multi Engine I am happy with and I assume that you can have only one or the other. TMG - I dont know what this is and also dont understand what values or text I should enter into the field MLA - As TMG The fields in Aircraft category are all small and this seems to indicate that they are numericor Yes/No in nature. Pilot function: PIC is Pilot in command - I assume a value goes here and will reflect something about the flight in terms oof the PIC and Instructor names which are entered below it can anyone clarify? Dual - I am not sure what this means. Is it air time where some of it was instructor and some pupil? is it an "and" or an "or" with PIC? PIC and Dual are both small fields and this seems to indicate that they are numeric or Yes/No in nature. PIC Name and Instructor name are obvious, but seem to indicate that PIC and Dual are values that contain information about the two names. Any guidence on completing this form would be great. I guess some here will know all I need to know and I am sure the answers are simple. If you want to look at the progeam it can be found in the MS apps store woth a search on "Pilots Logbook" Thanks, JG.
  12. With some Christmas money I am thinking of getting P3D v4.1. I would install ot on a partition called "E". My current FSX is installed on a pertition called "D", and I have another disk for the OS etc called "C". Standard stuff. Currently I have an install of FTX Central on the "C" drive which manages all my FSX Orbx scenary, so I guess that points to the D Drive FSX install. Is it possible to have a second FTX Central install to manage ORBX installed scenary in P3D? My plan is to use FSX for all the work-day FS use and to build P3D for just one aircraft initialy.
  13. Firstly, a Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans on this site! I did make this post yesterday, but for some reason, it did not seem to appear on site! Anyway, I am wondering if there are any FSX experts who can help......at this point in time, quite often when I do a flight of more than about 20 mins, the flight just freezes. You can hear sound, you can see the plane, but it is just there doing nothing! I have tried using F5 to try and refresh it and get it working. I have also done ctrl, alt and delete to see what is going on and it says that FSX has stopped responding. Anybody have any ideas??! While I am asking for advise, another issue is that I have Just Flight's Traffic 360 to add a bit of life and color to airports. Recently, this stops working after a while with no pretty planes to look at. I have tried increasing traffic on the settings of FSX but to no avail. The only solution that I have found so far is to uninstall Traffic 360 and reload it. Of course, the situation reappears after a few weeks! Any help would be appreciated from you great guys and gals. TIA Martin
  14. Ok...I saw the advert on Just Flight about the SWS F-104 Starfighter S. I already have a Virtavia F-104, but it is somewhat lacking. Time for a new toy......!! I bought the said flight sim from Just Flight and had to wait for an activation code from SWS (about 12 hours). It's quite a plane and looks very good, but there is a LOT too it. I need a manual and I am instructed to go to the SSW Support Forum to download it from there. You need to register...but there is no where to register. It says to contact them if there is an issue. I contacted them...two days ago. No reply! I contacted Flight Sim, who are not much help as it is not their product! They just say contact SWS, which I have. I feel as though I am going round in circles. I also feel that as Just Flight as selling the product, they should be able to provide the advertised F-104 Flight Manual. Anybody else have this issue? Martin.
  15. Hi All. For some reason FSX has died on my PC. I click on the FSX icon, the little wait/processing circular thing appears for a couple of seconds and then nothing happens at all. I can only assume that FSX is crashing at start up. Are there any log files included in FSX that I can look at to see what is happening? J.
  16. I am struggling with multi-key commands. For example, if the instructions indicate 'Shift-E+2', just what is the sequence? I have tried various cominations and do not get anywhere...is there a certain knack to it? TIA Martin
  17. When you are flying in FSX, how do you stop the 'Airport Information' script running across the top of the screen, and get rid of the verbal information? (Sometimes it comes up without me wanting it to!) Thanks in advance. Martin
  18. Wheelus

    FSX help

    I have flown with Microsoft Flight Sims since the first one came out. That being said, I get lost when trying to add on airplanes, scenery, weather, and/missions. I want to fly the MEBAR 2017 but can't figure out where to put each of the three files for each leg. I have read the instructions and first put them where FSX.EXE is and no joy. Then I put them with the Missions folder, again no joy. then I made a new MEBAR 2017 under the missions folder and put the files there. I can't figure it out. I'm beginning to feel like a real dummy. Will someone take pity on me and tell me where (exactly) to put each of the files. Thanks.
  19. I am far up the proverbial creek. Recently, for the first time, following an update to my SE: FSX installation, I was asked to sign in to my Steam FSX account. I have been using this since Flight Sim 2015 at Cosford without any major problems but now, suddenly, I am unable to sign in. Because my usual sign in details weren't accepted I was then asked to create a new password. Having done that, despite using the special verification code that was sent to me, I am still unable to sign in. When I boot up via the shortcut on my monitor the only thing that happens is a very brief popup that seemingly checks for updates with SE:FSX but I cannot run the sim at all. Nearly there....would there exist a telephone number I might call or have someone do a Team Viewer link to get me over this frustrating hump? What offerings do you have, wise ones? If I have to do a reinstall is Program Files (x86) the worst place to park it in?
  20. Ok...here is the situation. I have had Microsoft FSX running nicely for a little while, and I have been very happy . Yesterday, I had to do a system restore on the PC due to another program crashing. It resolved the situation with the program, but when I went to flight sim , I started having scenic problems. For example, if I fly from Leeming in the UK, the depicted coastline is made up of a series of 'blocks' i.e. 90 degree segments of land. No nice, flowing Yorkshire coastline...just straight lines. Ok...I went to look at the view from above and expanded the map a bit and thought that things looked better at my destination which is Leuchers The coastline seemed normal! But when I got north, the blocks appeared yet again where I am flying!! Gee, I want to fly...not play with building blocks!!! Anyone have any ideas on what is going on and how to resolve it? This has happened before and the more I messed with it, the worse things got! On the previous occasion, I tried removing the .cfg. file, so that upon restarting FSX, it would rebuild itself, but this did not work! In the end, I had to completely reload FSX. By the way, I currently have Flight 1 Ultimate Terrain loaded but another thing I tried before, was removing this only to be left with the same problem! Any help would be appreciated. TIA
  21. Just wondering...... I have the rather nice Aerosoft Tomcat which I have been enjoying for a while. However, it does seems to have VERY loud sound effects when it comes to the flaps and other control surfaces moving....even if viewed from the tower!! I presume the sound is to mimic the hydraulics working, but to me, it seems overdone. Any thoughts.....? TIA.
  22. J G

    Black AI aircraft.

    I use Simstarter NG and have an ongoing issue with black AI aircraft. I am almost sure that the reason for this is that I use Simstarter NG livery manager to remove any liveries I dont want. This effectively removes some installed/default from the FSX aircraft selection screen as I have disabled all of their liveries. I think that FSX is looking at the installed and default aircraft for AI colours and not finding them as they are effectively taken out of FSX. To overcome this there seems to be several actions I could take: Un-hide all installed aircraft in the secure knowledge that all will be well. (Not ideal as there will be lots of redundant aircraft and liveries to wade through to find the one I want) Un-hide at least one of each installed aircraft in the hope that the IA will pickup that one livery. (Not ideal as there will still be many redundant aircraft to wade through to find the one I want) Install a traffic program in the hope that it will fulfill all AI requirements and prevent FSX from attempting to use data from installed aircraft. (Unsure that the program will exclude installed real aircraft) Find a way of exposing hidden aircraft to FSX's AI generation processes. (This may involve moving/copying files in the guts of FSX and still not guarantee the exclusion of live aircraft). Find another way of solving this issue that someone who sees this may know of. (if I am lucky!!) Any advise or suggestions would be very helpful JG.
  23. After the anniversary update of windows 10 on my computer, I find that some of the SDK files have been stripped off from the Microsoft Games folder and the Direct X software has been altered. After re-loading SDK, I now find that it will not interface with the resident software. As there seems little likelyhood of an SDK update, I am now regretting not keeping a windows 7 computer on which to create FSX .BGL files for my scenery. Does anyone have a solution to my demise?
  24. Is there a Spitfire that will run with P3D v3.x? I have plowed through all of the FSX versions that I know about and none advertise P3D compatibility.
  25. Hi all. I am toying with the Idea of creating a cockpit that looks and feels as close as possible to a real cockpit. I am looking to do this with either the JF Hawk or the MilViz Phantom, the latter being favorite at the moment. What I need to know id the internal measurements of the cockpit and the panels found inside the cockpit. Outside dimensions are of little use as I will only be creating the cockpit shell, similar to http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/14851-spitfire-mk-ix-cockpit-build/&page=3
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