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Found 2 results

  1. You guys seem to know a lot of fixes that I used to be ignorant about before I joined this site, so I wonder if you can help here..... I am using FSX Gold in Windows 7. We know that FSX is 'buggy', but does anyone know of a fix for 'sticking throttle' sounds. I often will fly a while and when I change the throttle setting, the engine sounds do not alter unless I press 'Q' on the keyboard to turn the sound off for a few moments, then press 'Q' again to restart the sound, which seems to alter the sound to how it should. Thanks in advance. Martin
  2. So I have been playing around with a 737(IXEG), mostly setting up from C & D including the FMC. For some reason I have struggled with Boeing but I know have laminated guidance set up that I understand for this AC in all phases along with pointers for FMC. The question I have is when departing ATC may say "follow runway heading and climb to 5000ft", so I then guess that after rotation I will following those intructions either by hand or via AP. Now at some stage I will be further guided and will then be told to "resume own navigation", so here's the bit I need to clear up. Is that my que to arm LNAV? and then if instructed to go up in steps set that in the MCP, if ATC instructs me to go to my cruise do I just arm VNAV? Like I say I have been practising with this one and I am now just trying to understand the way it works bringing ATC into the equation. I am looking at getting PILOT2ATC for XP but need to be sure what I am doing to make things appear to be correct...... Thanks Wayne
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