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Found 128 results

  1. Apologies for any confusion. Whilst the total distance is correct, the individual sector distances in the Navigation Instructions for Flight Leg 4 are incorrect. They should read: 58 nm, 38 nm, 37 nm, 80 nm, and 82 nm. The document has been amended and will be available on the MEBAR Downloads page later today. Regards Andrew
  2. To all MEBAR Pilots: Due to RL commitments I won't be around to update the Results and Target Times spreadsheet on Wednesday. Normal service will be resumed on Thursday. Thank you Joe
  3. There seemed to be some confusion on the flight numbers to be used in the PIREP form. We were getting VA flight numbers and tail numbers so we didn't know which flight to assign the time to. So.. I have slightly changed the PIREP form and relabeled "Flight Number" to "MEBAR Flight Number" and only allow MEBAR flight number to be 1-2-3-4-5. If you want to add any extra details then please use the message box. Thanks.. Joe On behalf of the Rally Organising Committee.
  4. The MEBAR is designed to be challenging in various ways. You will soon discover that the weather is quite challenging on some of the Flight Legs for this year. I attempt to make the weather scenarios as realistic as possible for the location and time of the year and use historical data extensively for this. This year, Flight Leg 2 probably has the most challenging weather and you may find the cloud base is below the surrounding mountains around the two airports at which you have to conduct the "touch and goes". So, let me provide an explanation to the weather scenario for Flight Leg 2. Fundamentally, and as happens in the real world, Flight Leg 2 is designed to simulate the weather unexpectedly and suddenly deteriorating whilst en route. This is not uncommon when flying in mountainous regions such as encountered on this route. The extra challenge (and somewhat unrealistic - this is flight simming after all) is the requirement to conduct the "touch and goes" remains. I suggest you undertake some extra detailed flight planning for Flight Leg 2. You will find there are a number of valleys in which you could descend into below the cloud base and fly the valleys to the airports, should the need arise. This may involve changes to your route in flight and the obvious necessary adjustments to speed to get as close as possible to your Target Time for the Flight Leg. Oh, and just to add to your dramas, this is one of the "blind" Target Time Flight Legs. Good luck and enjoy. Cheers Andrew
  5. Discrepancies have been encountered when using Plan-G to determine the cruising altitude for the MEBAR Flight Legs. Consequently, it is highly recommened to use the free, online flight planning tool, Skyvector, for accurately determining your cruise altitude for the Flight Legs and to avoid hitting solid clouds. https://skyvector.com/ Cheers Andrew
  6. You have been waiting patiently for the flight situation files, weather and event briefings, now they're here! I am pleased to announce the MEBAR is now fully Live. Don't forget those PIREP dates, if any of the dates are inconvenient for you, don't forget you can fly and send in PIREPs ahead of time but they will not be processed and published until the due date. Happy flying, and be safe out there!
  7. NOTAM An amendment has been made to the MEBAR Airports Chart Pack produced by John Allard. If you downloaded this pack prior to 29 Mar 17, you will need to download it again to get the updated pack.
  8. The latest version of the Operation Chastise Training Mission has been uploaded to the MH File Library - you should find it here: http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/file/2240-operation-chastise-training-mission/ Why not have a go and see how you'd compare with the pilots and crews of RAF 617 Squadron when they attacked the Ruhr dams with 'Upkeep', Barnes Wallis's Bouncing Bomb. Although the mission was designed for the MKIII Lancaster, you can fly an aircraft of your choice (as long as it will attain 200 KIAS!) Post your screenshots here - Thanks! And Thanks to the Beta Team - you know who you are!! Cheers - Dai.
  9. Airport Complexity Score We no longer have a file library and only a download capacity for airport diagram bundles. Therefore this complexity score is no longer visible to anyone except Airport Diagram subscribers, who still get it for individual airports with their daily e-mails. If you don't use the airport diagrams from the file library, there's no reason to read this thread. I've developed a "Complexity Score" statistic to give users the ability to judge at a glance how an airport stacks up against others. The score will simply be a number and it will be derived by the standard below. The scoring criteria are subjective and un-scientific, but I've been running it against the new airports produced for a week or so and it appears to do a relatively good job of sorting the airports. Note that the score is intended to reflect both visual and operational complexity, so an airport with a large number of radio frequencies or published approaches could conceivably score higher than one that is visually similar. Beginning tomorrow, 4/27/15, I will begin to include a new statistic on the download page for all new and updated airport diagrams and will also begin to slowly backfit the same data into into the 3,900+ existing diagrams. The latter project will likely take some considerable period of time. I will include a link to this thread in the posting code of each new and edited airport diagram so users can easily refer to the scoring criteria. = = = = = AIRPORT COMPLEXITY SCORING CRITERIA = = = = = Runways: 2 points for each paved runway; 1 point for each un-paved runway. Closed runways receive 1 point less than what would be their normal score so a closed, paved runway gets 1 point and a closed un-paved runway gets 0 points. Asphalt, concrete, tarmac, macadam, bituminous, planks and steel count as paved. The list of un-paved surfaces includes clay, coral; dirt; grass; gravel; oil treated; sand; shale; turf; water; snow; ice. Helipads: Any number = 1 point; none = 0 points Ramps: Any number of ramps and aprons = 1 point; none = 0 points Taxiways: Any number of taxiways, labeled or un-labeled = 1 point; none = 0 points Fuel: Any number of MS fuel pumps = 1 point; none = 0 points Tower: Towered = 1 point; non-towered = 0 points Lighted: If field is lighted, 1 point, including VASI-only lighting; un-lighted gets 0 points. Frequencies: Points equal to the number of published radio frequencies listed in FSX. ILS: Each ILS = 1; a category II or III ILS = 2 points; a Localizer-only approach = 0 points. Navaids: If any NDB, LOM, LMM, DME, VOR or VOR/DME lies on the airport or 20 NM or less from the ARP (Airport Reference Point), 1 point; no navaids within 20 NM = 0 points. Approaches: Points equal to the number of published approaches (available in the FSX GPS) listed in FSX. Buildings: If any within airport fence, or if un-fenced, within the airport "flatten" area, 1 point; no buildings, 0 points. Control tower and MS Fuel pump do not count as buildings. Custom Buildings: If any within airport fence, or if un-fenced, within the airport "flatten" area, 1 point; no custom buildings, 0 points. Oil/fuel tanks count as custom buildings. Multi-plate: If the airport diagram required 2 or more plates, 1 point; 1 plate only, 0 points. = = = = = = = = = = Questions to allardjd@earthlink.net
  10. Interesting problem cropped up this afternoon. I was originally going to post this in the AH forum, but I did a bit of flying in another aircraft and (discovered??) found the problem appears to be NZNP related rather than aircraft or AH. Flying TO NZNP in either the Beaver (which I was using for AH) or the default C-172. Every time I brought up the "Procedure" function on the GPS, the sim froze. It never dumped me to the desktop, just went into a permanent hold. This was a bit exiting in that it first occurred on a revenue flight from NZWN to NZNP. This could have been reputation-disastrous but Pete Dowson saved the day with FSUIPC's autosave function. I just dumped FSX and loaded the latest in the string of saved flights. I've mine set to save ten instances at 2 minute intervals. Sure saved my bacon today. In any case, it would be interesting if someone else were to give this a go and see if it's an FSX bug or something unique to my system. After landing and offloading cargo, I fired up the default C-172 and took off to the north. After flying for about five minutes, I brought up the GPS and set up a direct course to NZNP. As soon as I tried to call up the approach function, the sim hung. Does it every time. I'm using FSX with Acceleration on an i7 desktop machine in Win7.
  11. It seems some participants expect perfect weather all the way. The MEBAR is not an all fair weather event. As per the Event Overview on the MEBAR Home Page and also on the Rules page, please note the following. The flights involve either and / or a combination of VOR, NDB and "dead reckoning" navigating under day Visual Flight Rule (VFR) and / or Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) conditions. Variable departure times and weather conditions will also exist for each flight. Happy IFR flying!
  12. Hello every one. The exact timing for the online flight is still undecided, but the preliminary date at this time is on March 13th. More details on the exact time will be published in this topic when decided. But in the mean time I thought I'd publish the flight plan and some further details so you all know what we will be doing once we are in the air. The attached zip-file contains the flight plan in both Plan-G and FSX formats. En route from Calais to Southampton we will pass by, and preform a Touch & Go at 12 other airports (EGMH, EGKE, EGMD, EGKH, EGTO, EGKB, EGKL, EGKR, EGKA, EGHJ, EGHH and EGHP). EGLL was left out of the plan, they are still a tad angry about Brians Touch & Go on a taxiway last time we did this Scenery wise most of the airports are available in default FSX, but EGKL and EGKE will require some sort of add-on scenery. Both of them are available in FTX England for those that have that package. EGKL is also available as a freeware download on AVSIM (an account for their file library is needed to download), but so far I've not managed to find a freeware option for EGKE. Anyone joining in that are missing one or both of these airports can simply by-pass them, or circle around and watch the carnage as the rest of us preform our Touch & Gos. The flight is just over 300 nm so I suggest planning on using a plane capable of maintaining somewhere around 200 KIAS. STOL capability might be a good idea, but it's not essential as most of the airports have runways longer than 3,000 feet, and high terrain isn't really a factor for this area either (I assume the peak at 4,500 feet visible on the Plan Elevation in Plan-G is an error in the elevation data ) . In order to make the video production as easy as possible for me I would be grateful if you pick something that I have, or that is similar to something I have, in my hangar. I have a relatively large selection of both single and twin engine GA to pick from, and will post a list here later on. For non-staff members that plan on joining in, please post your Skype account here, or if you don't want them posted publicly send them as an e-mail to me, or a PM to me and/or Andrew Godden as he will most likely be hosting the Skype call. (Steph, I've sent your contact details to Andrew already) That's it for now. Hoping for a grand finale for this ATWC! VFR Calais-Dunkerque to Southampton Intl.zip
  13. Loaded up the test flight files, tuned the REN VOR to 109.25 and had no ident ... checked it out to find it should be REN VOR 112.80 ....just a heads up for those using FS9.
  14. Pilot reg opens - Wed 09/03/2016 Pilot reg closes - Wed 23/032016 PIREP Due dates* Flight 1 - Fri 25/03/2013 Flight 2 - Mon 27/03/2016 Flight 3 - Wed 29/03/2016 Flight 4 - Fri 31/03/2016 Flight 5 - Sun 03/04/2016 *The dates above are the PIREP submission dates. The actual date you fly is entirely up to you to allow for any commitments you have. MEBAR closes Sat 09/04/2016 http://mebar.mutleyshangar.com/
  15. The navigation instructions for Flight Leg 3, Waypoint 3 should read: Navigate to Waypoint 3 (Lac de Payolle) – intersection of 166 deg OB radial from TBO VOR and 334 deg bearing to TL NDB.
  16. Hi gang, After just over 13 months on the fly transporting our baton around the world we are now entering the final section taking us full circle around the globe back to EGHI. But before we get there we have another 10 legs to fly! These legs will take us up north through Libya, and jump across the water to Italy. After a few flights over the land of Pasta and Pizza with a slight detour to Croatia we do a quick stop in Switzerland before we head on through France and back to the UK. As evident by the list above all legs with the exception of leg 70 are open to bidding in the section. Legs 67 and 68 have restrictions imposed on them with a Ultralight model required for leg 67, and a model with a minimum MTOW of 7,000 lbs required for leg 68. The bidding window for section 7 will open at 18:00 UTC on Friday February the 19th. As usual only bids submitted to atwc@mutleyshangar.com after the bidding window opens will be eligible for assignment. If the bid is for legs 67 or 68 don't forget to include the type of plane you plan on using so we can make sure the bid meets the restrictions imposed on the flight, and don't forget that it's possible to include more than one leg in your bid. As for leg 70, this will be flown as an online multiplayer event open for any pilot willing to fly along side the other maniacs on this forum. We will use the built in multiplayer function in FSX, and due to this fact any user participating will need to fly using FSX with SP2 or Acceleration installed. Sadly we can't connect pilots using FS9, FSX:SE or P3D to this session. In addition to this you will need a free Skype account since we intend to use this for pilot communication during the flight. Further information and a time and date for the flight will be communicated at a later date when we have ironed out the details for the flight, but it will most likely be held on a Sunday morning UK time. Departure will most likely be at around 10 AM UK time. It's also worth nothing that the PIREP will come in the form of a publicly published YouTube-video, and your voice might end up in the video as all mischief and any misconduct will be recorded. Any sign of proper airmanship will however be edited out of the final video, as evident in the two previous Finale videos If you feel like joining in for the online finale please let me know in your bid, with your Skype username included. If you will refrain from bidding for a leg in section 7 but want to join in for the online event you can still send an email to the adress above with your details so we know who we need to contact when the flight takes place. That's it for now, Safe skies Micke
  17. The Rally Co-ordination Team are pleased to announce the MEBAR will be returning for it's sixth event! For those not in the know, the Mutley's Easter Bunny Air Rally is an event in which individuals participate against their own flying ability by navigating over a series of flight legs on which they are aiming to fly as close as possible to an individually calculated "target time". Flight legs can involve either and / or a combination of VOR, NDB and "dead reckoning" navigating under visual flight rule (VFR) and / or instrument flight rule (IFR) conditions with variable departure times and weather conditions. The Rally will take place between the 25th of March and the 8th of April, 2016. Pilot registrations will be open from the 9th March until 24th of March. If you would like to pre-register to ensure you get an invitation then visit the official rally site here http://mebar.mutleyshangar.com/ to register your interest. Regards, The Rally Co-ordination Team
  18. Capt Brown also held the world record for flying the greatest number of different types of aircraft - 487. During World War Two, Capt Brown, who was born in Leith in 1919, flew fighter aircraft and witnessed the liberation of Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Capt Brown, who had been appointed MBE, OBE and CBE, died at East Surrey Hospital after a short illness. A statement released by his family said: "It is with deep regret that the passing of Captain Eric Melrose Brown CBE DSC AFC is announced. "Eric was the most decorated pilot of the Fleet Air Arm in which service he was universally known as 'Winkle' on account of his diminutive stature. "He also held three absolute Guinness World Records, including for the number of aircraft carrier deck landings and types of aeroplane flown." Capt Brown was educated at Edinburgh's Royal High School, before studying at the University of Edinburgh, where he learned to fly. He had caught the bug for flying at the age of eight when his father, a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps during World War One, took him up in a bi-plane. "There was no second seat, but I sat on his lap and he let me handle the stick," he told the BBC in 2014. "It was exhilarating. You saw the earth from a completely different standpoint." He retired from the Royal Navy in 1970 but became the director general of the British Helicopter Advisory Board and later the president of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1982. A landmark life Flew 487 different types of aircraft, a world record that is unlikely ever to be matched Piloted 2,407 aircraft carrier landings Appointed MBE, OBE and CBE Survived 11 plane crashes and the sinking of HMS Audacity in 1941 Met Churchill and King George VI numerous times Was at the liberation of Bergen Belsen Interrogated some of the leading Nazis after the war, including Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goering and Belsen's chief guards Josef Kramer and Irma Grese Capt Brown wrote numerous books of his own and forewords for other authors on the theme of aviation, before and after his retirement. In March 2015 a bronze bust of him was unveiled at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Somerset. At his 97th birthday celebration in London on 27 January he was joined by more than 100 pilots, including the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir George Zambellas. In 2014 , the war veteran was picked as the subject for the 3,000th edition of Desert Island Discs, during which he was described by presenter Kirsty Young as a "real life hero" and a "remarkable, dare-devil". http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04nvgq1 "When you read through his life story, it makes James Bond seem like a bit of a slacker," she said. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A true hero and local celebrity, he was the patron of our local aviation group. RIP Eric Winkle Brown, hero of this nation.
  19. REX is running a 50% off sale off all products. Purchase REX products at these vendors: REX Store: http://store.rexdownload.com FlightSimStore.com http://www.flightsimstore.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=123&osCsid=d1rp8ranrsc1joi0k7kcko6dl5 FSPilotShop.com http://www.fspilotshop.com/rex-game-studios-m-415.html SimMarket.com http://secure.simmarket.com/rex.mhtml PCAviator http://www.pcaviator.com/store/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=145 Sim-Planet.com http://www.sim-planet.com/en/manufacturers/rex-game-studios.html
  20. Was just mooching at the Flightstore website and they are clearing out a selection of photoreal scenery add ons, mainly UK2000 and Playsim titles. Some are going for £5 a piece. If you're looking for a bargain, go take a look, but beware, a few are for FS2004 ! Edit: There are also some aircraft on sale for £1 ..Hellcat, Panther, RV8 and the Stearman too
  21. A new year, and a new string of spam emails from PFS (Pro Flight Simulator for those that haven't had the misfortune of coming across it) To quote their words " You've got to check this out...[AMAZING]" ... what, $97 for something that is Open Source anyway ? Oh, and wait, the price is going to go up in 24 hours !! Really ?! Please don't be fooled by this 'offer'. Steer well clear !
  22. Cheers gang Just a heads up to everyone involved in the ATWC SiX. During the coming holiday, and up until new years I have limited possibilities to update the departure board due to visitors at home staying in the room where I have the computer with the necessary software for updating. So if a leg is finished and you are next in line, assume you have eight days to finish it and post your PIREP even if the departure board isn't updated to reflect this. Once we get past new years the deadline once again goes back to the regular four days. Take care and have a stunningly great holiday season! Micke
  23. Hi gang. With section 5 done, and the baton waiting with me in Barcelos, it’s time to open up section 6 for bidding. The bidding window will open up tomorrow, December 12th at 13:00 UTC. See the image below for the available legs. As usual bids shall be sent to atwc@mutleyshangar.com and only bids sent after the bidding window opens are valid for assignment. One leg, leg 58, have a restriction imposed on it. If you bid on that leg make sure to include the plane you plan on using so we can make sure it meets the restriction criteria. And as usual it’s possible to include more than one leg in your bid, just rank them according to your preference with the one you want the most at the top. This message will also be published on the forum for public viewing soon-ish (before I head home from work today).. That's all for now!
  24. Due to a scenery error in the default scenery for SWTP Tapuruquara (The runway is located on water, so I'm not sure it's possible to land without problems) the destination for leg 50 will be changed to SWBC - Barcelos. Subsequently the departure airport for leg 51, more on that leg later, will be relocated to SWBC as well.
  25. Yesterday, I booted up AH with the intention of doing some business. Did I ever! During the process, the AH "Fleet" page was open. I always check this first to see if there's any maintenance (or hopefully not, repairs) needed before the days flying starts. One thing I noted is that my TrackBall was a bit 'draggy'. This happens periodically unless you pull out the little ball and clean the contact points as they build up a bit of dust. Kind of like what your wife calls 'Dust Bunnies' - you know, the ones that live under the bed. Imagine my surprise (read chagrin) when I completed the cleaning job only to find I'd sold a $40M airplane, my B738, for $15M. So, lesson learned - clean up the dust bunnies before booting the computer. Now, I'm off to buy another airplane.
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